San Francisco History

Events of 1870

January 1, 1870. Emancipation day celebrated by the colored population. . . .P. J. Devine, a prominent sculptor died. . . .Telegraph operators strike for higher wages. . . .The Steamship Companies and Wells, Fargo & Co. reduce the wages of their employees.

Jan. 3. John Burke arrested as a counterfeiter.

Jan. 4. James McGowan, a tinsmith, fell froma scaffolding, and was killed.

Jan. 5. A child of Mrs. McQuicken had its foot cut off by the street cars. . . .Bulletin commenced using an eight cylinder Hoe Press. . . .John Cavanaugh fell from the yard arm of the Royal Edward and was killed.

Jan. 8. Billiard game for championship between Cyrille Dion and John Deery, won by latter. . . .Jackson Temple appointed Justice of Supreme Court. . . .M. G. Searing thrown from a buggy and fatally injured.

Jan. 9. Remains of A. Hirschfelder drowned July 1868 found on Alameda shore. . . .Annie Shepherd, pretended deaf mute, creates a sensation. . . .Charles F. Knoll dies suddenly.

Jan. 10. Margaret Scannell commits suicide. . . .Mrs. Meehan, aged 60, was fined $200 for horsewhipping Colonel Murphy, who had insulted her.

Jan. 12. Woman Suffrage Convention meet at Dashaway Hall. . . .James Hefferman attempted suicide.

Jan. 13. R. B. Monk, an old resident, died. . . .James A. Dwyer was shot in the hand by A. D. Wohler, who in turn was killed by the former in a saloon affray.

Jan. 14. Strike among the journeyman marble cutters. . . .Clement B. Ellis, a pioneer, dies suddenly.

Jan. 15. Dion beats Deery 181 points in 1000 on a carom table.

Jan. 16. Sophia Sands commits suicide.

Jan. 18. The P. M. S. S. Colorado sailed for Panama with passengers, and $1,160,987 in specie.

Jan. 19. Charles Haley broke his leg by being thrown from a wagon.

Jan 20. Billiard game between Dion and Deery, won by former. . . .Burglars rob M. B. Schweitzer’s residence of jewelry to the value of $2,000.

Jan. 21. Zabriskie Irwin was injured by being thrown from his horse.

Jan. 23. Maggie Ryan, a child six  and one half years old, is ravished and then murdered under the wharf. . . .Charles Goodhope drowned in the bay.

Jan. 25. Charles Quinn arrested for the murder of Maggie Ryan. . . .Captain Edward Cordell U. S. Coast Survey, died suddenly in the street. . . .A silk flag of California product on exhibition.

Jan. 29. C. T. Carvalho, for years Chinese interpreter, dies.

Jan. 30. Chinese celebrate their New Year with appropriate ceremonies. . . .Anderson & Randolph’s store on Montgomery Street robbed of a large amount of jewelry.

Jan. 31. John Devine arrested for garroting and robbery.

February 1. Ninteenth [sic] Anniversary of Protestant Orphan Asylum, at Platt’s Hall. . . .Minister F. F. Low and family sail for China.

Feb. 2. Gen. D. D. Colton’s residence entered by burglars and a large amount of silver ware stolen.

Feb. 3. Match billiard game between Deery and Dion, won by former.

Feb. 5. Golden Gate Iron Works destroyed by fire. . . .Two thousand children rehearse at Mechanics’ Pavilion for the Grand Concert.

Feb. 7. Ole Bull arrived. . . .August Hahn fatally injured by machinery. . . .John Hartz, an insane man, commits suicide.

Feb. 8. The tobacco factories of Ruhle & Co., and Hull & Co., destroyed by fire, and a Chinese boy burned to death. . . .John Berry killed by Thomas Lloyd.

Feb. 10. Large flag of California silk completed for Capitol at Washington.

Feb. 12. Sale of tickets for Mercantile Library Concert; $3,200 paid for grand box. . . .Mercantile Library Gift Concert Bill passes California Legislature.

