San Francisco History

Events of 1871

January 1, 1871. John Lynton attempts suicide by cutting his throat. . . .Mrs. John. H. Tobin fatally injured by being thrown from a buggy, on the Cliff House road.

Jan. 2. The eight anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation celebrated by the colored residents. . . .The body of Joseph F. Dodge found floating in the bay. . . .Alfred Reidinger commits suicide.

Jan. 3. The first National Gold Bank of San Francisco commences operations.

Jan. 4. Dr. Isaac Rowell, a highly esteemed physician and pioneer California, dies, aged 53 years. . . .The El Progreso makes its first appearance.

Jan. 6. Henry B. Dexter dies suddenly.

Jan. 7. Capt. James McElroy, a pioneer resident and a prominent member of the Policy force, dies, aged 46 years. . . .The steamer Pelican disabled by running on a rock off Point Bonita.

Jan. 8. George Hersee dies in the County Hospital from the effect of wounds inflicted by himself.

Jan. 11. George T. Russell sues the Chronicle and News Letter for $15,000, each, for alleged libel. . . .Charles McCann, formerly Assistant Engineer of the S. F. Fire Department dies.

Jan. 12. A billiard match between Joseph Dion and John Deery, for $1,000 results in favor of the former.

Jan. 13. The Russian New Year celebrated by the residents of that nationality.

Jan. 14. The aerial steamer successfully tested by an ascension at the City Gardens. . . .A fire on the corner of Sutter and Taylor streets; damage, $3,000.

Jan. 15. A. C. Benham drops dead from the bursting of a blood vessel.

Jan. 17. Several Japanese officials arrive.

Jan. 18. J. A. Bergner, who sued Oliver Dale for enticing away his wife, awarded $2,500 damages.

Jan. 19. William Hooper, a pioneer Californian and highly esteemed citizen, dies, aged 63 years. . . .Charles Widergren found dead in a cellarway.

Jan. 21. Orrin Pulsifer fatally injured by falling from the roof of a house. . . .The Japanese Embassy visit the Navy Yard, receiving a salute of fifteen guns. . . .A brewery belonging to Joseph Albrecht seized by the U. S. Marshal for non-compliance with the Internal Revenue Law.

Jan. 22. John Gibbons fatally injured by falling down a flight of stairs.

Jan. 23. Two hundred barrels of beet sugar arrive from the factory at Alvarado. . . .Mrs. Rebecca Cushman commits suicide by severing an artery.

Jan. 24. Margaret Ryan dies of starvation. . . .Eugene McNally fatally injured by falling down a flight of stairs.

Jan. 25. Three persons arrested, charged with selling lottery tickets. . . .John E. Johnson commits suicide in Hamilton Square. . . .The California Woman’s State Suffrage Convention meet at Dashaway Hall.

Jan. 26. A billiard match between John Deery and Joseph Dion for $500 a side, results in favor of the former.

Jan. 28. News received of the capitulation of Paris, causing intense excitement. . . .John Short, Jr., drops dead from apoplexy.

Jan. 29. Mrs. Ellen Brown dies suddenly from apoplexy. . . .Commodore Selim E. Woodworth, who served with distinction in the U. S. Navy during the late war, dies, aged 55 years. . . .Mrs. Dennison dangerously shot during a fracas among some visitors at her house. . . .Captain John Hamm, Jr., a well known merchant of this city and an officer of the Second Regiment of California Volunteers, during the late war, dies at Honolulu, S. I., aged 34 years.

Jan. 30. Enthusiastic rejoicing and procession of the German residents over the news of the capitulation of Paris.

Jan. 31. A large number of birds pass over the western portion of the city, almost darkening the skies. . . .The sloop Eliza totally wrecked at Point Lobos.

February 2. The United States Court Building set on fire in two places; damage slight.

Feb. 3. David McGrath dangerously shot by James Murphy. . . .John G. Bray, a pioneer and highly esteemed merchant of this city, dies at Santa Clara, Cal., aged 58 years. . . .A. C. Bothemee killed by being run over by a car. . . .John Goss killed by falling down a well. . . .Major Samuel A. Foster, U. S. A., who served with distinction during the late war, dies, aged 30 years.

Feb. 4. F. E. Weygant, a well-known hotel proprietor, dies suddenly, aged 59 years. . . .Casimir Winter commits suicide.

Feb. 5. Daniel Kelly dangerously stabbed by a Mexican. . . .William H. Conrad drowned in the bay.

Feb. 6. George Linden dies suddenly. . . .A slight earthquake shock. . . .The will of Charles J. E. Fahlsten, bequeathing to the Protestant Orphan Asylum, Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum and Ladies’ Protection Relief Society $5,000 each, filed for probate. . . .Thomas J. Haynes, a pioneer merchant, dies, aged 40 years.

