San Francisco History

1910 City Street Guide

(now Ulloa)
U South (now Upton)
Ugarte Avenue, from County Line N W to San Bruno Av
Ulloa, from Thirteenth Av S of Taraval, W to the ocean
Unadilla Avenue (now Niagara Av)
Underwood Avenue, from Arthur Av, N W to Railroad Av
Union, from the bay bet Green and Filbert, W to Presidio Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero 2 1
Battery 100 101
Sansome 200 201
Mostgomery 300 301
Kearny 400 401
Genoa Place
Grant Avenue 500 501
Bannam Place
Cadell Alley
Jasper Place
Price Row
Stockton (o) 601
Columbus Avenue
Powell 700 701
August Alley
Mason 800 801
Taylor 900 901
Marion Place
Jones 1000 1001
Black Place
Leavenworth 1100 1101
Sharp Place
Hyde 1200 1201
Moore Place
Larkin 1300 1301
Polk 1400 1401
Van Ness Avenue 1500 1501
Franklin 1600 1601
Gough 1700 1701
Octavia 1800 1801
Laguna 1900 1901
Charlton Court
Buchanan 2000 2001
Webster 2100 2101
Fillmore 2200 2201
Steiner 2300 2301
Pierce 2400 2401
Scott 2500 2501
Divisadero 2800 2601
Broderick 2700 2701
Baker 2800 2801
Lyon (e) (e)
Union Avenue (now Tompkins Av)
Union Place (now Jaspar Place)
Union Square, bet Geary, Post, Stockton and Powell
Union Square Avenue (now Manila), from W s Kearny bet Geary and Post, W to Stockton
University (University Homestead), from Silver Av, S to Mansell
Upper Terrace, from point N of Sixteenth E of Clayton to Olympus nr Seventeenth
Upton, W of Jerrold Av nr Islais Creek
Uranus (now Lower Terrace), from S s Seventeenth bet Mars and Clayton, S to Eighteenth
Uruguay (South S. F.), see Thirty-eighth Av South
Utah, from Division bet San Bruno Av and Potrero Av, S to Serpentine Av
(now Vicente)
Valencia, from S s Market bet Mission and Guerrero, S to Mission
Cross Sts. W. E.
Market 2 1
Stevenson Avenue  
Hermann 100 101
Duboce Avenue 200 201
Clinton Park
Fourteenth 300 301
Fifteenth 400 401
Sixteenth 500 501
Seventeenth 600 601
Clarion Alley
Eighteenth 700 701
Nineteenth 800 801
Cunningham Place
Twentieth 900 901
Twenty-first 1000 1001
Twenty-second 1100 1101
Twenty-third 1200 1201
Twenty-fourth 1300 1301
Twenty-fifth 1400 1401
Twenty-sixth 1500 1501
Army 1600 1601
Tiffany Avenue
Mission (e) (e)
Vallejo, from the bay bet Broadway and Green, W to Presidio  Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
Davis and The Embarcadero 2 1
Front 100 101
Battery 200 201
Cowell Place
Sansome 300 301
Prescott Court
Hall Alley
Hodge's Alley.
Montgomery 400 401
Kearny 500 501
San Antonio
Pinkney Place
Pollard Place
Grant Avenue 600 601
Columbus Avenue
Tracy Place
Stockton 700 701
Emery Lane
Wheelock Place
Powell 800 801
Scholl Place
Washoe Place
O'Connell Place
Mason 900 901
Vallejo Terrace
Taylor 1000 1001
Jones 1100 1101
Leavenworth 1200 1201
Hyde 1300 1301
Larkin 1400 1401
Polk 1500 1501
Van Ness Avenue 1600 1601
Franklin 1700 1701
Gough 1800 1801
Octavia 1900 1901
Laguna 2000 2001
Buchanan 2100 2101
Webster 2200 2201
Fillmore 2300 2301
Steiner 2400 2401
Pierce 2500 2501
Scott 2600 2601
Divisadero 2700 2701
Broderick 2800 2801
Baker 2900 2901
Lyon (e) (e)
Vallejo Alley (now Tracy Place)
Vallejo Terrace, from S s Vallejo bet Mason and Taylor
Valley, from W s San Jose Av bet Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth to Fowler Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
San Jose Avenue 2 1
Dolores 100 101
Church 200 201
Sanches 300 301
Noe 400 401
Castro 500 501
Diamond 600 601
Douglass 700 701
Valparaiso, from W s Mason bet Filbert and Greenwich, W to Taylor and from Roach to Jones
Van Buren, W of Diamond from Sussex, S to Surrey
Vance, from Genesee N of Thirty-fourth, W to Hamburg
Vancouver (South S.F.), see Thirty-first Av South
Vandewater, from W s Powell bet Francisco and Bay, W to Taylor
Van Dyke Avenue, from Arthur Av, N W to Railroad Av