Feb. 14. A. P. Rudolphe, billiardist, arrives.

Feb. 15. F. G. W. Tittel, a pioneer, and Henry Wattson, secretary Spring Valley Water Works, die. . . .Mrs. Gen. D. D. Colton is thrown from a buggy.

Feb. 17. Shock of earthquake at 12 1/4 P.M. No damage.

Feb. 19. William Harris shot by his brother Benjamin.

Feb. 20. Cherry trees in blossom.

Feb. 22. Grand Concert directed by Camilla Urso in aid of Mercantile Library, commenced with an orchestra of 200 instruments, and a chorus of 1,200 voices, an audience of 10,000 persons present. . . .P. M. S. S. Golden City wrecked on Cape Lazaro, Lower California.

Feb. 23. Fifteen thousand persons in attendance at the Second Urso Concert. . . .George W. Currier and Moses Franklin severely injured by the premature discharge of a cannon during the performance.

Feb. 24. Grand ball at Pavilion for benefit of Camilla Urso.

Feb. 26. Last Urso Concert. . . .Festival netted $19,412. . . .Francis Dumartheray died of apoplexy. . . .Iron Ship Golden Gate arrived from Liverpool in 100 days—the shortest passage on record.

Feb. 28. Charles M. Armstrong commits suicide.

March 1. Matthew Rowe, thrown from a wagon and fatally injured. . . .Particulars of loss of U. S. steamer Oneida received by arrival of bark Benefactress.

March 3. James Smilie attempts to kill a Mexican woman and then commits suicide.

March 4. William Robinson, a teacher in the Lincoln School arrested for flogging a pupil. . . .$18,000 damages awarded to Harry C. Logan for an attempt made on his life by A. Guerrero.

March 5. Great Champion billiard match between John Deery and A. P. Rudolphe, won by latter.

March 7. William Heffron and William Iron severely stabbed by Bernard Connor.

March 9. Herman Joeleke commits suicide.

March 10. Capt. John H. May, a pioneer, died. . . .The remains of H. M. Whitmore, a pioneer merchant, found floating in the Bay.

March 11. Corner stone of Synagogue Sherith Israel laid. . . .John C. Brewer killed by Frank Smith.

March 12. George Miller was killed by Nicholas Johannes. . . .Peter Donahue presented St. Patrick’s Church with a chime of bells.

March 14. Eddy Richel, aged ten years, sent to Insane Asylum.

March 15. John Stratman arrested for libel on  J. C. Duncan.

March 17. St. Patrick’s day celebrated by a military and civic parade, and religious exercises in several churches.

March 18. A billiard match between Deery and Rudolphe, for charitable purposes, won by former. . . .Major John Hill, a Mexican veteran, dies.

March 19. A quantity of powder was exploded under a dwelling on Powell street, without causing personal injury to the occupants.

March 22. Five hundred workmen assemble at Yerba Buena Park in search of employment.

March 24. Chinese testimony admitted at the County Court. . . .Charles Williams beaten and robbed in the suburbs.

March 25. Large quantity of smuggled opium seized. . . .Remains of Col. Thomas Hayes lie in state at Platt’s Hall.

March 26. A fire at 1111 Dupont; loss, $5,000.

March 27. Funeral of Col. Thomas Hayes was attended by 4,000 persons.

March 28. Maj. Gen. H. Thomas dies of apoplexy. . . .Two and one half million dollars currency arrives from Washington.

March 29. Grand Sire Farnsworth, I. O. O. F., arrives.

March 30. Senators Hager and Saunders hung in effigy. . . .A. H. McEwen, of steamer Pacific, drowned in the bay.

March 31. The workmen at Yerba Buena Park make such manifestations that the military are placed in readiness to check any riotous demonstrations.

April 2. Slight shock of earthquake shortly before noon. . . .Bierstadt, the artist, arrives.

