San Francisco History

1910 City Street Guide

, see Kirkham
K South, see Keith
Kansas, from Division bet Rhode Island and Vermont, S to Precita Creek
Kansas (South S. F.), see Layton
Kappeler Court, from W s Mason bet Geary and Post
Kaskaskia (South S. F.), see D South
Kate, from S s Bryant bet Seventh and Eighth
Kearny, from N s Market bet Montgomery and Grant Av, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Geary 2 1
Post 100 101
Ver Mehr Place
Sutter 200 201
Hardie Place
Bush 300 301
Pine 400 401
California 500 501
Sacramento 600 601
Clay 700 (o)
Washington 800 801
Jackson 900 901
Columbus Avenue
Pacific 1000 1001
Nottingham Place
Broadway 1100 1101
Dunne's Alley
Vallejo 1200 1201
San Antonio
Green 1300 1301
Union 1400 1401
Filbert 1500 1501
Greenwich 1600 1601
Lombard 1700 1701
Chestnut 1800 1801
Francisco 1900 1901
Bay 2000 2001
North Point
The Embarcadero
Keith, from Arthur Av, S W to Railroad Av
Kennebec (now Folsom), from S s Cortland Av bet Gates and Banks
Kent, from W s Mason bet Union and Filbert
Kent, W of Castro, see Sussex
Kentucky, from the bay bet Illinois and Tennessee, S to Burke
Kentucky Place, from Kentucky bet Twenty-first and Twenty-second, W to Minnesota
Kenyon Avenue, from Twenty-fifth, S to Melrose Av
Key Avenue, from County Line, N W to San Bruno Av
Keyes Alley, from Pacific N bet Powell and Mason
Kimball Place, from Sacramento bet Leavenworth and Hyde, S and N
King, from the bay bet Townsend and Berry, S W to Division
Cross Sts. S. N.
The Embarcadero
Second 100 101
Hammond Place
Third 200 201
Fourth 300 301
Fifth 400 401
Sixth 500 501
Seventh 600 601
Division (e) (e)
Kingston, from W s Mission bet Thirtieth and Brook
Kirkham, from Davidson Av S of Jennings, W to the ocean
Kirkwood Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Islais Creek
Kissling, Eleventh bet Howard and Folsom, W to Twelfth
Knights' Place (West End Tract), from Mohawk Av W of Mission
Knox (University Homestead), from S s Felton bet Madison and Mansfield
Kohler's Place, from S s Green bet Montgomery and Kearny
Kosciusko (Bernal Heights, now Anderson), from S s Cortland Av E of Moultrie
Kossuth, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Kramer Place, from S s Greenwich bet Grant Av and Stockton
Krausgrill Alley, from N s Filbert bet Grant Av and Stockton
, see Lawton
L South, see Lane
La Grande Avenue (Excelsior Homestead), from Silliman and Madison, S W
La Playa, from point nr Arguello Blvd, S to Ocean Boulevard and J, for nos. see Nineteenth Av
La Salle Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Islais Creek
Lafayette, from S s Mission bet Eleventh and Twelfth, S E to Howard
Lafayette Park, bet Gough, Laguna, Sacramento and Washington
Lafayette Place (now Varennes)
Laguna, from N Market bet Octavia and Buchanan, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Hermann 2 1
Waller 100 101
Haight 200 201
Page 300 301
Oak 400 401
Hickory Avenue
Fell 500 501
Hayes 600 601
Grove 700 701
Fulton 800 801
McAllister 900 901
Golden Gate Avenue (c) 1001
Turk (o) 1101
Eddy 1200 1201
Ellis 1300 1301
O'Farrell 1400 1401
Geary 1500 1501
Post 1600 1601