Feb. 7. The surviving officers and crew of the U. S. steamer Saginaw arrive.

Feb. 8. J. G. Corson, formerly Assistant Engineer of the S. F. Fire Department, dies at Vallejo, Cal.

Feb. 9. George E. Clifford commits suicide. . . .A slight earthquake shock. . . .A billiard match between John Deery and Joseph Dion, for $500 a side, results in favor of the former. . . .The first annual meeting of the Ornithological and Piscatorial Acclimatizing Society held.

Feb. 11. The body of Fanny Hirsch, a suicide, found floating in the bay.

Feb. 12. The new hall of the Ancient Jewish Order, Kesher Shel Barsel, dedicated.

Feb. 14. At a large and enthusiastic meeting held for the relief of the suffering French, $11,561 was contributed. . . .Robert Rourke fatally injured by striking his head against the timber over a gate.

Feb. 16. Several Japanese officials of high rank arrive in the steamer Great Republic. . . .L. Bernhard dies suddenly. . . .A dispatch of 2,770 words sent to New York direct, over the Western Union Telegraph wires, in two hours and five minutes.

Feb. 17. George L. Israel commits suicide. . . .John H. Moran, who came to California with Col. Stevenson’s regiment, dies, aged 45 years.

Feb. 18. Chinese New Year celebrated with the usual ceremonies.

Feb. 19. Francis Daley, Jr., drowned at Bay View.

Feb. 20. A fire at 918 Jackson Street, destroying a frame dwelling-house and contents. . . .A terrific storm prevails, during which the wall of a brick building on Minna Street is blown down, crashing through the roof of an adjoining dwelling and killing five of the occupants. In other portions of the city several buildings and fences are blown down and many trees uprooted. . . .The fire alarm bells rung by atmospheric electricity.

Feb. 21. A fire at 805 Market Street, destroying two frame buildings. . . .A slight fall of snow.

Feb. 22. The anniversary of the birth of Washington celebrated by a military parade. . . .The Lincoln School House partially destroyed by fire; loss about $20,000.

Feb. 23. The topographical survey and maps of the City Park completed and accepted by the Commissioners. . . .David V. Gerald, a prominent lawyer, dies, aged 30 years. . . .Frederick Ruppin commits suicide.

Feb. 24. News received of the signing of a treaty of peace between Germany and France. . . .The ship Galatea and schooner Lovett Peacock collide, doing some damage. . . .The U. S. war steamer Nyack arrives.

Feb. 25. Mrs. Laura D. Fair arraigned in the Fifteenth District Court and pleaded not guilty. . . .John Wallace fatally injured by falling down a hatch on the steamer Constitution. . . .The skeleton of a man found in the sand near Lake Merced.

March 1. St. David’s Day celebrated by the Cambrian Mutual Aid Society.

March 3. Emma Thompson found dead in her store. . . .B. Schroder found dead in his bed.

March 5. The Metropolitan Gas Company incorporated. . . .The first anniversary of the organization of St. John’s Church celebrated.

March 7. William Parker, a pioneer, boatman, drowned.

March 9. The ship Annie M. Small seized by the United States authorities for violation of the Revenue Law. . . .Peter Hermann drops dead.

March 10. Gold discoveries in a hill near Black Point, causing some excitement.

March 11. Mary McCarthy commits suicide.

March 12. Horace Hawes, a prominent lawyer and ex-State Senator, author of the Registry Law and San Francisco Consolidation Act, dies, aged 59 years.

March 13. Grocers’ Protective Union organized.

March 15. A billiard match between Joseph Dion and A. P. Rudolphe, for $1,000 a side, results in favor of the former.

March 16. The libel suit of Susan W. Coon vs. the San Francisco Bulletin Co., resulted in a verdict for the defendants.

March 17. St. Patrick’s Day celebrated by the Irish residents. . . .A. Falk dies from the effects of poison taken a few days previous.

March 18. The Japanese Ambassador to Russia and several Japanese students arrive.

March 19. Charles McGuire found dead in his bed.

March 21. Grand illuminations by the German residents in honor of the declaration of peace between Germany and France.

March 22. The German residents celebrate the declaration of peace by a large and imposing procession and literary exercises at the City Gardens.

March 24. The trial of Dennis Gunn for killing Edward J. Murphy results in a verdict of acquittal. . . .Owen Murphy dies suddenly in an apoplectic fit.

March 25. John Jackson, Sheriff of Trinity County, convicted of collecting a mining tax from Chinese, sentenced to pay a nominal fine of $20.

March 27. The trail of Mrs. Laura D. Fair for the murder of A. P. Crittenden commences in the Fifteenth District Court.

April 1. Several Japanese officials, bankers and merchants sail on the steamer China for Japan. . . .A seaman named Alfonzo drops dead on the schooner Light Wing. . . .A billiard match between A. P. Rudolphe and Joseph Dion, for $1,000 a side, results in favor of the former. . . .Charles D. Connell, formerly Assistant Engineer of the Fire Department, drops dead.