April 3. Large meeting of citizens in favor of cutting down Rincon Hill.

April 4. One hundred and forty persons are indicted for making false income returns. . . .Two thousand people assemble at Yerba Buena park to commence grading. . . .M. Emanuel, aged 7 years, run over by a truck and fatally injured.

April 5. The colored citizens celebrate the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment.

April 7. First bar of tin made in the United States presented to the California Pioneers. . . .One hundred and fifty feet of sea wall sinks five feet.

April 8. H. B. Gill committed suicide. . . .Beautiful display of auroral light. . . .Serious fight between rival Chinese cigar makers on Battery Street. . . .Verdict of $5,000 rendered against the city for causing the death of Florence Meyer, by being run over by a steam engine. . . .August King injured his arm in the belting at Spaulding’s Mill.

April 11. Steam elevator introduced in Cosmopolitan Hotel.

April 12. Grand Commandery of Knights Templar held their annual meeting.

April 13. Annual banquet of Jeffersonian Society at Cosmopolitan Hotel. . . .Schooner Maid of the Mist burned near the Presidio.

April 14. Widow of Sir John Franklin arrives.

April 16. Adolph F. Marquard commits suicide.

April 17. Riot among the Chinese population, several Chinamen wounded.

April 20. J. M. Doherty commits suicide.

April 23. Blossom Rock, in the Bay, is destroyed by a submarine blast. . . .D. McGinness cuts his father’s throat, and then attempts suicide.

April 24. Charles Bradley’s residence on Rincon Hill destroyed by fire, and his infant son burned to death. . . .A fire at 618 Mission Street; loss $5,000. . . .Slight shock of earthquake.

April 25. Lady Franklin and niece sail for Sitka, on the U. S. steamer Newhern.

April 26. The Odd Fellows celebrate their fifty-first anniversary.

April 27. Mrs. Annie Schneider commits suicide.

April 29. Three hundred Chinese laborers leave for Minnesota on contract.

April 30. May Day festival at Woodward’s Gardens to the school children and teachers.

May 1. Turn Verein Festival at City Gardens.

May 2. M. Ramirez, Peruvian counsel, dies.

May 4. Pacific Coast Billiard Congress organized. . . .John Savage, Fenian Executive, arrives.

May 5. Steamship Idaho arrives, with the first through passengers and mails from Australia. . . .Benjamin C. Howard dies.

May 6. W. G. Weir’s furniture factory destroyed by fire; loss $150,000. . . .Adam Schuppert, an old resident, dies. . . .Mercantile Library Gift Concert duly announced.

May 7. Excessive warm weather throughout the State.

May 9. Sixteenth session of the Grand Encampment I. O. O. F.

May 10. Session of Grand Lodge I. O. O. F.

May 13. Destructive fire on Geary Street; loss $20,000. . . .Twelve hundred and seventy six Chinese arrive on S. S. Japan.

May 14. Hickox & Spear, bankers, pay a forged check for $14,600.

May 16. Col. M. Martinez, a distinguished Mexican, dies. . . .George L. Howard and George and Louis Brotherton arrested for passing a forged check on Hickox & Spear. . . .Julia Winant attempts and John Leary commits suicide.

May 17. The Pacific Coast Billiard Tournament terminates, and the silver cue is awarded to Little.

May 20. P. T. Barnum lectures on the art of moneymaking. . . .Josephina Platoff is burned fatally, and Theresa Siegelmeier seriously, by the bursting of a kerosene lamp.

May 21. Capt. C. Godfrey commits suicide.

May 22. A large number of Chinamen engage in a riot at the Joss House, during which several of them are severely injured.

May 24. Bayard Taylor arrives.

May 25. The corner stone of the new U. S. Branch Mint is laid, with Masonic ceremonies.

May 28. W. M. Zabriskie and H. O. Gough, prominent citizens, die.

May 29. Fire at 52 Everett Street, caused by explosion of a kerosene lamp.

