San Francisco History

1910 City Street Guide

(now Pacheco)
P South (now Phelps)
Pacific, from the bay bet Jackson and Broadway, W to Larkin (The continuation of the street from Larkin is called Pacific Av)
Cross Sts.
The Embarcardero
Silver Star Place
Ohio Place
Jerome Allay
Columbus Avenue
Grant Avenue
Jackson Court
Pelton Place
Keyes Alley
Scott Place
Himmelmann Place
Burgoyne Place
Morrell Place
Grimm's Place
Pacific Alley, from S s Broadway bet Grant Av and Stockton
Pacific Alley (now Pelton Place)
Pacific Avenue, continuation of Pacific Street from Larkin to Presidio Reservation (The numbers commence at 1500, a
continuation of the numbers on the street.)
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 1500 1501
Polk 1600 1601
Van Ness Avenue 1700 1701
Franklin 1800 1801
Gough 1900 1901
Octavia 2000 2001
Laguna 2100 2101
Buchanan 2200 2201
Webster 2300 2301
Fillmore 2400 2401
Steiner 2500 2501
Pierce 2600 2601
Scott 2700 2701
Divisadero 2800 2801
Broderick 2900 2901
Baker 3000 3001
Lyon 3100 3101
Presidio Avenue 3200 3201
Walnut (o) 3301
Laurel (o) 3401
Pacheco, from Ninth Av S of Ortega, W to the ocean
Pacheco Avenue (Crocker Bay Shore Tract), from Raymond Av, N to McKinley Av
Page, from junction Market and Franklin bet Haight and Oak, W to Stanyan
Cross Sts. N. S.
Market and Franklin 2 1
Gough 100 101
Octavia 300 301
Buchanan 400 401
Webster 500 501
Fillmore 600 601
Steiner 700 701
Pierce 800 801
Scott 900 901
Divisadero 1000 1001
Broderick 1100 1101
Baker 1200 1201
Lyon 1300 1301
Central Avenue 1400 1401
Masonic 1500 1501
Ashbury 1600 1601
Clayton 1700 1701
Cole 1800 1801
Shrader 1900 1901
Stanyan (e) (e)
Pagoda Place, from N s Sacramento nr Stockton
Palm Avenue (late Michigan Avenue), California Av, S to Geary bet Jordan and Arguello Blvd
Palmer (Fairmount Tract), from Harper, S E to Chenery
Palmetto Avenue, from San Jose Av nr County Line
Pulou Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Islais Creek
Paraguay (South S.F.), see Fourteenth Av South
Pardee Alley, from W s Grant Av bet Filbert and Greenwich
Paris (Excelsior Homestead), from point N of Japan Av, S W to Amazon
Park, from Holly Park Circle to Andover Av
Park Avenue (now City Hall Avenue), from S s McAllister nr Leavenworth, S W to Larkin
Park Court, off Ninth Av bet Fulton and Cabrillo
Park Hill Avenue, from Buena Vista Av W of South Broderick, S to Masonic Av
Park Lane (now Ashbury), from Sixteenth to Eighteenth
Park Lane, North (now Taber Place)
Park Lane, South (now Varney Place)
Park Road (now Buena Vista Avenue), surrounding Buena Vista Park
Parker (now Mountcalm), from Peralta Av, W to Alabama
Parker Alley (now Parkhurst Alley)
Parker Avenue, from S s California opposite Maple, S to Fulton
Parkhurst Alley, from N s Clay bet Stockton and Powell
Parkside Avenue (now Parsons)
