16 December 1962, Sunday

Darl Lee Parker Name: Darl Lee Parker

Age: 31
Inmate #: 1413-AZ
Crime: bank robbery, kidnaping, and attempted escape
Sentence: 50 years
Notes: Bureau of Prisons: "transferred to USP Leavenworth from Alcatraz in late December 1962/early 1963, released from USP Marion, IL (method of release and date not available)."

John Paul Scott Name: John Paul Scott

Age: 35
Inmate #: 1403-AZ
Crime: bank robbery and possession of unregistered firearms
Sentence: 30 years
Notes: Bureau of Prisons: "transferred to USP Leavenworth from Alcatraz in late December 1962/early 1963, later transferred to USP Marion, IL--attempted to escape from Marion. Released (method of release and date not available), later convicted of another Federal crime. Died at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Tallahassee 2/22/87."

On an early Sunday evening, Darl Lee Parker and John Paul Scott were working on culinary detail in a storage room below the kitchen. Shortly after 5:30 p.m. they managed to get through a window, which they had opened by cutting the bars, and made their way to the western end of the island. Donning "water-wings" made from rubber surgical gloves and prison-shirt sleeves, they slipped into the cold bay waters.

The two were noticed missing during a cell check at 5:47 p.m. The alarm was sounded and a search began. Within 25 minutes Parker was found clinging to a cluster of rocks known as “Little Alcatraz,” 100 yards west of the prison. The Coast Guard was contacted at 6:38 and they began to search the waters of the bay.

At 7:40 p.m., military police at the Presidio military base received a phone call that teenagers had found a body on the rocks near Fort Point, under the Golden Gate Bridge and three miles west of Alcatraz. The body was Scott, and he was unconscious and in a state of shock. He was taken immediately to Letterman General Hospital on the base. There, he quickly recovered under the care of the medical staff. By 10:45 p.m., he was on his way back to Alcatraz.

John Paul Scott, 35-years old, proved conclusively that a convict could swim from The Rock to the San Francisco shore. Also, it was 25 years earlier, to the day, that Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe had escaped and disappeared from the island.


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