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The Brooklyn (1846)

Passenger List

In 1846, a group of Mormons lead by Samuel Brannan were sent on a mission to establish New Hope in the San Joaquin Valley, assumedly outside the United States. They boarded the ship The Brooklyn and left New York harbor on February 4 with about 238 passengers, including 70 men, 68 women, and 100 children. After rounding Cape Horn, visiting the Islands of Juan Fernandez and Hawaii, they passed through the Golden Gate on July 31, 1846. When they anchored at Yerba Buena, just recently becoming part of the United States, on August 3, the mormons “were greeted at the little town about a half dozen American settlers, several members of Spanish families and about 100 Indians.” Some of the passengers remained in Yerba Buena, but others migrated south to the more established and desirable Santa Clara valley. For a more complete story, visit Forgotten Voyage.

A local prominent historian, Hubert H. Howe, had access to three lists that contained the the names of the passengers on board. His compilation is presented below.

Addison, Isaac, wife and daughter
Aldrich, Silas (died at sea), wife Prudence, son Jasper, and daughter
Atherton, William, wife
Austin, Julius C., wife and 3 children
Brannan, Samuel, wife and child
Buckland, Alondus L. D., and mother Hannah D. Buckland
Bullen, Newell, wife and 3 children
Burr, Charles C., wife and child
Burr, Nathan, wife
Cade (possibly Kincaid), John, wife
Clark, Sophia P.
Combs, Abram, wife and 3 children
Corwin, Mrs. Fanny M.
Eagar, John, wife Lucy, daughter Mary (possibly 2 children)
Eagar, Thomas
Ensign, Elias (died at sea),
Ensign, Miss Eliza (died at sea)
Ensign, Jerusha, and son
Evans, William, wife and 4 children
Fisher, Joseph R.
Fisher, Mary Ann
Fowler, Jerusha, and 4 children (1 died at sea)
Glover, William, wife and 3 children
Goodwin, Isaac, wife (died at sea) and 6 children
Griffith, Jonathan, wife and 2 children
Hamilton, Mrs. Mary (and possibly children)
Haskell, A.G.
Hayes, Jacob
Hicks, Joseph
Horner, John Meirs, wife [Elizabeth]
Hyatt, Elisha, wife and son
Ira (or Irea), Cyrus
Joyce, John, wife and child (possibly 2)
Jones, Mrs. Isabella
Kemble, Edward C.
Kittleman, George
Kittleman, John
Kittleman, Sarah
Kittleman, Thomas
Kittleman, William, wife and 6 children
Knowles, Richard, wife
Ladd (or Johnson), Samuel
Lane, Emmeline A.
Leigh (or Lee), Isaac, wife
Light, James, wife and child
Lovett, Angeline M.
McCue, Patrick, wife and 4 children
Marshall, Earl and family
Meder, Moses A., wife Sarah D. and child
Mowry, Barton, wife and 2 sons
Mowry, Origin and family (?)
Mowry, Rinaldo
Moses, Ambrose T., wife and 4 children
Murray, Miss Mary
Narrimore, Edwin
Narrimore, Mercy M. (departed in Honolulu) and child
[Narrimore, Mrs. Mercy?]
Nichols, Joseph, wife Jerusha and 2 children (1 died at sea)
Nutting, Lucy
Oakley, Howard
Pell, E. Ward, wife and 2 daughters
Petch, Robert, wife and 2 children
Philips, John
Pool, Peter
Pool, Mary
Pool, Elizabeth
Read, Christina
Read (Jimison?), Hannah T., and child
Reed, John
Reed, Rachael
Robbins, Isaac R., wife and 2 children
Robbins, John R., wife and 2 children (2 children died at sea)
Rowland (Roulan or Rollins), Henry and daughter (?)
Rowland, Isaac
Savage, Elisa
Scott, James
Sirrine, George W.
Sirrine, John J., wife and child
Skinner, Horace A., wife and child
Smith, Amelia
Smith, Orrin, wife and 6 children
Smith, Robert, wife and 2 children
Snow, Zelnora S.
Sparks, Mary, and family
Sparks, Quartus S., wife and child
Stark, Daniel, wife and 2 children
Still, George, wife and 3 children
Stivers, Simeon
Stout, William, wife and child
Stringfellow, Jesse A.
Tompkins, Thomas, wife and 2 children
Ward, Frank
Warner, Caroline and 3 children
Winner, George K., wife and 6 children (a child died at sea) 
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