April 2. A slight earthquake shock. . . .The new edifice erected by the First Methodist Episcopal Church dedicated.

April 4. David Scannell elected Chief Engineer of the S. F. Fire Department.

April 5. The Russian war corvette Almaz arrives. . . .John Stewart found dead in his cell in the City Prison. . . .A man named Lancaster jumps into the bay from the steamer El Capitan and drowns, without any effort being made to rescue him.

April 6. The anniversary of Grecian Independence celebrated by the Greek residents.

April 7. A billiard match between Cyrille Dion and John Deery, for $1,000, results in favor of the former. . . .The steamship Nevada, the pioneer vessel of the New Zealand and Australia Line, sails.

April 8. Eugene McCarthy, convicted of libel against Richard Tobin, sentenced to pay a fine of $500. . . .A billiard match, Cyrille and Joseph Dion playing against John Deery and A. P. Rudolphe, for $500 a side, resulting in favor of the Dions.

April 10. H. Von Heimburg commits suicide in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery.

April 11. The body of F. H. Skinner found on the beach near the Ocean Side House.

April 13. Mrs. Kate Murphy and her child fatally burned by the explosion of a coal oil lamp.

April 16. Manuel Gularte commits suicide.

April 17. A billiard match between Joseph Dion and A. P. Randolphe, for $1,000 a side, results in favor of the former.

April 18. John C. Horan, a pioneer merchant, dies.

April 19. The libel suit of G. T. Russell vs. Frederick Marriott, resulted in a verdict of $2,000 damages. . . .A cordial reception given to W. H. Webb, by the Mechanics’ Institute, on his arrival from the East. . . .Charles Peterson stabs his wife to death and then kills himself.

April 23. Three slight earthquake shocks. . . .William Connell Walker, a pioneer Californian, dies.

April 24. Miss F. A. Cook found dead in her bed.

April 25. A fire at 109 Pacific Street destroys the Pacific Hotel and injures adjoining buildings. . . .John Cummings fatally injured by being run over by a horse. . . .Leopold Tichner, a pioneer merchant, dies, aged 52 years.

April 26. The trail of Mrs. Laura D. Fair, for the murder of A. P. Crittenden, terminates on the twenty sixth day in a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree. . . .The fifty-second anniversary of the foundation of Odd Fellowship in America, celebrated by the Order. . . .Joseph Mariani fatally injured by a piece of rock thrown from a blast.

April 29. Michael Dwyer killed by falling from a balcony. . . .William H. Miller dies suddenly from apoplexy.

April 30. Marie Geradin commits suicide.

May 1. Constantine Carteron found dead in his bed. . . .John W. Davis commits suicide.

May 2. The twenty-second annual session of the American Medical Association commences at Pacific Hall. . . .John Sweeny commits suicide in the Country Jail. . . .Thomas Bryant found dead in his room. . . .George Platt, a well-known merchant, dies, aged 36 years.

May 3. The Government storehouse at Goat Island destroyed by fire. . . .The Americans Club, of New York, arrive on a tour of the State. . . .A race between several noted horses, at the Bay District Agricultural Park results in Harvest Queen winning the first premium—$8,000.

May 5. Henry Blease commits suicide. . . .C. Vellmiro, a well-known journalist and linguist, dies.

May 8. A man named Antonio commits suicide.

May 12. The suit against the proprietors of the Alta California, for libel of O. Kloppenberg, County Treasurer, results in a verdict of not guilty. . . .James O’Neal killed by being run over by a cart. . . .Lord Walsingham and several other prominent Englishmen arrive overland. . . .A. W. Pitts and John Bannan, pioneer Californians, die.

May 13. The body of a man, with a bullet-hole through his head, found near the Protestant Orphan Asylum. . . .Suit brought, in the Fourth District Court, to restrain the City Hall Commissioners from selling any portion of Yerba Buena Park. . . .The police make a descent on a gambling establishment resulting in the arrest of two keno dealers. . . .A large number of Japanese students arrive on the steamer Great Republic. . . .John B. Gough, the noted temperance lecturer, arrives overland.

May 14. Dr. George Eidenmuller dies from injuries received by being thrown from a buggy. . . .William Fay found dead in his room.

May 15. August Kamp fatally shot by John Devine.

May 16. The Pacific Slope Woman’s Suffrage Convention assemble at Pacific Hall. . . .Capt. Francis Langlois dies suddenly. . . .John B. Gough lectures to a large audience in the Mechanics’ Pavilion. . . .Sixteen Chinamen arrested for alleged violation of the Internal Revenue Law.

May 17. $5,000 damages awarded Warren O. Bowers for injuries received by a marine accident. . . .Foong Saung Nam, a highly-esteemed Chinese missionary, dies.

