San Francisco History

Events of 1873

January 1, 1873. The advent of the New York ushered in by a severe rainstorm, which does not prevent the usual festivities. . . .Henry Hill mortally shot by Robert O'Malley.

Jan. 2. Obsequies of Numa Hubert, a prominent and esteemed member of the bar, who dies in Chicago on his return from Europe, aged fifty-two years.

Jan. 3. Samuel Ramsey shoots himself in the head inflicting a mortal wound.

Jan. 4. Meeting held at Merchants' Exchange to protest against the cession of Goat Island, Gov. Booth presiding. . . .John J. Marks and his son Thomas are indicted by the Grand Jury for malfeasance in office. . . .. Frederick Vorrath commits suicide.

Jan. 5. A butcher gored to death by an infuriated bullock.

Jan. 6. Timothy Stapleton dies from the effects of falling into the bay, aged fifty-five years.

Jan. 8. Charles F. Lipman, an old and esteemed merchant, dies from the effects of an overdose of laudanum, aged forty-five years.

Jan. 10. Sophia Decker commits suicide by throwing herself under the wheels of a street car. . . .. Thomas Churchill and two others are seriously injured by the premature explosion of a blast.

Jan. 11. Obsequies of James Van Ness, ex-Mayor of San Francisco, who died at San Luis Obispo on the 28th ult., aged sixty-four years. . . .Victor Seaman, a veteran printer, dies, aged fifty-five years.

Jan. 12. T. J. A. Chambers, a pioneer, dies, aged sixty-eight years.

Jan. 14. Charles A. Russell found guilty of the murder of James Crotty. . . .The Chamber of Commerce refuse to indorse the Goat island compromise. . . .James Ward fatally crushed while at work on the New U. S. Branch Mint.

Jan. 16. Captain Rock found dead in his bed.

Jan. 17. Timothy J. Crowley found guilty of manslaughter for killing George W. Knight. . . .Typhus fever prevails to such an extent in the County Jail as to cause the removal of some of the prisoners to other quarters. . . .John Driscoll found dead in a cellar. . . .Felix Besson, a pioneer, dies suddenly of heart disease.

Jan. 18. The ferryboat Alameda, during a fog, damages several vessels in the bay. . . .John W. Southwell, alias James E. Spencer, found guilty of forgery.... John Coughlan mortally shot on a street car by John McCormick, in self-defense.

Jan. 19. Richard Wilson and Kate Moore are found dead at their lodgings. . . .Twelve thousand people attend Woodward's Gardens to witness the ascension of G. Buislay and a small boy in a balloon. . . .Demetrius Micheli fatally injured by being thrown from a horse.

Jan. 20. A large number of the leading citizens of San Francisco petition Congress for a postal telegraph. . . .Charles Brown found dead on the deck of a schooner. . . .The examination of John McCormick for killing John Coughlan results in his discharge.

Jan. 21. William Scanlon killed by falling from a cart.

Jan. 22. Thomas Gibbons and William Shea are seriously injured by the caving of a bank of earth.

Jan. 23. Peter Pfohl, a brewer, dies suddenly. . . .Thomas Grixton attempts suicide by cutting his throat.

Jan. 24. Charles A. Russell sentenced to death for the murder of James Crotty.

Jan. 25. Professors Coe and Lay make their first aerial ascension from Woodward's Gardens, and land safely near San Mateo. . . .John G. Stock, injured several days since by falling from a wagon, dies, aged sixty-six years.

Jan. 26. The remains of George W. Bailey, missing for some time, are found at Visitacion Valley with a pistol shot through his skull. . . .Chinese New Year commences. . . .Four persons upset in a boat on the bay, and are saved by swimming ashore. . . .Amos E. Arnold is picked up on the sidewalk insensible, and dies in a short time. . . .News received of the death of O. L. Shafter, ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of this State, at Florence, Italy, aged sixty years.

Jan. 27. J. F. Harris thrown from a wagon and seriously injured. . . .Donald McClay seriously injured by falling from a scaffold. . . .Charges of fraud by the U. S. Revenue officers are made against the San Francisco and Pacific, and California Sugar refineries.

Jan. 28. Patrick Ford crushed to death at Tubbs' rope-walk. . . .T. J. Burgess found dead in this room. . . .Richard B. Irwin, and esteemed merchant, is thrown from his buggy, and fortunately escapes without serious injury. . . .Miner Frink found dead in his room.

Jan. 29. Mrs. Dennis Coleman dies from injuries received from her husband while he is under the influence of liquor. . . .James Dowling, for many years connected with the theatrical profession in California, mortally shot by Johnny Tuers, who is engaged in a scuffle with George Howard. . . .Henry Wilson seriously injured by falling overboard from the Elizabeth Kimball.

Jan. 30. Mary Lowry found dead in her room. . . .The trial of Joel H. Mansfield, for an attempt to kill Mary Hein, results in a disagreement of the jury.

February 1. Joseph Castleman is thrown from a buggy and seriously injured. . . .Conrad Krise seriously injured by falling down stairs. . . .Mrs. Stephen W. Leach, an esteemed resident, dies. . . .W. P. C. Stebbins, Superintendent of the New U. S. Branch Mint, dies, aged fifty-eight years.

Feb. 3. Two slight shocks of earthquake.

Feb. 4. Captain C. J. P. Wright, an old resident, dies, aged fifty-three years. . . .William Hale, a well-known member of the bar, dies, aged sixty-three years.

Feb. 7. A new fire company, No. 10, organized. . . .C. C. Lohr drops dead in the street.

Feb. 8. John Murphy seriously stabbed by George McDonald. . . .George O. Whitney, a prominent merchant, dies, aged forty-nine years.

Feb. 10. Sage's Warehouse, containing ten thousand cases of coal oil, destroyed by fire. . . .Catherine McDonald sentenced to fifteen months' imprisonment for a murderous assault on George H. Hallett.

Feb. 11. Several persons arrested for selling lottery tickets.

Feb. 12. The second trial of Joel H. Mansfield, for an attempt to kill Mary Hein, results in the disagreement of the jury.

Feb. 13. Remon Motte dies from the effects of wounds by the hands of D. Challufore.

Feb. 14. News received of the decease, in New York, of M. M. Noah, for a long time connected with the press of California, aged forty-seven years. . . .Robert M. Lee is convicted of embracery and fined $1,000.

Feb. 15. William Meehan, while engaged in an affray, is seriously stabbed by James Percy. . . .P. M. S. S. Japan arrives from Hong Kong with the small pox on board and is quarantined. . . .T. J. Crowley convicted of manslaughter for the killing of George W. Knight, is sentenced to six months' imprisonment. . . .J. A. Fletcher, an old resident and at one time the partner of Daniel Webster, dies, aged fifty-nine years.

Feb. 17. Munificent donations by James Lick of building lots, worth $100,000 each, to the California Society of Pioneers and California Academy of Sciences.

Feb. 18. Henry Jager attempts suicide by cutting his throat.

Feb. 19. the body of George Melbourne found in the bay. . . .Andrew McCarthy, a letter carrier, draws $10,000 in the Havana lottery. . . .Albert Dunlap and William Ritchie engage in a fight, during which both are seriously wounded.

Source: Langley, Henry G. The San Francisco Directory; Chronological History of Principal Events. 1873.

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