Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 11 February 1895, page 15
Transcribed by Adrienne

The following real estate transactions have been recorded.

JOHN P. LYSETT to H. M. LYSETT, lot on NE corner of Eighteenth and Valencia streets, N. 35x80; also lot on NW corner of Eighteenth and Stevenson streets, W 40x85. gift

H. M. LYSETT to J. P. LYSETT, lot on SW corner of California and Hyde streets, S 22:11x80; also lot on W. line of Stevenson street, 85 ft. N of Eighteenth, N 25x80. gift

MONROE GREENWOOD and wife to LAURA F. MATENE, lot on E. line of Third avenue, 250 ft S. of Lake street, S 25x120. $10


LESIER ZIAR to RACHEL ZIAR, lot on SW line of Mosi place, 251 ft NW of Folsom, NW 24x80. gift

CATHERINE ROSSBACH to JOHN GALE, lot on W. line of Polk street, 60 ft S of Bush S 80x110. $10

JOHN and F.V. GALE to B. DINKELSPIEL, same. $10

The SAN FRANCISCO LAND COMPANY. to ZOURIE HAWKS, lot on W. line of Eighth Ave, 100 ft N of California street N 25x120. $10

JOHN COOP and wife to WILLIAM REID, lot on E line of Howard street, 155 ft N of Twenty-First N 60x122:6. $10

CATHERINE SMUCKER to CHARLES ACKERMAN, lot on NW line of Jessie street, 375 ft NE of Eighth NE 25x75. $5

C. M. ATKINSON  to B. F. LEE, lot on S line of Jackson street, 162:6 W of Locust, W 25x127:8 ¼. $10

SUNNYSIDE LAND CO. et al to M. J. HENDERSON, lots 29 and 30, block 28, Sunnyside. $10.

JAMES P. O’SULLIVAN  and  wife to E. O’SULLIVAN, lot on W line of Jessie street, 260 ft N of Nineteenth N 25x80. gift

M. BROGAN  by administrator, to C. SHARP, lot on NE corner of Third and Tehama streets, N 80x80. $54,000 [sic.]

A SULLIVAN  to J. F. ROCK, lot on SE corner of Wayland and Girard streets, S 100x120. $275

A SULLIVAN as guardian, to J. F. ROCK, same. $275.

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