May 18. The steamer North Pacific launched.

May 19. A fire at 52 Steuart Street, damaging several frame buildings.

May 21. Samuel Gardner drowned.

May 22. The British war corvette Seylla arrives

May 23. Valentine O’Connell drops dead. . . . Police make a descent on two gambling establishments, arresting several persons. . . .The San Francisco County Medical Society of Homeopathic Practitioners organize.

May 24. G. Newman commits suicide at the Occidental Hotel. . . .Thomas Harrison, first assistant engineer, and five of the crew of the steamship Moses Taylor, killed by the collapse of a flue soon after leaving the harbor on a voyage to Honolulu. . . .The anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria celebrated by the British Benevolent Society.

May 25. A train of wood cars collide with a horse car, killing the driver, Patrick O’Hearne, and two horses.

May 26. Charles D. Carter, a pioneer and highly-esteemed citizen, dies, aged 46 years.

May 29. James Murray Mitchell commits suicide.

May 30. Memorial Day celebrated by decorating the graves of deceased Union soldiers and an oration at the Mechanics’ Pavilion. . . .A fire on the corner of Francisco and Fillmore Streets destroys a candle factory.

May 31. A Chinaman stoned and beat to death by a gang of boys.

June 2. Justus Reynolds dies suddenly.

June 3. Mrs. Laura D. Fair sentenced to be hung on the 28th day of July, 1871.

June 5. The Act authorizing the Harbor Master to collect tonnage on vessels entering port, declared unconstitutional by Judge Stanly, of the County Court. . . .The Irish exiles—Gen. Thomas F. Bourke and Thomas C. Luby—arrive overland and are enthusiastically received by the Irish residents. . . .Maud Wakeman burned to death. . . .Charles Reichon commits suicide.

June 6. Ehlert Brandt commits suicide.

June 7. A meeting held by the owners of property along the proposed line of Montgomery Avenue, to institute organized opposition to the confirmation of the report of the Commissioners. . . .Helen Regan commits suicide.

June 8. The corner stone of the new First Congregational Church, laid with appropriate ceremonies.

June 10. The first number of the California Mail Bag makes its appearance.

June 11. Andrew Kuntz commits suicide. . . .Jacob Kempner killed and Mrs. Adam Meyers wounded, by the accidental discharge of a pistol, in the hands of the latter.

June 13. Captain William Rankin, a Mexican war veteran, dies, aged 51 years. . . .Joseph Frazier, an old resident, dies suddenly. . . .John Palm drowned in the bay.

June 14. Hon. Horace Maynard, of Tennessee, arrives overland.

June 15. Augustus Thielpape drops dead. . . .The U. S. sloop of war Cyane arrives. . . .Thomas F. Chapman found dead on board the steamer El Capitan.

June 16. Gregory Yale, a prominent member of the bar, dies, aged 54 years.

June 17. The anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill celebrated by a salute and display of flags. . . .Leopold Fried killed by being run over by a wagon. . . .Maria L. Tierney commits suicide.

June 20. William H. Vance killed by being run over by a dray.

June 22. One hundred and fifty troops under the command of Major Bronson leave for Sutter Creek, to quell a mining riot.

June 23. Edward Manchester drops dead.

June 25. Henry Viemer dangerously shot by James Farcon. . . .Dr. William A. Barstow shoots himself through the head inflicting a fatal wound.

June 26. Ninety-four colonists from Magdalena Bay arrive in a destitute condition. . . .A fracas between several Chinamen during which one is mortally shot. . . .The schooner Aimer runs ashore near the Ocean Side House, during a fog. . . .Julia Kelly killed by being run over by a wagon, at the Alms House.

June 27. The new building erected by the Young Men’s Beneficial Society dedicated. . . .Captain George S. Porter, a Port Warden of twenty years standing, dies at Alameda, aged 64 years.

June 29. Mrs. Alice Pool commits suicide.

June 30. Simon Harris, killed by being thrown from a horse. . . .The Republican First Congressional District nominate S. O. Houghton, of Santa Clara.

July 1. Alexander Denny drops dead. . . .Charles Hirth killed by being run over by a coach.

July 2. A grand celebration by the Roman Catholics, in commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the accession of Pio Nino to the Papal Throne.

July 3. J. R. Hughes fatally stabbed by James McLaughlin.

July 4. The anniversary of American Independence celebrated by a military and civic parade and literary exercises at the Mechanics’ Pavilion. . . .Isaac Brooks fatally shot by Nicholas Violich.

July 5. A fire on Mission Street near First, partially destroying two buildings. Dennis Ahar perished in the flames. . . .An excitement among the Italian residents, in consequence of Viva Italia; Roma Capitale, would be forcibly taken down.