Van Ness Avenue, from S s Market bet Polk and Franklin, N to the Bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Oak 2 1
Fell 100 101
Hayes 200 201
Grove 300 301
Fulton 400 401
McAllister 500 501
Golden Gate Avenue 600 601
Turk 700 701
Eddy 800 801
Ellis 900 901
O'Farrell 1000 1001
Geary 1100 1101
Post 1200 1201
Sutter 1300 1301
Bush 1400 1401
Pine 1500 1501
California 1600 1601
Sacramento 1700 1701
Clay 1800 1801
Washington 1900 1901
Jackson 2000 2001
Pacific Avenue 2100 2101
Broadway 2200 2201
Vallejo 2300 2301
Green 2400 2401
Union 2500 2501
Filbert 2600 2601
Greenwich 2700 2701
Lombard 2800 2801
Chestnut 2900 2901
Francisco 3000 3001
Bay 3100 (o)
North Point 3200 (o)
Beach (c) (o)
Jefferson 3400 (o)
Tonquin 3500 (o)
Lewis (e) (e)
Verennes, from N s Union bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Filbert
Varney Place, from W s Center Place bet South Park and Brannan, S W to Third
Vassalboro, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Vassar Place, from S s Harrison bet Second and Third
Vasserot Place, from S s Geary bet Hyde and Larkin
Venezuela (South S. F.), see Sixth Av South
Venus (Silver Terrace), from Thornton Av to Williams Av
Ver Mehr, from E s Kearny bet Post and Sutter
Verdi Place, from W s Montgomery bet Pacific and Broadway
Vermont, from Division bet Kansas and San Bruno Av S to Islais Creek
Vermont, see Conkling
Verna Alley, from Thirty-third E of Foerster, S to Melrose Av
Vernon, W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Vernon Place (now Warner Place)
Vernon Place, see Dow Place
Verona Place, from E s Third bet Folsom and Harrison
Vesta (Silver Terrace), from Williams Av to Thornton Av
Vicente, from Fourteenth Av South of Ulloa, W to the ocean
Vicksburg, from S s Twenty-second bet Church and Sanchez, S to Twenty-fifth
Victor, from S s Bryant bet Seventh and Eight
Victoria, W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Vienna, from Silver Av, S W to Amazon
View Avenue (now Grand View Av)
Villa Place, from E s Taylor bet Pine and California
Vincent (now Garabaldi)
Vinton Court, from W s Grant Av bet Pine and California
Virgil Avenue, from S s Twenty-fifth bet Howard and Shotwell
Virginia (now Oklahoma)
Virginia Avenue, from E s Mission nr Thirtieth to Elsie and Eugenia Av
Virginia Court (now Vinton Court)
Virginia Place (now Cordelia)
Vista Avenue (Crocker Bay Shore Tract), from San Bruno Av, E to Nueva Av
Visitacion Avenue, from Hoffman nr County Line to La Grande Av, opp Russia Av
Volney Alley, see Elizabeth Place
Von Schmidt, from Water Front, S W to County Line
Vorrath Place, see Eureka Place
Vue De L'eau, from Fowler Av S of Suzzex, W to Hamburg
Vulcan, see Jupiter
Vulcan, from point W of Clara Av to Juno N of Lower Terrace
Vulcan Lane (now Emery Lane)
(now Wawona)
Wagner Alley, from S s Eddy bet Jones and Leavenworth
Walbridge, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Waldo Alley, from W s Leavenworth bet Broadway and Vallejo
Wall (Bernal Heights), from Holladay Av, W to Butler Av, S of Peralta
Wall Place (now Coolidge Place)
Wallace Avenue, from Arthur Av, N W to Williams Av
Waller, from junction Market and Octavia W to Stanyan
Cross Sts. N. S.
Market and Octavia 2 1
Laguna 100 101
Buchanan 200 201
Webster 300 301
Fillmore 400 401
Steiner 500 501
Pierce 600 601
Scott 700 701
Divisadero 800 801
Broderick 900 901
Buena Vista Park
BuenaVista Avenue 1100 1101
Central Avenue 1200 1201
Masonic Avenue 1300 1301
Delmar Avenue
Ashbury 1400 1401
Clayton 1500 1501
Cole 1600 1601
Shrader 1700 1701
Stanyan (e) (e)
Walnut, from Pacific Avenue bet Presidio Av and Laurel, S to California
Cross Sts. E. W.
Pacific Avenue 2 1
Jackson 100 101
Washington 200 201
Clay 300 301
Sacramento 400 401
California (e) (e)
Walnut, see Ralston
Walnut Avenue (now Hemlock), from W s Larkin bet Post and Sutter, W to Laguna
Cross Sts.
