Overland Passengers
05 October 1876
(Thank you to Cliff Day for transcribing this list!)

The following passengers will arrive in this city this evening.

 W G Doane, SF
Mrs L Cohen and three children, Salt Lake
Mrs M M Nichols, SF
Mrs S D Whited, SF
Mrs C B Pease
G Golding
O L Clark
Sam Sing
W W Fowler
Agt Berger Family
R McKinnon, CA
T J Gray, Cheyenne,
H Brunkmeyer, CA
H Femmermann, Germany
J Barney & Wife, Mass
Mr S Kiser & Wife, Oregon
Chas Ensor & Wife, London
J Bullon, Nevada
W B Stall
J A Carmichael
J W Avery
J H Avery
F H Hill, SF
J C Sharp, Boston
J Bulah, Boston
D O'Connor, CA
T O'Connor, Boston
T Trickett, London
F H Webber & Wife, Boston
R M Little
J H Joseph & Wife, NY
Miss Delia Peltier, Montreal
J F Eisen, Elko
W N White
E B Dana
W G Farrand, NY
A Gonzales, Central America
A Rickman, British Columbia
V Wilcox, SF
Mrs Nina Wolf, Honolulu
Miss Alice D Smith, NY
J Kinfield & Wife
W C Lamb & Wife, SF
J G Nagle, London
W Owens, Liverpool
G H Clifford, New Zealand
H Johnson, NY
Geo H Rice, SF
Chas Dean
Miss Anna Dean, NY
Grey Grosse & family, O
Mrs J A Culver
W R Culver, Colfax
Mrs Tichenor
J D Roberts
T W Church, SF
V C Crane, NJ
Mrs L H Briggs, WT (Washington Territory ?)
Mrs Miller, NY
L M Ramond, IL
J B Nelson
C M V Vandeler, NY
Mrs N J Price & two Children, CA
J S Belcher & Family, Marysville
N O Brown, Elko
E C Stafford, IL
F J Joseph & Wife, NY
and 130 immigrants.

Source: San Francisco Examiner, 05 October 1876, page 3.

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