May 30. Memorial day celebrated by decorating the graves of deceased comrades. . . .Hylton, editor of the Mazeppa, shot by W. G. Lansing.

May 31. Street rencoutre between A. P. Dudley and son, and Ed. Ingham, during which several wounds are inflicted.

June 1. Arrival of the Boston excursion party. . . .The Mercantile Library Lottery office is opened for sale of tickets. . . .Ed. Ingham fires two shots at Dudley on Montgomery Street.

June 2. Seventy five Chinamen leave for North Adams, Mass., to make shoes.

June 5. British ship William Wilson is seized by the U. S. Marshal, whose authority is resisted, and the ship goes to sea.

June 6. Revenue cutter Wyanda goes in pursuit of the William Wilson.

June 7. The question of granting a subsidy to the Southern Pacific Railroad is decided adversely by the people.

June 8. Grand Grove Ancient Order of Druids in session.

June 9. Peter McLaughlin shot by John Carter, on Montgomery Street.

June 10. Samples of tea on exhibition, grown in El Dorado County.

June 12. James H. Cutter, a useful and prominent citizen, dies.

June 14. John A. Stanly appointed County Judge, vice Lake resigned. . . .The sale of tickets for the Mercantile Library Gift Concert enjoined.

June 16. Daniel Ross commits suicide.

June 18. Billiard match for the championship of the Pacific Coast between Little and McCleery, is won by the former.

June 19. The body of Louis Seligman found in San Mateo County; money and papers to the value of $10,000, and also bottles of drugs, are found on his person. . . .College building belonging to Mission Dolores destroyed by fire; loss $5,000. . . .Victor Chaigneau, a pioneer, dies.

June 22. H. Henry is thrown from his horse, at the Mission, and killed. . . .Bloody affray at the San Francisco Hospital, between William Troy and Henry Prague.

June 23. Squatter difficulties at the Potrero. . . .Opposition ferry to Oakland reduce the fare to ten cents.

June 27. Three frame buildings on Tyler Street burned; loss $5,000. . . .D. W. Martindell seirously hurt by a runaway horse.

July 2. Walter Walsh thrown from a buggy and killed. . . .F. Alexander accidentally killed on Market Street. . . .F. N. Nenval exonerated of the murder of Miss Carrie Diamond. . . .Weather excessively warm.

July 3. A fire at 205 Third Street; slight damage.

July 4. Anniversary of American Independence is celebrated by a military parade and appropriate exercises at the Metropolitan Theater. . . .Edward Meyers is killed by George Connor.

July 5. The last Mexican flag flying in this city in 1846, presented to the Pioneers.

July 7. The last Pullman Hotel train leaves today.

July 8. Major G. M. Wright dies. . . .Great anti-Chinese meeting at Platt’s Hall. . . .Twelve hundred Chinese leave to labor in Georgia.

July 9. Explosion at the Giant Powder Works, killing the superintendent, John Harry, and injuring two Chinamen. . . .F.W. Marriott, editor of the News Letter, assaulted by John Stratman.

July 10. The body of J. H. Von Straaten found in San Antonio Creek.

July 11. Major General John M. Schofield, Commander of the Division of the Pacific, arrives.

July 12. Two Chinamen are arrested for counterfeiting bills on the Bank of India.

July 13. Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Winters dies from an injury received on the 4th of July. . . .Hall of the Order B’nai B’rith on Post Street is dedicated. . . .F. W. Voll found guilty of manslaughter for killing Michael Walsh.

July 15. News received of a declaration of war by France against Prussia.

July 16. Joseph Emerie, a French resident, offers $500 reward to the capturer of the first Prussian flag.

July 17. Imposing display at the funeral of Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Winters.

July 18. Enthusiastic meeting of Frenchmen to aid their countrymen in their war with Prussia. . . .Fire on Jessie Street; loss $6,000.

July 19. Mass meeting of Germans to aid their countrymen in their war with France.