July 6. James F. Wilkinson, alias Ironclad Jimmy, fatally shot by officer John Waldron. . . .Sylvain Cahn, a prominent merchant, dies, aged 34 years.

July 7. Mrs. Ann Walters dies suddenly in a fit.

July 8. Alexander Moore found dead in his bed.

July 9. Charles Beach, a boy, killed, and two others seriously injured by the falling of a building. . . .Mrs. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, champions of Women’s Rights, arrive.

July 10. The Supreme Court serve a writ of supersedeas on Sheriff White, to stay the execution of Mrs. Laura D. Fair.

July 11. Albert Skopensky commits suicide. . . .Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton lectures to a large audience in Platt’s Hall.

July 12. William Winkler fatally injured by falling down a flight of stairs. . . .Mrs. Edward Vischer, a highly esteemed pioneer resident, dies, aged 55 years.

July 13. Simon S. Ramberger attempts suicide, when about to be arrested on the charge of forgery.

July 14. One hundred and eight colonists from Magdalena Bay arrive in a destitute condition.

July 15. Eight Chinese cigar manufacturers sentenced to fine or imprisonment for a violation of the Revenue Law. . . .The order restraining the City Hall Commissioners from selling any portion of Yerba Buena Park, set aside, and the motion for an injunction to issue denied. . . .Samuel Pincott drops dead. . . .The steamer America arrives, with a cargo valued at over $2,000,000, including sixty tons of Japanese and ten of Chinese contributions to the Mechanics’ Institute Fair. Among the passengers are the Japanese Prince Smidzu and suite, and nine Japanese Commissioners to the Fair. . . .Miss Matilda Veneta, a German tragedienne, arrives overland.

July 18. The troops return from Sutter Creek, and are escorted to their armory by the military. . . .Hon. S. S. Cox, of New York, arrives.

July 19. James K. Sheffield found dead in his bed.

July 20. Burnett Burns killed, and Dr. Adams and Robert Croskey seriously injured, by being thrown from a wagon. . . .Dr. W. A. Barstow, dies from the effects of a self-inflicted wound. . . .Albert Bierstadt, the noted landscape painter, arrives.

July 21. A fracas occurs on board the bark Glimpse, between Captain Gorman and John Kane, one of his crew, during which both are seriously cut with knives. . . .An investigation into the affairs of the Sheriff’s office commenced by a Committee of the Board of Supervisors. . . .Operations commence in the California Silk Co.’s factory, at South S. F.

July 22. Isaac Brooks, who was shot by Nicholas Violich, dies in the County Hospital. . . .Rosanna Welch found dead in the Baron House. . . .A fire on the southwest corner of Mission and Fremont streets destroys several manufacturing establishments; loss $250,000. . . .Major James O’Brien, who served in the Union Army, dies, aged 25 years.

July 24. Hermann Martine commits suicide.

July 25. Willie Graham drowned in the bay. . . .Rachel Lewis burned to death. . . .A woman named Latham, and her two children, found in an utterly destitute condition, in a house on Dupont Alley.

July 27. Major John F. Bronson, a well-known officer of the State militia, dies, aged 37 years. . . .Rear Admiral Crown, of the Russian Imperial Navy, arrives.

July 28. Flags displayed in honor of the anniversary of the Peruvian Independence.

July 29. The British Gunboat Sparrow Hawk arrives.

July 30. The U. S. steam frigate California arrives. . . .A dead whale, measuring ninety feet from snout to flukes, washed ashore near Fort Point. . . .Henry Husing drops dead.

August 1. The Democratic Legislative and Judicial, also the Municipal Convention, meet and organize. . . James Lick donates to the Society of California Pioneers a lot of land. . . .William Greene, a pioneer resident of this city, dies at San Rafael, aged 59 years.

Aug. 2. The Russian corvette Boyarin collides with the bark Emma C. Bell. . . .The U. S. gunboat Mohican arrives. . . .Nine females apply to the County Clerk to have their names placed on the Great Register as voters.

Aug. 3. A fire on King Street near Fourth destroys several manufacturing establishments; loss $30,000. . . .Louis Brenner commits suicide.

Aug. 5. The Republican Legislative Convention meet and organize.

Aug. 6. The Italian residents celebrate the unification of the Italian States.

Aug. 8. The eighth Industrial Exhibition of the Mechanics’ Institute opened with appropriate ceremonies. . . .Lewis Beach commits suicide at the grave of his son in Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Aug. 10. A fire on board the ship Marianne Nottehohm, doing considerable damage. . . .Frederick Talberg fatally injured by being run over by a fire engine. . . .Richard Marsh killed by falling down a hatchway on board the ship Houghton Tower.

Aug. 11. Michael J. Byron killed by being run over by a car. . . .W. H. Coffey, a member of the Tide Land Survey, drops dead. . . .The first consignment of silk sent from the factory of the California Silk Manufacturing Co.