Sutter 1700 1701
Bush 1800 1801
Pine 1900 1901
California 2000 2001
Sacramento (o) 2101
Clay (o) 2201
Washington 2300 2301
Jackson 2400 2401
Pacific Avenue 2500 2501
Broadway 2600 2601
Vallejo 2700 2701
Green 2800 2801
Union 2900 2901
Filbert 3000 3000
Harris Place
Greenwich 3100 3101
Lombard 3200 3201
Chestnut 3300 (o)
Francisco 3400 (o)
Bay (o) 3501
North Point (o) 3601
Beach (o) 3701
Jefferson (o) 3801
Tonquin (o) 3901
Lewis (e) (e)
Lahaina (South S. F.), see Nineteenth Av South
Laidley (Fairmount Tract), from S s Thirtieth bet Noe and Castro
Lake, from Arguello Blvd N of California, W to Thirty-third Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Arguello Boulevard 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Fourth Avenue 300 301
Fifth Avenue 400 401
Sixth Avenue 500 501
Seventh Avenue 600 601
Eighth Avenue 700 701
Ninth Avenue 800 801
Tenth Avenue 900 901
Eleventh Avenue 1000 1001
Twelfth Avenue 1100 1101
Lake View Avenue (Lake View), from San Jose Av N W and W to Arlington Av
Lamartine (Spring Valley Homestead), from Springdale W of Danton, N
Landers, from S s Fourteenth bet Dolores and Church, S to Fifteenth and from Alert Alley to Sixteenth
Lane, from Arthur, S W to Carroll Av and from Salinas Av to San Bruno Av
Langton, from S s Howard bet Seventh and Eighth, S E to point S of Brannan
Cross Sts. W. E.
Howard 2 1
Folsom 100 101
Harrison 200 201
Bryant 300 301
Brannan 400 401
Lansings, from W s First bet Folsom and Harrison, S W to Essex
Lapidge, from S s Eighteenth bet Valencia and Guerrero, S to Nineteenth
Larch, from W s Larkin bet Turk and Eddy, (Entrance to buildings on first block is from Turk W of Larkin)
Cross Sts.
Van Ness Avenue
Jefferson Square
Larkin, from N s Market bet Hyde and Polk, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Hayes 2
City Hall Avenue
Grove 101
Fulton 201
McAllister 300 301
Golden Gate Avenue 400 401
Turk 500 501
Eddy 600 601
Ellis 700 701
O'Farrell 800 801
Geary 900 901
Post 1000 1001
Sutter 1100 1101
Bush 1200 1201
Eureka Place
Pine 1300 1301
California 1400 1401
Sacramento 1500 1501
Clay 1600 1601
Washington 1700 1701
Jackson 1800 1801
Pacific Avenue 1900 1901
Broadway 2000 2001
Vallejo 2100 2101
Green 2200 2201
Union 2300 2301
Filbert 2400 2401
Greenwich 2500 2501
Lombard 2600 2601
Chestnut 2700 2701
Francisco 2800 2801
Bay 2900 2901
North Point 3000 3001
Beach 3100 3101
Jefferson 3200 3201
Tonquin 3300 3301
Lewis (e) (e)
Larkin Avenue, from E s Larkin bet Ellis and O'Farrell
Laskie, from N s Mission bet Eighth and Ninth
Latham Place, from W s Mason bet Ellis and O'Farrell
Latona (Silver Terrace), from Bay View bet Railroad Av and Pomona, S to Thornton Av
Laura (West End Tract), bet Sherman and Farragut Avs from Mission, N W to Huron Av
Laura Place (now Petrarch Place)
Laurel, from Pacific Av bet Walnut and Locust, S to California
Cross Sts. E. W.
Pacific Avenue 2 1
Jackson 100 101
Washington 200 201
Clay 300 301
Sacramento 400 401
California (e) (e)
Laurel Avenue, see Larch
Laurel Place (now Lansing)
Laussat Avenue (now Street), from W s Buchanan bet WaIler and Haight, W to Steiner
Cross Sts.