Parkside Boulevard, S of Yorba, from Automobile Av, W to the ocean
Parnassus Avenue (late Sullivan), from Clayton bet Carl and Grattan, W and S W to Fifth Av
Parrott Alley, from W s Davis bet California and Sacramento
Parsons, from N s Fulton bet North Stanyan and North Willard
Patterson, E of San Bruno Av from Flower, N E
Patton, from Appleton Av, S to Highland Av
Paul (now Saul)
Paul Avenue (Paul Tract), from Railroad Av opposite Thirty-first Av South, W to San Bruno Av, opposite Dwight
Paulding, from W s San Jose Av bet Jarnac and Havelock
Peabody (late Byrne), W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Pearl, from S s Market bet Hermann and Guerrero, S to Duboce Avenue
Pearl Alley (now Morgan Alley)
Pelham, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Pelton Place, from S s Broadway bet Grant Av and Stockton
Pemberton Place, W s Burnett Av, W to Clayton
Peninsula Avenue (Crocker Bay Shore Tract), bet Wheeler and State Avs, from Hood Av, S
Peninsula Avenue (Crocker Bay Shore Tract), from Hood Av, E nr County Line
Pennsylvania (formerly Pennsylvania Av), from Sixteenth bet Iowa and Mississippi, S to Tulare
Penobscot (South S. F.), see H South
Peralta Avenue, from Holladay Av S of Army, S W and S to Union and San Bruno Avs
Perine Place, from W s Steiner bet California and Sacramento, W to Pierce
Perry, from point W of Second bet Harrison and Bryant, S W to Fifth
Cross Sts. N. S.
W of Second 2 1
Third 100 101
Fourth 200 201
Fifth (e) (e)
Perry Avenue (now Reynolds)
Persia Avenue (Excelsior Homestead), from Mission S of Brazil Av, S E to La Grande Av
Peru Avenue, from Silver Av nr Lisbon
Petrarch Place, from S s Pine bet Sansome and Montgomery
Pfeiffer, from point of Grant Av bet Chestnut and Francisco, W to Stockton
Phelps, from Arthur Av, S W to Revere Av and from Williams Av, S W to Charter Oak Av
Piedmont, from Masonic Av nr Congress, S W
Pierce, from Duboce Park bet Steiner and Scott, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Duboce Park 50 51
Waller 100 101
Haight 200 201
Page 300 301
Oak 400 401
Fell 500 501
Hayes (c) (c)
Alamo Square
Fulton 800 801
McAllister 900 901
Golden Gate Avenue 1000 1001
Turk 1100 1101
Eddy 1200 1201
Ellis 1300 1301
O'Farrell (c) (c)
Geary (c) (c)
Hamilton Square
Post 1600 1601
Sutter 1700 1701
Bush 1800 1801
Pine 1900 1901
California 2000 2001
Perine Place
Sacramento 2100 2101
Clay (c) (c)
Alta Plaza
Jackson 2400 2401
Pacific Avenue 2500 2501
Broadway 2600 2601
Vallejo 2700 2701
Green 2800 2801
Union 2900 2901
Filbert 3000 3001
Greenwich 3100 3101
Regley Place
Lombard 3200 3201
Chestnut 3300 3301
Francisco 3400 3401
Bay 3500 3501
North Point 3500 3601
Beach 3700 3701
Jefferson 3800 3801
Tonquin 3900 3901
Lewis 4000 4001
Pike, see Waverly Place
Pine, from junction Market and Davis bet Bush and California, W to Presidio Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Market and Davis 2 1