Aug. 12. Michael Crowley fatally stabbed and Edward Schentze dangerously, by George Carlisle.

Aug. 13. A. M. Eells, a prominent citizen, dies, aged 72 years.

Aug. 14. Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton lectures to a large audience in Platt’s Hall. . . .Peter Franklin, E. M. Brown and Alfred Yazell arrested for an alleged violation of the Lottery Law.

Aug. 15. The remains of Lieut. McKee, who was killed in an engagement with the Coreans [sic], arrive en route to Louisville, Ky., and are escorted to the depot by a detachment of U. S. cavalry and marines. . . .Hermann Schwarze, president of the Stock Brewery, commits suicide. . . .The one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott celebrated by a banquet at the Grand Hotel.

Aug. 16. The Tax-Payers’ Municipal Convention complete their nominations.

Aug. 17. The U. S. war steamer Saranae arrives. . . .Hon. Hannabal Hamlin of Maine arrives.

Aug. 18. Mary Johnson found dead in a hovel on Broadway.

Aug. 21. M. F. Butler, a pioneer architect, dies, aged 46 years. . . .The Bay District Agricultural Fair opened, under favorable auspices. . . .The application for injunction against the City Hall Commissioners, to prevent the sale of any portion of Yerba Buena Park, denied by the Supreme Court.

Aug. 22. Henry A. Gray, found on the Cliff House Road, insensible, and soon expires.

Aug. 23. Don Abel Stearns, of Los Angeles, a highly respected and widely known California pioneer of 1828, dies, aged 82 years. . . .Daniel Ford commits suicide.

Aug. 24. Suit brought against owners of property on the line of the Second Street Cut to recover $385,527 delinquent assessments. . . .A silver tankard and several other presents received from James Ashbury of the Royal Thames Yacht Club to the S. F. Yacht Club, in return for courtesies received during a recent visit to this State.

Aug. 25. Hermann Harris and Octavia La Point commit suicide.

Aug. 26. Mrs. Lizzie Smith commits suicide. . . .A man known as Felix drops dead.

Aug. 27. George Fike fatally injured by being thrown from a buggy.

Aug. 28. The City Hall lots sold at auction, the aggregate sales amounting to $954,900.

Aug. 29. Dr. Leon Sackert, one of Col. Stevenson’s Regiment, found dead in his bed.

Aug. 31. Charles Bonner, extensively connected with the mining interests of California and Nevada, dies. .  . .Dr. Michael J. Bolan, Resident Physician of the County Hospital, removed from office by the Board of Health.

September 1. The California Pacific Railroad and its branches, the Napa Valley Railroad and the San Francisco and Pacific Railroad, together with all steamers and water craft belonging to either, transferred to the Central Pacific Railroad Co. . . .Biaggio Marinhovick drops dead. . . .Work commenced preparing for the foundation of the new City Hall.

Sept. 2. The third annual reports of the S. F. Yacht Club results in the yacht Peerless winning the first of two races for the prize, a silver tankard, presented by Commodore James Ashbury.

Sept. 3. During a fracas between Marion A. Wilson and Marks Gruschensky, Patrick Byrne, a bystander, was fatally shot by the former.

Sept. 4. Several lottery agents arrested. . . .Richard Hartley shot dead, by Sydney Flag. . . .The Act providing for the opening of Montgomery Street South, declared invalid by Judge Stanly of the County Court.

Sept. 5. Governor Bullock, of Georgia, arrives overland.

Sept. 6. The Election results in the success of the Republican State and Legislative ticket and the Taxpayers Municipal ticket. . . .Dr. Richard P. Asher, a pioneer and highly esteemed citizen, dies, aged 48 years.

Sept. 7. Mrs. Alpheus Bull, a highly respected resident, commits suicide while in a fit of temporary insanity.

Sept. 8. A fire on the Potrero destroys a stave and barrel factory; loss, $50,000. . . .Hon. Newton Booth, Governor elect, enthusiastically received on his arrival from the interior. . . .Adam Monk arrested for selling lottery tickets.

Sept. 9. J. Walter Walsh, a well known journalist, dies in the Alma House, aged 56 years. . . .The society of California Pioneers celebrate the twenty-first anniversary of the admission of California. . . .The eighth annual Fair of the Mechanics Institute closes with appropriate exercises. . . .James Williams drowned in the bay. . . .A billiard match between J. B. McCleery and J. H. Mott, Jr., results in favor of the former.

Sept. 13. Samuel Rosenthal, an old resident, commits suicide. . . .Edward Eagle drowned in the bay. . . .James Barrett drops dead.

Sept. 14. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the occupation of the City of Mexico, by the U. S. Army, celebrated by the Associated Veterans of the Mexican War.

Sept. 15. The ship Annie Sise totally wrecked by striking a reef at the South Farallones Islands. . . .Mrs. Captain James H. Blethen, a highly esteemed resident, dies suddenly.