Lawrence Avenue (West End Tract), from Mission, N W to San Jose Av nr County Line
Lawrence Place, from E s Fremont bet Harrison and Bryant
Lawton, from Serpentine Road S of K, W to the ocean
Layton (South S. F.), from Silver Av, E of Conkling
Leavenworth, from N s McAllister bet Jones and Hyde, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
McAllister 2 1
Golden Gate Avenue 100 101
Burcham Place
Turk 200 201
Leonard Place
Eddy 300 301
Ellis 400 401
O'Farrell 500 501
Geary 600 601
Post 700 701
Sutter 800 801
Bush 900 901
Pine 1000 1001
California 1100 1101
Acorn Alley
Sacramento 1200 1201
Clay 1300 1301
Washington 1400 1401
Jackson 1500 1501
Pacific 1600 1601
Broadway 1700 1701
Waldo Alley
Vallejo 1800 1801
Green 1900 1901
Union 2000 2001
Filbert 2100 2101
Greenwich 2200 2201
Lombard 2300 2301
Chestnut 2400 2401
Francisco 2500 2501
Bay 2600 2601
North Point 2700 2701
Columbus Avenue
Beach 2800 2801
Jefferson 2900 2901
Tonquin (e) (e)
Le Conte Avenue, from County Line, N W to San Bruno Av
Ledyard (late Emma), from Silver Av nr Scott Av, S E
Lee (now Hilton)
Lee Avenue (Lake View), from Lake View Av, W to Ocean Av
Leese, from Mission nr Highland Av, S E to Crescent Av
Leidesdorff, from N s Pine bet Sansome and Montgomery, N to Clay
Cross Sts.
Leland Avenue, bet Raymond and Visitacion Avs, from San Bruno Av, W to Staples
Lena Place, from E s Illinois bet Twentieth and Twenty-first
Leo, W from Mission bet Onondago Av and Bauer
Leona Terrace, W from Lyon bet Geary and Post
Leonard Place, from W s Leavenworth bet Turk and Eddy
Leroy Place, from Sacramento bet Jones and Leavenworth, S and N
Lessing, W of Mission nr County Line
Levant, from Masonic Av nr Congress
Lewis, from W s Polk bet Tonquin and the bay, W to Presidio Reservation
Lewis Place (now Cosmo Place)
Lexington (late Stevenson), from Sycamore Av bet Valencia and Mission, S to Twenty-first
Cross Sts.
Sycamore Avenue 2 1
Eighteenth 100 101
Nineteenth 200 201
Twentieth 300 301
Twenty-first (e) (e)
Liberty, from W s Valencia bet Twentieth and Twenty-first, W to Castro
Cross Sts. N. S.
Valencia 2 1
Guerrero 100 101
Dolores 200 201
Church 300 301
Sanchez 400 401
Noe 500 501
Castro (e) (e)
Lick, from W s Taylor bet Union and Filbert
Lick Alley (now Elim Alley)
Lick Place, from N s Post bet Montgomery and Kearny, N to Sutter
Lida PIace, from S s Fifteenth bet Mission and Valencia, S to Sixteenth
Liebig, from Mission N W, nr County Line
Lilac Alley (now Street), from S s Twenty-fourth bet Capp and Mission, S to Twenty-sixth
Lily Avenue (now Street), from W s Franklin bet Page and Oak
Cross Sts. N. S.
Franklin 2 1
Gough 100 101
Octavia 200 201
Laguna 300 301
Buchanan 400 401
Lily Terrace, from W s Powell bet Bush and Pine
Lincoln, see Macondray
Lincoln Avenue, see Burnett Av
Lincoln PIace, from E s Fremont bet Howard and Folsom
Lincoln Place, see Hastings Place
Lincoln Way, from Arguello Blvd S of Golden Gate Park, W to the ocean
Linden Avenue (now Street), from point E of Van Ness Av bet Fell and Hayes, W to Webster
Cross Sts. N. S.
Van Ness Avenue 100 101
Franklin 200 201
Gough 300 301
Octavia 400 401
Laguna 500 501
Buchanan 600 601
Webster (e) (e)
Lippard Avenue (Glen Park Terrace), S W of Berkshire from Glenn Av, S
Lisbon (Excelsior Homestead), from Silver Av, S W to Amazon
Lizzie, from Mission bet Eugenia and Cortland Avs, S E to Prospect Av
Llewellyn, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Lloyd, from W s Scott bet Thirteenth and WaIler, W to Devisadero
Lobos (Railroad Homestead), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Lobos Square, bet Laguna, Webster, Chestnut and Bay
Locust, from Presidio Reservation bet Laurel and Spruce, S to California
Cross Sts. E. W.