Van Ness Avenue
Octavia      (600)
Walter, from S s Duboce Av bet Sanchez and Noe, S to Fourteenth
Waltham, from W s Alabama nr Esmeralda Av
Ward, from W s San Bruno Av nr County Line
Ward, see Banks
Ware, from Paul Av bet Wheat and San Bruno Av, S to San Bruno Av
Wayner Place, from E s Hyde bet Green and Union
Warren (now Sanchez)
Warren Place, from E s Mission bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Washburn, from S s Mission bet Ninth and Tenth, S E to Howard
Washington, from the bay bet Clay and Jackson, W to Arguello Blvd
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero 2 1
Drumm 100 101
Davis 200 201
Front 300 301
Battery 400 401
Custom House Place
Sansome 500 501
Jessop Place
Montgomery 601
Columbus Avenue 600
Dunbar Alley
Kearny 700 (o)
Brenham Place
Wentworth Place
Grant Avenue 800 801
Waverly Place
Ross Alley
Cameron Alley
Stockton 900 901
Hopeton Terrace
Powell 1000 1001
Codman Place
Wetmore Plare
Mason 1100 1101
Taylor 1200 1201
Jones 1300 1301
Leavenworth 1400 1401
Hyde 1500 1501
Larkin 1600 1601
Polk 1700 1701
Van Ness Avenue 1800 1801
Franklin 1900 1901
Gough 2000 (o)
Octavia 2100 (o)
Laguna 2200 2201
Buchanan 2300 2301
Webster 2400 2401
Fillmore 2500 2501
Steiner (c) (c)
Alta Plaza
Scott 2800 2801
Divisadero 2900 2901
Broderick 3000 3001
Baker 3100 3101
Lyon 3200 3201
Presidio Avenue 3300 3301
Walnut 3400 3401
Laurel 3500 3501
Locust 3600 3601
Spruce 3700 3701
Maple 3800 3801
Cherry 3900 3901
Arguello Blvd (e) (e)
Washington Avenue (now Washburn)
Washington Place (now Wentworth Pl), from N s Washington bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Jackson
Washington Square, bet Union, Filbert, Stockton, Columbus Av and Powell
Washoe Place, from N s Vallejo bet Powell and Mason
Water, from W s Mason bet Chestnut and Francisco, W to Taylor
Water Front, from Islais Creek along the bay, S to County Line
Waterloo, from E s San Bruno Av nr Cortland Av
Waterville, from Helena, S to Thornton Av
Watson Place, from Ocean Av W of Mission, S W
Watt Avenue, from Morse nr County Line
Waverly Place, from N s Sacramento bet Grant Av and Stockton, N to Washington
Wawona, from Fifteenth Av S of Vincente, W to the ocean
Wayland, from Charter Oak Av S of Bacon, W to La Grande Av
Wayne Place, from N s Pacific bet Powell and Mason, N to Broadway
Webb (now Spring), from N s California bet Montgomery and Kearny, N to Sacramento
Webb Place, from W s Mason bet Green and Union
Webster, from N s Thirteenth bet Buchanan and Fillmore, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Duboce Av 2 1
Hermann 50 51
Waller 100 101
Haight 200 201
Page 300 301
Oak 400 401
Fell 500 501
Hayes 600 601
Grove 700 701
Fulton 800 801
McAllister 900 901
Golden Gate Avenue 1000 1001
Turk 1100 1101
Eddy 1200 1201
Ellis 1300 1301
O'Farrell 1400 1401
Geary 1500 1501
Post 1600 1601
Sutter 1700 1701
Bush 1800 1801
Pine 1900 1901
California 2000 2001
Sacramento 2100 2101
Clay 2200 2201
Washington 2300 2301
Jackson 2400 2401
Bromley Place
Pacific Avenue 2500 2501
Broadway 2600 2601
Vallejo 2700 2701
Green 2800 2801
Union 2900 2901
Filbert 3000 3001
Pixley Avenue
Greenwich 3100 3101
Lombard 3200 3201
Chestnut (o) 3301
Francisco (o) 3401
Bay 3500 3501
North Point 3600 3601
Beach 3700 3701
Jefferson 3800 3801
Tonquin 3900 3901
Lewis 4000 4001
Webster Place (now Bromley Place)
Weldon, W of San Bruno Av nr head Islais Creek
Wells Court, from S s Lombard bet Grant Av and Stockton
Welsh, from W s Zoe bet Bryant and Brannan, S W to W of Fourth
Wentworth Place, from N s Washington bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Jackson
West Avenue (now Appleton Av)
West Clay (now Drake), from Twenty-fourth to Thirty-third Avs, bet Lake and the bay
Cross Sts. N. S.