Sept. 16. The schooner Mary Taylor condemned for smuggling. . . .The case of Mary Jacoby, the Indian girl charged with the murder of her infant child dismissed. . . .The U. S. steamer Jamestown arrives. . . .The Mexican residents celebrate the anniversary of their country’s independence. . . .Mrs. William G. Badger, a highly esteemed resident, dies.

Sept. 17. Andrew Dunlevy, a police officer, dangerously stabbed by Frank Schwartz. . . .The U. S. steamer Narragansett arrives.

Sept. 18. The case of Dr. O’Donnell, Dr. Cohen and Arabella Knapp, charged with the murder of Eugenie Chauvet, dismissed on motion of the Prosecuting Attorney. . . .A slight earthquake shock. . . .E. Garrie dies suddenly.

Sept. 19. S. Belden Mills, a pioneer resident, dies, aged 55 years. . . .Slight earthquake shocks.

Sept. 20. At a coroner’s inquest in the case of James Williams the jury is composed wholly of colored citizens, the first of that race impaneled on the Pacific Coast.

Sept. 22. The trail of the proprietors of the S. F. Chronicle for libel of Richard H. Sinton results in a verdict of not guilty.

Sept. 23. A fire on Market Street between First and Second, which totally destroys eight three-story brick buildings, known as the Harpending Block, with the contents; loss, $900,000. . . .The Enterprise, a workingmen's journal, makes its first appearance.

Sept. 24. Captain Wildes T. Thompson, a prominent pioneer resident of this city, dies at Oakland, aged 76 years.

Sept. 25. The ship Fideliter condemned for fraudulently obtaining an American register. . . .James Riley dangerously shot by John Jordan.

Sept. 26. G. Bannaz commits suicide. . . .R. Van Damme, a pioneer resident, dies, aged fifty-eight years.

Sept. 27. Andrew Doyle found dead in his bed.

Sept. 30. Charles W. Evans drops dead.

October 1. Mrs. John Leon killed by falling down a flight of stairs. . . .Several persons connected with the City Gas Co. arrested for building a bridge across Mission Creek. . . .An affray between Edwin Hall and Edward Kelly, during which both are dangerously cut.

Oct. 2. George H. Ensign, a prominent and highly respected resident of this city, dies at Stockton, Cal.

Oct. 5. A large meeting of property holders held to take measures to prevent obstruction to navigation in Mission Creek. . . .A fire on the northwest corner of Post and Stockton streets, destroying the Occidental Skating Rink, and damaging several adjoining buildings; loss, $6,000. . . .A meeting of laboring men held to petition the U. S. Senate against the importation of Chinese laborers.

Oct. 6. William H. Ellis drowned in the bay.

Oct. 7. William Hogan commits suicide. . . .The body of David Graham found floating in the bay.

Oct. 9. Joshua A. Shreve found dead in an outhouse. . . .News received of a terrific fire raging in Chicago, Illinois.

Oct. 11. A large and enthusiastic meeting held at the Merchants' Exchange, for the relief of the sufferers by the Chicago fire. About $25,000 contributed on the spot.

Oct. 12. The body of David Barry found floating in the bay.

Oct. 13. John Sime, a well-known banker and pioneer Californian, dies, aged fifty-two years. . . .Benjamin Barnes drowned in the bay.

Oct. 17. Lizzie Hawkins, a child, killed by being run over by a truck. . . .Joaquin Torres, a well-known artist and pioneer Californian, dies.

Oct. 18. The judicial election results in the success of the Republican State ticket and Tax-payers' local ticket. . . .The body of James Clark found floating in the bay.

Oct. 19. $141,636.35 contributed to date by residents of this city for the relief of Chicago sufferers.

Oct. 21. Willie Clyde fatally injured by a street car.

Oct. 23. James Griffin drops dead in the street. . . .Alexander White dies in a fit in the City Prison. . . .J. D. Watson, a well-known citizen, dies, aged fifty years. . . .Thomas West, a pioneer Californian, dies suddenly in a fit.

Oct. 25. William E. Barron, a prominent merchant, dies, aged forty-nine years.

Oct. 27. Mrs. Dousett found dead in her bed.

Oct. 28. Edward Hertel commits suicide.

Oct. 29. William Kyle drowned in the bay.

Oct. 31. The Grand Jury find one hundred and twenty indictments against parties interested in lottery schemes.

November 1. John Sime & Co., a prominent banking firm, suspend payment. . . .Edward Keyhoe killed by the accidental discharge of a pistol.

Nov. 2. George DeManuel and Patrick Carey killed by falling timbers at the Mechanics' Institute Pavilion. . . .H. Johns killed by being run over by a wagon.

Nov. 3. The California Rifles mustered out of service, by order of Gov. Haight.