Front 100 101
Battery 200 201
Sansome 300 301
Exchange Place
Petrarch Place
Montgomery 400 401
Russ Alley
Kearny 500 501
St. George Alley
St. Anne
Grant Avenue 600 601
Sophie Terrace
Stockton 700 701
Powell 800 801
Mason 900 901
Pine Place
Taylor 1000 1001
Jones 1100 1101
Leavenworth 1200 1201
Hyde 1300 1301
Larkin 1400 1401
Polk 1500 1501
Van Ness Avenue 1600 1601
Franklin 1700 1701
Gough 1800 1801
Octavia 1900 1901
Laguna 2000 2001
Buchanan 2100 2101
Webster 2200 2201
Fillmore 2300 2301
Steiner 2400 2401
Pierce 2500 2501
Scott 2600 2601
Divisadero 2700 2701
Broderick 2800 2801
Baker 2900 2901
Lyon 3000 3001
Presidio Avenue (e) (e)
Pine Place, from N s Pine bet Mason and Taylor
Pink Alley, from Pearl bet Market and Thirteenth
Pinkney Place, from N s Broadway bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Vallejo
Pioche, from junction Silver Av and Cambridge, W to Madison
Pioche Alley (now Pagoda Place)
Pioneer Park, bet Montgomery, Kearny, Filbert and Greenwich
Pioneer Place, from W s Fourth bet Market and Jessie
Piper Alley, from Ecker, N E bet Mission and Jessie
Pixley, from W s Buchanan bet Filbert and Greenwich, W to Steiner
Platte (Sooth S. F.), see L South
Pleasant, from W s Taylor bet Sacramento and Clay, W to Jones
Plumas (South S. F.), from the bay bet Mendocino and Fresno, W to Arthur Av
Pluto, from Sixteenth W of Juno, S to Lower Terrace
Plymouth Avenue, from San Jose Av opp Sickles Av, N to Ocean Av
Plymouth Avenue, see Highland Av
Pocahontas (Bernal Heights, now Moultrie), from North Av, S to Esmeralda Av
Point Lobos Avenue (now Geary), from Central Av at termination of Geary, W to Forty-eighth Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Central Avenue 2
Josephine 100
Masonic Avenue 201
Emerson 200
Wood 300 301
Collins 400 401
Blake 500 501
Cook 600 601
Boyce 700 701
Parker Avenue 800 801
Commonwealth Avenue 900
Johnston Avenue 901
Jordan Avenue 1000
Henderson Avenue 1001
Michigan Avenue 1100
Arguello Boulevard 1200 1201
Second Avenue 1300 1301
Third Ave 1400 1401
Fourth Ave 1500 1501
Fifth Ave 1600 1601
Sixth Ave 1700 1701
Seventh Ave 1800 1801
Eighth Ave 1900 1901
Ninth Ave 2000 2001
Tenth Ave 2100 2101
Eleventh Ave 2200 2201
Twelfth Ave 2300 2301
Thirteenth Ave 2400 2401
Fourteenth Ave 2500 2501
Fifteenth Ave 2600 2601
Sixteenth Ave 2700 2701
Seventeenth Ave 2800 2801
Eighteenth Ave 2900 2901
Nineteenth Ave 3000 3001
Twentieth Ave 3100 3101
Twenty-first Ave 3200 3201
Twenty-second Ave 3300 3301
Twenty-third Ave 3400 3401
Twenty-fourth Ave 3500 3501
Twenty-fifth Ave 3600 3601
Twenty-sixth Ave 3700 3701
Twenty-seventh Ave 3800 3801
Twenty-eighth Ave 3900 3901
Twenty-ninth Ave 4000 4001
Thirtieth Ave 4100 4101
Thirty-first Ave 4200 4201
Thirty-second Ave 4300 4301
Thirty-third Ave 4400 4401