Twenty-fourth Avenue 2 1
Twenty-fifth Ave 100 101
Twenty-sixth Ave 200 201
Twenty-seventh Ave 300 301
Twenty-eighth Ave 400 401
Twenty-ninth Ave 500 501
Thirtieth Ave 600 601
Thirty-first Ave 700 701
Thirty-second Ave 800 801
West Diamond (now Berkeley)
West Eddy, see Eddy W
West El Dorado, from Sixth bet Daggett and Yuma (now Barstow)
West End Alley (now Eastman)
West Lake Avenue (New Otsego Av)
West Mission (now Otis), from Mission and Twelfth, S W to McCoppin, thence S to Mission and Duboce Av
West Park (now Park)
Wetmore Place, from N s Clay bet Powell and Mason, N to Washington
Wheat, from Paul Av bet Crane and Ware, S to Salinas Av
Wheeler Avenue (Crocker Bay Shore Tract), from San Bruno Av, S
Wheelock Place, from N s Vallejo bet Stockton and Powell
Whipple Avenue (West End Tract), from Mission, N W to San Jose Av, nr County Line
White, from N s Vallejo bet Hyde and Larkin
White's Place, from E s Jones bet Sutter and Bush
White Place (now Victor)
Whiting, from E s Grant Av bet Lombard and Chestnut
Whitney, from Thirtieth E of Sanchez, S to Randall
Whittier, from Mission S E, nr County Line
Wieland, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Wieland Avenue (now Judson Av)
Wilde, from W s San Bruno Av bet Campbell and Harkness Avs, to Oneota
Wilder, from point E of Carrie S of Chenery, W to Diamond
Wildey Avenue (now Wilmot)
Wilmot, from W s Webster bet Bush and Pine, W to Steiner
Willard, from Golden Gate Park W of Stanyan, S to Edgewood Av
Willard North, from Eddy W E of Arguello Blvd, S to Fulton
William (now Shannon)
Williams, see Somerset
Williams Avenue, from Railroad Av nr Twenty-second Av South, W to P South
Williamson (now Parker Av)
Willow Avenue (now Street), from W s Larkin bet Eddy and Ellis
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 2 1
Polk 100 101
Van Ness Avenue 200 201
Franklin 300 301
Gough 400 401
Octavia 500 501
Laguna 600 601
Buchanan 700 701
Windsor Place, from N s Green bet Montgomery and Kearny
Winfield Avenue (now Street, late Chapultepec, Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet Prospect Av and Elsie, S W to Cortland Av
Winnipeg Avenue, W of Mission, near County Line
Winslow (now Franconia)
Winter Lane, from E s Mason bet Green and Union
Winthrop, from N s Lombard bet Montgomery and Kearny, N to Chestnut
Wisconsin, from Sixteenth bet Arkansas and Carolina, S to Tulare
Wolfe (Bernal Heights), from Isabel, S W to Peralta Av
Wood, from Laurel Hill Cemetery bet Masonic Av and Collins, S to Turk
Woodland Avenue, from Parnassus Av bet Stanyan and Willard, S to Edgewood Av
Woodward, from S s Duboce Av bet Mission and Valencia, S to Fourteenth
Wool, from Powhattan and North Av, S to Cortland Av
Woolsey, from Charter Oak Av S of Wayland, W to La Grande Av
Worcester Avenue, W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Worden, from N s Francisco bet Stockton and Powell
Worden Avenue (now Whipple Av)
Worth, from Twenty-first W of Douglass, S to Twenty-second
Wyant (Reis Tract), bet Hoyt and Surman, from Campbell Av, N to Oneota
Wyoming (South S. F.), from Islais, S to First Av South
Wyoming Avenue (now Winnipeg Av)
(now Yorba)
(University Homestead), from Silver Av, S to Mansell
Yazoo, see M South
Yerba Buena (now Cushman)
Yolo (now Twenty-fifth)
Yorba, from Le Conte Av S of W to Forty-first Av
York, from Division bet Hampshire and Bryant, S to Peralta Av
Cross Sts. W. E.
Division 2 1
Alameda 100 101
Fifteenth 200 201
Sixteenth (c) (c)
Franklin Park
Seventeenth 400 401
Mariposa 500 501
Eighteenth 600 601
Nineteenth 700 701
Twentieth 800 801
Twenty-first 900 901
Twenty-second 1000 1001
Twenty-third 1100 1101
Twenty-fourth 1200 1201
Twenty-fifth 1300 1301
Schottler Court
Twenty-sixth 1400 1401
Army 1500 1501
Peralta Av (e) (e)
Yosemite Avenue, from Water Front N W to Williams Av
Yuba (now Twenty-sixth)
Yucatan (South S. F.), see Forty-seventh Av South
Yukon, from Short, S to Fallon Place
Yuma, from Sixth nr West El Dorado, S W to Sixteenth
, from S s Folsom bet Beale and Fremont
Zoe, from S s Bryant bet Third and Fourth, S E to Brannan
Zoe Place (now Zeno)

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