San Francisco History

Events of 1869

December 1, 1869. 800 Chinese sail for their native land. . . .The publishers and compositors hold a meeting to reduce printers wages. . . .Frederick Zahn commits suicide by hanging.

Dec. 2. The Eureka Typographical Union decline to reduce printers wages. . . .J. C. Pelton elected Superintendent of Industrial School. . . .E. Fagin and G. Cogan arrested for robbing Newberger & Co’s safe on the 29th ultimo.

Dec. 3. John Driscoll and two others arrested for garroting and robbing Ernest Blum.

Dec. 4. H. D. Woolf and David Levi arrested for arson. . . .Mary Regan arrested for infanticide. . . .Grand Ball at Platt’s Hall, in aid of the Italian Benevolent Society.

Dec. 8. J. O. Rawlins, brother of the late Secretary of War, died from injuries received at the Golden Gate Sugar Refinery. . . .In suit of the United States vs. San Francisco Sugar Refinery, involving sugar to the amount of $24,000, judgment was rendered in favor of plaintiff.

Dec. 12. George M. Thompson, died suddenly. . . .The body of J. E. Dixon found in the bay.

Dec. 15. F. N. Nenval arrested for the murder of Carrie Diamond. . . .Camilla Urso proposes a Grand Concert in aid of the Mercantile Library.

Dec. 19. Isaac S. Joseph, a prominent merchant, absconds. . . .300 Chinese leave for Texas to labor on the railroad.

Dec. 20. Mrs. Bridget Cusic fatally burned.

Dec. 21. Kate Smith, a kleptomaniac, tried for stealing $20,000 worth of jewelry.

Dec. 24. W. C. McElroy, an old pioneer, dies.

Dec. 27. W. P. Walch, after attempting to murder Mary Williams, committed suicide.

Dec. 30. Mrs. Mary A. Eaton committed suicide.

Dec. 31. Mrs. Kate Smith, kleptomaniac, sentenced to State Prison four years and four months.

Source: Langley, Henry G. The San Francisco Directory; Chronological History of Principal Events. 1871.

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