Thirty-fourth Ave 4500 4501
Thirty-fifth Ave 4600 4601
Thirty-sixth Ave 4700 4701
Thirty-seventh Ave 4800 4801
Thirty-eighth Ave 4900 4901
Thirty-ninth Ave 5000 5001
Fortieth Ave 5100 5101
Forty-first Ave 5200 5201
Forty-second Ave 5300 5301
Forty-third Ave 5400 5401
Forty-fourth Ave 5500 5501
Forty-fifth Ave 5600 5601
Forty-sixth Ave 5700 5701
Forty-seventh Ave 5800 5801
Forty-eighth Ave
Sutro Heights
Polk, from N s Market bet Larkin and Van Ness Av, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Fell 2 1
Hayes 100 101
Grove 200 201
Fulton 300 301
McAllister 400 401
Golden Gate Avenue 500 501
Turk 600 601
Eddy 700 701
Ellis 800 801
O'Farrell 900 901
Geary 1000 1001
Post 1100 1101
Walnut Avenue
Sutter 1200 1201
Fern 2
Bush 1300 1301
Pine 1400 1401
California 1500 1501
Sacramento 1600 1601
Clay 1700 1701
Washington 1800 1801
Jackson 1900 1901
Pacific Avenue 2000 2001
Broadway 2100 2101
Vallejo 2200 2201
Green 2300 2301
Union 2400 2401
Flibert 2500 2501
Greenwich 2600 2601
Lombard 2700 2701
Chestnut 2800 2801
Francisco 2900 2901
Bay 3000 3001
North Point 3100 3101
Beach 3200 3201
Jefferson 3300 3301
Tonquin 3400 3401
Lewis (e) (e)
Polk Lane (now Stark), from E Stockton bet Pacific and Broadway
Pollard Place, from N s Vallejo bet Kearny and Grant Av
Pollock (South S. F.), from Yosemite Av nr the bay, S W to County Line
Pomona, from Bay View bet Latona and Flora, S to Thornton Av
Pond, from S s Sixteenth bet Sanchez and Noe, S to Seventeenth
Pope, from Mission opp Niagara Av, S to Hanna
Poplar Alley (now Street), from Twenty-fourth bet Valencia and San Jose Av, S to Twenty-sixth
Porter (Bernal Heights), from S s Crescent Av bet Bache and Roscoe
Porter Avenue (now Ellington Av)
Portola (late Daisy) from Duboce Park bet Steiner and Pierce, N to Waller
Porto Rico (South S. F.), see Fortieth Av South
Portsmouth Square, bet Clay, Washington, Kearny, and Brenham Place
Post, from junction Market and Montgomery bet Geary and Sutter, W to Presidio Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Market and Montgomery 2 1
Lick Place
Kearny 100 101
Grant Avenue 200 201
Stockton 300 (o)
Powell 400 401
Mason 500 501
Taylor 600 601
Agate Alley
Ophir Alley
Jones 700 701
Leavenworth 800 801
Hyde 900 901
Meacham Place
Post Street Court
Larkin 1000 1001
Polk 1100 1101
Van Ness Avenue 1200 1201
Franklin 1300 1301
Gough 1400 1401
Octavia 1500 1501
Laguna 1600 1601
Buchanan 1700 1701
Webster 1800 1801
Fillmore 1900 1901
Steiner 2000 (o)
Pierce 2100 (o)
Scott 2200 2201
Divisadero 2300 2301
Erkson Court
Broderick 2400 2401
Baker 2500 2501
Lyon 2600 2601
Presidio Avenue (e) (e)
Post Office Place, see Custom House Place
Post Street Court, from N s Post bet Hyde and Larkin
Potomac (South S. F.), see R South
Potrero Avenue, from Brannan bet Utah and Hampshire, S to Serpentine Av
Cross Sts. W. E.
