San Francisco Genealogy
Boys High School, San Francisco
Classes of 1880 and 1881

Thank you to Janet Anderson for her donation of this data.

Sources:  Centennial Edition   Red and Black  1856--1956
Published by Lowell High School Student Association, San Francisco, California, Volume 83, June 1956.

For Class of 1880, information in brackets [] was published in the Morning Call, San Francisco, 22 May 1880, page 2 -R.F.

Class of 1880
Henry Alex [Classical Division, Joseph H.]
Simon Berlin [English Division]
Robert O. Boker [English Division, Bokee]
Frank E. Booth [English Division]
[Herman Bremer, English Divison]
William J. Carlin [English Division]
Finlay Cook [English Division]
Chas. E. Cooper [Classical Division]
Bancroft G. Davis [Classical Division]
Edward Davis [Classical Division, Edward A.]
[Chas. P. Fonda, English Division]
Samuel L. Foster [Classical Division]
George E. French [English Division]
Daniel Gavigan [Classical Division, Daniel M.]
George D. Givens [English Division]
Frederick Haase [English Division]
Charles B. Hill [Classical Division]
Eugene Hoefer [English Division]
[Edmund P. Holladay, Classical Divison]
William G. Houston [English Division]
Edward C. Hutchinson [English Division]
Alexander Dumas Jones [English Division]
William J. Jones [English Division]
Samuel Joseph [Classical Division]
William Henry Keith, Jr. [English Division]
Edward A. Kolb [Classical Division]
William B. Larzelere [Classical Division]
George H. Lemman [English Division]
David Leszynsky [Classical Division, David L.]
[Raphael Levy, Classical Division]
Albert J. Lowenberg [English Division]
Charles L. Mathieu [Classical Division]
Emanuel B. McCormick [English Division]
John Jardine McEwen [English Division]
[Gustav Meese, Classical Division]
[Calvin R. Moulton, English Division]
[Marshall A. Newell, English Division]
Colomon Peiser [English Divison, Solomon]
Henry Schussler [English Division]
Samuel Sonnenberg [English Division]
[Fred D. Spaulding, English Divison]
[Abe Stern, English Division]
Henry Cogswell Stevens [English Division]
Arthur Wheeler [Classical Division]
[James B. Wiseman, Classical Division]

Class of 1881
Alfred Adelsdorfer
Allison C. Bonnell
Samuel F. Booth
Alfred Braverman
Frank Dunn
George B. Elliott
Henry P. Flint
George Garmley
Edward L. Goetjen
A. K. Happersberger
Emanuel S. Heller
Frichard G. Hillman
F. W. Kaiser
Keizo Koyana
William C. Martin
Charles Walter Marwedel
Charles  A. McDonald
Henry Meyer
William Gordon Mugan
Frederick Patek
Edward Putnam
Albert Raymond
George Rothganger
Maximilian Salomon
Walter A. Scott
Lucius L. Solomons
George B. Somers
Cecil Stewert
Abe Stern
Frank T. Way 
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