July 22. Rev. A. C. Eiden severely injured by being thrown from a buggy.

July 25. Cricket match between the officers of H. B. M. frigate Zealous and the California Eleven; won by the latter.

July 26. John Riordan is killed by falling from a ladder.

July 29. An excursion party of agricultural Editors arrives from the East.

July 30. James Dobson is killed by John Tyler on Montgomery Street.

July 31. The Jesuits celebrate the 339th anniversary of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Order.

August 1. The printers strike for higher wages.

Aug. 2. F. L. A. Pioche presents the State University with a valuable cabinet of minerals.

Aug. 3. The Grand Jury decline to interfere with the Mercantile Library Lottery. . . .D. W. C. Rice, former President of the California Pacific Railroad, dies.

Aug. 6. Annual regatta of the S. F. Yacht Club. . . .Charles Quinn, the murderer of Maggie Ryan, found guilty.

Aug. 7. Intense excitement over the war news from Europe.

Aug. 9. Shooting affray between John O’Connel and Michael Mulcahy on Kearny Street. . . .John Stratman is found guilty of libel on J. C. Duncan. . . .Admiral John F. Winslow arrives.

Aug. 11. U. S. Branch Mint damaged $6,000 by fire. . . .Charles Quinn sentenced to the State Prison for life.

Aug. 12. Large subscriptions made by the French and German residents to their countrymen in arms. . . .The Eureka Typographical Union pronounces the recent printers’ strike a failure.

Aug. 13. John Stratman is sentenced to six months imprisonment for a libel on J. C. Duncan.

Aug. 15. News received of the death of Admiral Farragut, U. S. N.; universal respect paid to his memory.

Aug. 16. Henry Durant elected President of the State University.

Aug. 19. H. A. Cobb commissioned Major General of State Militia.

Aug. 23. Great rejoicing by both German and French over the war.

Aug. 24. Hon. Wm. H. Seward arrives, enroute around the world. . . .Mr. Jacks severely injured by a stationary wash basin at the Russ House.

Aug. 25. F. W. Horn commits suicide.

Aug. 26. The Synagogue Sherith Israel dedicated with imposing ceremonies.

Aug. 27. Second annual regatta of the S. F. Yacht Club. . . .Destructive fire on Twelfth Street.

Aug. 29. A horticultural and pomological fair is held at the Mechanics' Pavilion.

September 2. Hon. William H. Seward and party leave on S. S. China.

Sept. 2. Thomas Mooney, the banker and historian, disappears.

Sept. 3. Intense excitement over the surrender of the Emporer Napoleon at Sedan.

Sept. 5. Supervisor A. J. Shrader indicted by Grand Jury, afterwards acquitted.

Sept. 6. Patrick Kiernan was killed by falling from a horse car.

Sept. 7. General W. T. Sherman, U. S. A., arrives from the East. . . .Municipal election, resulting in the election of the Tax Payers' ticket with two exceptions. . . .Paul Cox, a pioneer, dies suddenly.

Sept. 8. Commencement of the German Sanitary Fair at the Pavilion.

Sept. 9. The anniversary of the admission of California is celebrated by the Pioneers by a grand excursion to Mare Island, in which Gen. W. T. Sherman and other distinguished persons participate.

Sept. 10. Gen. Sherman visits the German Ladies’ Sanitary Fair and is extensively kissed. . . .Fire at 831 California Street.

Sept. 15. Grand ball at Lick House in honor of Gens. Sherman and Schofield.

Sept. 16. The Mexicans celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of their independence.

Sept. 18. Excursion party of Eastern railroad agents arrives. . . .George Gordon, a veteran of the Mexican war, dies.

Sept. 19. Annual Fair of the Bay District Agricultural Society. . . .L. C. and G. C. Brotherton convicted of forgery.

Sept. 20. Mary F. Baker recovers $10,000 damages from the California Stage Co. for killing her husband. Mary Grady injured at the same time recovers $3,000.