Brannan 2 1
Alameda 100 101
Fifteenth 210 201
Sixteenth 300 301
Seventeenth 400 401
Mariposa 500 501
Eighteenth 600 601
Nineteenth 700 701
Twentieth 800 801
Twenty-first 900 (o)
Twenty-second 1000 (o)
Twesty-third 1100 1101
Twenty-fourth 1200 1201
Taentv-fifth 1300 1301
Twenty-sixth 1400 1401
Serpentine Avenue (e) (e)
Potter (now Twelfth), from S s Market bet Eleventh and Grady, S E to Mission
Powell, from N s Market bet Stockton and Mason, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Eddy 2 1
Ellis 100 101
O'Farrell 200 201
Geary (o) 301
Post 400 401
Sutter 500 501
Ankeny Place
Bush 600 601
Fella Place
Lily Terrace
Pine 700 701
California 800 801
Sacramento 900 901
Clay 1000 1001
Washington 1100 1101
Jackson 1200 1201
Carmine Place
Pacific 1300 1301
Fisher Alley
Broadway 1400 1401
Vallejo 1500 1501
Green 1600 1601
Union (o) 1701
Columbus Avenue
Filbert 1800 1801
Greenwich 1900 1901
Lombard 2000 2001
Chestnut 2100 2101
Francisco 2200 2201
Bay 2300 2301
North Point 2400 2401
Beach 2500 2501
The Embarcadero
Powell Avenue (now Powers Av), from Mission S of Precita Av, S E to California Av
Powhattan Avenue (Bernal Heights), from North Av bet Esmeralda and Eugenia Avs, E to Holladay Av
Prague (Excelsior Homestead), from China Av bet Munich and Dublin, S W
Pratt Place, from N s California bet Stockton and Powell, see Ellick Lane
Precita Avenue (Bernal Heights), from Mission S of Army, E to York
Precita Place (now Precita Av)
Prentiss (Bernal Heights), from Esmeralda Av bet Banks and Nevada Av, S to Crescent Av
Prescott, see Ohio Place
Prescott Court, from S s Vallejo bet Sansome and Montgomery
President, from Flint N W, Buena Vista Park
Presidio (now Miley)
Presidio Avenue, W of Lyon from Presidio Reservation, S to Geary
Cross Sts.
Presidio Reservation
Pacific Avenue
Presidio Terrace, from a point W of First Av, from Lake, N to Presidio Reservation
Preston Place (now Converse), from Bryant bet Eighth and Ninth, N W
Price Row, from N s Green bet Grant Av and Stockton, N to Union
Priest, from S s Washington bet Jones and Leavenworth
Prim, from Mission to San Jose Ave nr County Line
Primrose, see Carmelita
Princeton (University Homestead), from Silver Av to Mansell
Pringle Court, from N s Greenwich bet Sansome and Montgomery
Prospect Avenue (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet California and Winfield Av, W S to Cortland Av
Prospect Place (now Joice), from S s Clay bet Stockton and Powell, S to California
Cross Sts.
Prospect Place (Bernal Heights), see Ripley
Prosper, from S s Sixteenth bet Sanchez and Noe, S to Seventeenth
Pulaski Avenue, from County Line, N W to San Bruno Av
Putnam (Bernal Heights), from S s Cortland Av bet Bronte and Nevada Av
, see Quintara from Tenth Av S of P, W to the ocean
Q South (now Quint)
Quane, from S s Twenty-first bet Dolores and Fair Oaks, S to Twenty-fourth
Quebec Avenue, from County Line, N W to San Bruno Av
Quesada Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Islais Creek
Quince Alley (now Quane)
Quincy, from N s Pine bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to California
Quinn (now Clinton Park), from Stevenson, W bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth
Quint, from Arthur Av, S W to Revere Av, and from Bancroft Av S to Egbert Av
Quintara, from Tenth Av S of P, W to the ocean
, from Tenth Av S of Q, W to the ocean, see Rivera
R South, see Rankin
Railroad Avenue (South S. F.), from Kentucky and Second Av South, S W to San Bruno Av nr Fortieth Av South
Railway, from E s Dolores bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Ralston (City Land Ass'n Tract), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Ramsell (City Land Ass'n Tract), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Randall (Fairmount Tract), from Mission S of Thirtieth, W to Palmer
Randall Place (now Southard Place)
Randolph (City Land Ass'n Tract), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Rankin, from Islais, S W to Thomas Av