Presidio Reservation 2 1
Jackson 100 101
Washington 200 201
Clay 300 301
Sacramento 400 401
California (e) (e)
Locust Avenue, see Redwood, from W s Larkin bet McAllister and Golden Gate Av W
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 2 1
Polk 100 101
Van Ness Avenue 200 201
Franklin 300 301
Gough (c) (c)
Octavia (c) (c)
Laguna 600 601
Loehr, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Logan (University Homestead), from La Grande Av W of Saratoga
Lombard, from the bay bet Greenwich and Chestnut, W to Presidio Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero
Battery 2 1
Sansome 100 101
Montgomery 200 201
Kearny 300 301
Grant Avenue 400 401
Wells Court
Stockton 500 501
Tuscany Alley
Powell 600 601
Greenwich Alley
Mason 700 701
Columbus Avenue
Taylor 800 801
Jones 900 901
Leavenworth 1000 1001
Hyde 1100 1101
Larkin 1200 1201
Polk 1300 1301
Van Ness Avenue 1400 1401
Franklin 1500 1501
Gough 1600 1601
Octavia 1700 1701
Laguna 1800 1801
Buchanan 1901 1901
Webster 2000 2001
Fillmore 2101 2101
Steiner 2201 2201
Pierce 2300 2301
Scott 2400 2401
Divisadero 2500 2501
Broderick 2600 2601
Baker 2700 2701
Lyon (e) (e)
Lombard Alley (now Tuscany Alley)
London (Excelsior Homestead), from point W of China Av, S W to Amazon
Loomis, from Islais Creek, S to Barneveld Av
Lott, see Central Avenue
Lotts (now Woodland Av)
Louisa (now Shipley), from Eliza Pl bet Folsom and Harrison, W to Fourth
Louisa Alley, from N s Shipley E of Fourth
Louisburg, W of San Jose Av nr San Miguel
Louisiana, from the bay bet Maryland and Georgia, S to Arthur Av
Lowell, from E s Mission nr County Line
Lower Terrace (Park Lane Tract), from N s Seventeenth nr Clayton
Luck, from Loomis, E to Orleans
Lucky, from S s Twenty-fourth bet Treat Av and Folsom, S to Twenty-sixth
Lucy, see De Long Av
Lucy (Silver Terruce), from Thornton Av bet Railroad Av and Ceres, S to Williams Av
Lulu, from Genessee S of Thirty-third, W to Hamburg
Lundy's Lane (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet California and Prospect Avs, S W to Virginia Av
Lust Alley, from Clyde nr Townsend, W to Crooks
Lyell (Spring Valley Homestead), from Bosworth W of Rotteck, S to Springdale
Lynch, from W s Leavenworth bet Pacific and Broadway, W to Hyde
Lyon, from N s Haight W of Baker, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E.
Haight 2
Page 100
Oak (c)
Golden Gate Park
Fell 300
Hayes 401
Grove 500
Fulton 600
McAllister 700
Golden Gate Avenue 800
Turk (c)
Calvary Cemetery
Geary 1300
Leona Terrace
Post 1400
Sutter 1500
Bush 1600
Pine 1700
California 1800
Sacramento 1900
Clay 2000
Washington 2100
Jackson 2200
Pacific Avenue 2300
Broadway 2400
Vallejo 2500
Green (c)
Union 2700
Filbert 2800
Greenwich 2900
Lombard 3000
Chestnut 3100
Francisco 3200
Bay 3300
North Point 3400
Beach 3500
Jefferson 3600
Tonquin 3700
Lewis (e)
Lyon Terrace (now Leona Terrace)
Lysett Place, from S s Sacramento bet Jones and Leavenworth

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