Sept. 22. Receipts of the French Sanitary Fair reach $38,000.

Sept. 24. Imposing auroral display.

Sept. 25. Jewish New Year duly observed by the Israelitish population.

Sept. 29. Arrival of the U. S. sloop Kearsage. . . .Miss Cornelia Wise commits suicide. . . .News received of the loss of the S. S. Continental off the Mexican coast.

Sept. 30. First rain of the season. . . .Otto Rabbe commits suicide at Lone Mountain.

October 3. Young ladies admitted as students to the State University. . . .D. McFarland is killed by a sand cart.

Oct. 6. Run on the Hibernia Bank. . . .Synod of the Pacific, in session. . . .A fire in Central Place, loss $3,000.

Oct. 7. Mary Murray arrested for arson.

Oct. 11. Grand Lodge F. and A. M. commences its annual meeting.

Oct. 12. G. Ursich commits suicide. . . .Instituion of the Grand Consistory of California, of the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry.

Oct. 14. Billiard contest between J. W. Little and J. F. B. McCleery, won by the former.

Oct. 16. A Japanese prince and several natives of high rank, arrive. . . .The Italian residents celebrate the unification of Italy.

Oct. 19. The California State Medical Society is organized.

Oct. 20. Destructive fire in the vicinity of Market and Beale streets, destroying several manufacturing establishments and other buildings, valued at $400,000. . . .First National Gold Bank of San Francisco organized.

Oct. 22. John Petit killed while digging a well.

Oct. 23. Italian residents celebrate the occupation of Rome, by a procession etc.

Oct. 26. W. C. Schuyler’s body found in the bay.

Oct. 27. News of the surrender of Metz by Bazaine creates intense excitement.

Oct. 29. Tod Robinson, a distinguished lawyer and Supreme Court Reporter, dies at Crystal Springs, California.

Oct. 31. Mercantile Library Gift Concert commences at the Pavilion, in the presence of 15,000 persons, creating intense excitement.

November 3. A. P. Crittenden, a distinguished lawyer, is mortally wounded by Mrs. Laura D. Fair, in the presence of his family on the Steamboat El Capitan while crossing from Oakland. . . .Emil Hirch commits suicide.

Nov. 4. Joseph Dion, a distinguished billiardist, arrives. . . .William Brown accidentally kills himself. . . .Mrs. De Rossa commits suicide.

Nov. 6. Mrs. Sarah Dawsey, a colored woman, dies, aged 113 years. . . .A. P. Crittenden dies from the effect of the wound received on the 3d inst.

Nov. 7. Joseph Taylor dies from poison. . . .Second Mercantile Library Lottery Concert, prize a grand piano.

Nov. 9. John Sullivan is stabbed by Hugh McInerny.

Nov. 10. Fire on Dupont Street, three buildings destroyed.

Nov. 11. Destructive fires on California and Sacramento streets, loss $50,000. . . .Hellman, who drew the $100,000 prize, gives $5,000 for charitable institutions in this city. . . .S. M. Cohen arrested for procuring an abortion on Mrs. Fanny Lawler.

Nov. 12. Society of El Dorado Pioneers organized.

Nov. 13. Seventy-five meteors are observed by Prof. Davidson.

Nov. 15. Archbishop Alemany returns from Rome.

Nov. 16. Eli Alexander, a veteran of Waterloo, dies.

Nov. 17. Wm. T. Brittan commits suicide.

Nov. 18. McCleery beats Little for the Silver Cue and Championship of California.

Nov. 20. Uninterrupted telegraphing to Plaster Cove, N. S., from San Francisco, 4,605 miles.

Nov. 22. Captain Pierre Carpie, dies from injuries received from a horse.

Nov. 23. T. N. Cazneau appointed Adjutant General. . . .Drs. Li Po Tai and Chan Tin Phoey, leading Chinese physicians, are severely injured by an explosion of gas. . . .Five million dollars in greenbacks arrive overland from Washington.