Rausch, from S s Howard bet Seventh and Eighth, S E to Folsom
Raymond Avenue, bet Arleta and Leland Avs, W from San Bruno Av
Redfield Alley, from W s Taylor bet Union and Filbert, turning N to Filbert
Redwood, from W s Larkin bet McAllister and Golden Gate Av, W
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 2 1
Polk 100 101
Van Ness Avenue 200 201
Franklin 300 301
Gough (c) (c)
Octavia (c) (c)
Laguna 600 601
Redwood Court, from W s Howard bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Reed, from N s Clay bet Jones and Leavenworth, N to Washington
Reed (now Newton), from Morse nr Curtis, S
Reed Place (now Reno)
Regan Place, from S s Geary bet Powell and Mason
Regent (West End Tract), from Wyoming Av, N W to Palmetto Av nr County Line
Regley Place, from E s Pierce bet Greenwich and Lombard
Reno, from S s Green bet Montgomery and Kearny
Reservoir, from N s Market bet Duboce Av and Fourteenth, W to Church
Revere Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Islais Creek
Rey, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Reynolds, from S s Aldine net Parker Av and Willard, N to McAllister
Rhine, W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Rhode Island, from Division bet De Haro and Kansas, S to Mazzini
Rice, from San Jose Av nr County Line
Richland Avenue, from S.P.R.R. opposite Miguel, E to Andover
Richmond (now Halleck)
Richmond Avenue, from Parker Av bet Geary and California, W to Arguello Boulevard
Richmond Court, S s Point Lobos Av bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth Av
Richter Avenue, from County Line, N W to San Bruno Av
Rickard, from W s San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Ridge Lane, from San Jose Av S of Mount Vernon Av, W to Howth
Ridley (now Duboce Av)
Riley, see Pleasant
Rincon, from Folsom bet First and Second, S E to Bryant
Rincos Court (now Elkhart)
Ringgold, from W s Eighth bet Folsom and Harrison, S W to Ninth
Ripley (Bernal Heights), from Shotwell, S to Stoneman, E to Peralta Av
Ritch, from S s Folsom bet Third and Fourth, S E to Townsend
Cross Sts.
Rivera, from Tenth Av S of Quintara, W to the ocean
Rivoli Avenue, from Clayton bet Alma Av and Seventeenth to point W of Stanyan
Roach, from N s Filbert bet Taylor and Jones, N to Greenwich
Roanoke (Fairmount Tract), from Bemis, S E to S.P.R.R.
Rockland (late Brady Place), from E s Larkin bet Green and Union
Rodney (now Ecker)
Rodgers, from S s Folsom bet Seventh and Eighth
Rola Court, from S s Greenwich bet Laguna and Buchanan
Romain, from Douglass nr Twentieth, W to Corbett Av, thence S W to Burnett Av
Rome, from Niagara Av nr Huron Av, SW
Rondel Place, from S s Sixteenth bet Hoff Av and Valencia
Roscoe (Bernal Heights), from Crescent Av nr Porter, S
Rose Alley (now Aldrich Alley)
Rose Avenue (now Street), from N Market bet Haight and Page, W to Laguna
Cross Sts. N. S.
Market 2 1
Gough 100 101
Octavia 200 201
Laguna (e) (e)
Rose Place, from E s Taylor bet Eddy and Ellis
Rosecrans (Bernal Heights), from Esmeralda Av, S to Powhattan
Rosemount Place, from N s Fourteenth bet Guerrero and Dolores
Ross Alley, from N s Washington bet Grant Av and Stockton, N to Jackson
Rotteck (Spring Valley Homestead), from Bosworth W of Rousseau, S to Springdale
Rousseau, from S.P.R.R. bet Milton and Rotteck, S to Springdale
Rowland, from S s Broadway bet Montgomery and Kearny
Rushton, S s Brannan bet Third and Fourth
Russ, from S s Minna bet Sixth and Seventh, S E to Folsom
Russ Alley, from N s Bush bet Montgomery and Kearny, N to Pine
Russell, from W s Hyde bet Green and Union, W to West End Alley
Russia Avenue, from Mission S of Persia Av, S E to La Grande Av
Rutland, from Harkness Av, N to County Line
Rutledge (Bernal Heights), from Holladay Av, W to Alabama S of Montcalm
Ryan, E of Alabama from Precita Av, S to Montcalm
Ryan Avenue (now Florida)

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