Nov. 4. The first number of The West makes its appearance.

Nov. 5. The Pacific Wood Preserving Works destroyed by fire; loss, $20,000. . . .The store of Godchaux Bros. & Co., robbed of $5,000 worth of silks and laces. . . .William Irvine drops dead.

Nov. 7. John Still mortally shot by Joshua L. Jones.

Nov. 10. James Fitzsimmons found dead in his bed.

Nov. 11. The California Olympic Club organized. . . .John Winter drops dead in the Occidental Hotel.

Nov. 12. A dwelling house on the Cliff House Road destroyed by fire; loss, $5,000.

Nov. 13. G. D. Orcutt found on Broadway Wharf in a dying condition.

Nov. 14. A fire on Drumm Street near Pacific, destroys a row of frame buildings. . . .Jane Rice found dead in her room. . . .The Horace Hawes Estate trial commences in the Probate Court.

Nov. 15. Ellen Bonday fatally poisoned by taking a dose of strychnine through mistake.

Nov. 21. Peter Schwenke found dead in bed.

Nov. 24. The police make a descent on several gambling establishments. . . .Patrick King found drowned in the bay.

Nov. 26. A severe rain and wind storm, during which a dwelling house near the Mission was blown down.

Nov. 28. Joseph Laurie crushed to death by the fall of a stable.

Nov. 29. News received of the death of ex-Governor John Bilger at Sacramento City.

Nov. 30. Thanksgiving Day appropriately observed.

December 1. A serious affray between Judge Delos Lake and Charles DeYoung, during which, E. D. Wheeler, a bystander, is shot. . . .A man named Hennessy found dead in his room.

Dec. 2. A fire at 512 Commercial Street; loss, $8,000. . . .The breach of promise case, Turner vs. Ortez, results in a verdict for plaintiff; damages, $7,500. . . .The Horace Hawes will case decided in favor of the contestants.

Dec. 3. Richard L. Green drowned in Laguna de la Merced.

Dec. 4. Mayor Alvord and other newly-elected City and County officials, enter upon the discharge of their duties. . . .The Daily Evening Post makes its first appearance.

Dec. 5. Mrs. Rachael Major found dead in bed. . . .John F. Pennell dies suddenly in the City Prison.

Dec. 7. The mare, Mattie Howard, trots twenty miles in fifty-nine minutes and thirty and one-fourth seconds, over the Agricultural Park course. . . .James Downing dies suddenly in a saloon. . . .Charles Beverson drowned in the bay.

Dec. 8. Two prisoners escape by digging a hole through the wall of the County Jail. . . .The profile of a man's face discovered on the window of a house, 2119 Mason Street, causing much excitement.

Dec. 10. Diedrich Behneman drowned in the bay.

Dec. 11. Robert B. Torrance, a well-known resident, dies suddenly, aged 57 years.

Dec. 12. Gustavus Kellogg, killed by falling from a mast on board the ship Wildwood.

Dec. 13. John E. Dunn, while trying to escape from custody, shot by Deputy Sheriff Jehu.

Dec. 15. José Rodriquez found dead in his bed.

Dec. 16. Hon. A. A. Sargent, U. S. Senator elect, enthusiastically received on his arrival in this city.

Dec. 17. John Purcell found dead in his bed. . . .M. Lockbaum cuts his throat, inflicting a mortal wound. . . .Meyer Williams commits suicide by jumping from a third-story window.

Dec. 18. A terrific gale prevails, doing some damage to buildings and vessels.

Dec. 19. Frederick Miller makes a ferocious attack upon Solomon Keller and wife, and subsequently attempts suicide by swallowing sulphuric acid. . . .William Donovan found guilty of murder in the first degree.

Dec. 21. James McGilvery found dead in his bed.

Dec. 22. The trial of Nicholas Johnson for killing George Miller, results in a verdict of acquittal.

Dec. 23. William Donovan sentenced to death for the murder of George Minchell. . . .Michael Higgins drowned in the bay.

Dec. 25. A boy named Barry killed by the caving of a bank of earth.

Dec. 27. Mary C. Buckley fatally injured by falling from a window.

Dec. 28. The first stone of the New City Hall laid with appropriate ceremonies.

Dec. 29. Patrick Carberry found drowned in the bay. . . .The application of Mrs. Hawes for letters of administration of the estate of Horace Hawes granted. . . .Jean Trenis found dead in his bed. . . .William Pierce, a well-known resident, dies, aged forty years.

Dec. 30. Francis Spring drowned at North Beach. . . .Judge Delos Lake fined $300 for assault and battery on Charles DeYoung.

Dec. 31. Elisha Cook, a prominent member of the bar, dies, aged forty-eight years. . . .A. R. Howe found dead in front of his residence.

Source: Langley, Henry G. The San Francisco Directory; Chronological History of Principal Events. 1872, 1873.

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