Nov. 24. The St. Augustine Cadets arrive on a visit. . . .Regatta of the Pioneer Rowing Club.

Nov. 25. Peter O’Connor accidentally killed while digging a well.

Nov. 26. Match game of billiards between Joseph Dion and John Deery, won by the former.

Nov. 28. Robert Evans killed by Isaac E. Brokaw. . . .J. B. Chevallier, an esteemed citizen and teacher of languages, dies. . . .A four horse team is accidentally driven over an embankment on the Potrero road, and John Marks seriously injured.

Nov. 29. A fire, 6 P. M., at 615 Pacific Street, damage $2,000.

Nov. 30. Timothy Lord dies suddenly at Cliff House.

December 3. Captain Frank B. Las Casas, a pioneer Californian, dies, aged 40 years.

Dec. 5. George O’Connor sentenced to the State Prison for ten years for killing Edward Meyers. . . .The Pacific Law Report makes its first appearance. . . .M. De Senles, a native of France found dead in his bed. . . .Patrick Sullivan falls overboard from the ship Prima Donna, and is drowned.

Dec. 6. The telegraph station on Telegraph Hill, a relic of Forty-Nine, demolished during a gale.

Dec. 8. A fire at 515 Market Street; loss $10,000. . . .Col. A. W. Von Schmidt receives $75,000 in currency for blowing up Blossom Rock.

Dec. 11. Amelia Morales dies in the Country Hospital, of erysipeas, produced by a bite on the finger inflicted by a woman a few days previous. . . .Peter Bowe killed by falling down a flight of stairs. . . .George Black fatally injured by falling from Howard Street wharf.

Dec. 14. Edward Matthews drowned in the bay. . . .A man named Wood dies suddenly in a saloon.

Dec. 15. Seven vagrants sentenced for ninety days to hard labor on the public works.

Dec. 16. Unusually cold weather and heavy frost. . . .Helen A. Moslay sues Morris S. Galvin for $20,000 damages for breach of promise of marriage.

Dec. 17. Charles B. Trafton, taken suddenly ill while riding in a car, dies before reaching his residence.

Dec. 18. Dr. Amos H. Titcomb, a pioneer Californian, dies, aged 42 years.

Dec. 20. Henry Blohm falls dead in the street. . . .The steamship Japan collides with the ships Marmton and Caroline, doing considerable damage. . . .John S. Tyler, who killed James Dobson in a street fight, is acquitted.

Dec. 21. The anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock celebrated by literary and social exercises. . . .A large and enthusiastic meeting of French citizens held to receive the report of the Committee to solicit subscriptions in aid of the widows and orphans of French soldiers. . . .James Kiernan dies suddenly.

Dec. 23. The bark Nicholas Biddle collides with the bark Nuevo Brignardello, doing some damage.

Dec. 24. A fire at 19 Perry Street destroys two small buildings. . . .The steamer Thoroughfare launched.

Dec. 25. The Chinese Mission Institute, corner of Washington and Stone streets, dedicated, with appropriate exercises. . . .A man named Massett attempts suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. . . .Walter Scott Poore, a pioneer and highly respected citizen, dies, aged 35 years.

Dec. 26. Kannavan and Maxwell, two pedestrians, on their return from a walking match, are escorted through the principal streets, and a collection taken up for the benefit of the Orphan Asylums, amounting to about $2,000. . . .Col. J. Newton McElroy, who served with distinction in the Union Army, dies, aged 33 years.

Dec. 27. Robert Biber sentenced to eighteen months in State Prison and $1,000 fine for debasing gold coin.

Dec. 28. Walter B. Turner dies suddenly.

Dec. 29. J. J. Gossens commits suicide. . . .Milkmens’ Union organized.

Dec. 31. Edward J. Murphy mortally shot by Dennis Gunn.

Source: Langley, Henry G. The San Francisco Directory; Chronological History of Principal Events. 1871.

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