San Francisco Genealogy
California School of Mechanical Arts, James Lick
Sixteenth and Utah Streets, San Francisco
Senior Class and Faculty

O. BARKER, President
Miss A. EAGLESON, Vice-President
J. KLEIN, Treasurer
Miss M. BARIEAU, Secretary
P. WETMORE, Sergeant-at-Arms


ALLWORTH, Alfred--Chemistry
ALVES, Henry--Chemistry
BARIEAU, Madeline--Polytechnic
BARKER, Orrell--College Preparatory
BERG, Henning--College Preparatory
BLACK, John--College Preparatory
BROWN, Earle--College Preparatory
BUSCHKE, Esther--Polytechnic
CHAPMAN, Vale--Polytechnic
CHILCOTE, Laurence--College Preparatory
CLARK, Leigh, College Preparatory
CLARK, Thane--Polytechnic
CORMACK, Cecil--Polytechnic
COSTA, Cecil--Machine Shop
DIERSSEN, Lester--Mechanical Drawing
DREW, Baldwin--Mechanical Drawing
DUNSHEE, Frank--College Prepartory
DURBROW, Stanley--Polytechnic
EAGLESON, Aileen--Polytechnic
ERLANDSON, Anna--Polytechnic
ESKEN, Emory--College Preparatory
FELDERMANN, Etta--Polytechnic
FELDERMANN, Sophie--Polytechnic
GARCIA, Manuel--Machine Shop
HAKER, William--College Preparatory
HALBERT, Frank--College Preparatory
HARRON, Tracy--College Preparatory
HAUSER, Henry--Mechanical Drawing
HENDERSON, George--College Preparatory
HERBERT, Gladys--Polytechnic
HEYNEMAN, George--College Preparatory
HILLS, Reuben--College Preparatory
HIRSCHLER, Horace--College Preparatory
HOLLINGBERRY, Orin--College Preparatory
HOUSE, Frank--College Preparatory
JACOBS, Edwin--College Preparatory
JONGENEEL, Louis--College Preparatory
KLEIN, Julius--College Preparatory
LAFRENZ, William--College Preparatory
LEIGH, Walter--Chemistry
LEWIS, Sidney--College Preparatory
LITCHFIELD, Lloyd--Mechanical Drawing
LYON, Earl--Mechanical Drawing
MAUNDER, Harold--College Preparatory
McNAIR, William--College Preparatory
MEYER, Carl--College Preparatory
MEYN, Arthur--Pattern Making
MOORE, Walter--Mechanical Drawing
MOORE, William--Mechanical Drawing
NASH, Booth--Pattern Making
RABER, Una--Polytechnic
ROBERTS, George--Machine Shop
RUST, Edgar--College Preparatory
SCHMELZ, Alice--Polytechnic
SCHUMACHER, Albert--Chemistry
SIEBENHAUER, George--College Preparatory
SLACK, Ellard--Polytechnic
SMALL, Fred--Mechanical Drawing
STOREY, Carl--Machine Shop
TAGGART, Frederic--Polytechnic
THOENGES, Ernest--College Preparatory
THOMASON, Edna--Polytechnic
TREVOR, Henry--Polytechnic
UNNA, Walter--College Preparatory
VIETH, Frederick--Mechanical Drawing
WATERS, Ernest--College Preparatory
WETMORE, Paul--Polytechnic
WINTER, Louis--Polytechnic
WOOD, Harold--Pattern Making
WOODS, Bert--College Preparatory
WORMSER, Paul--College Preparatory
YOUNG, Wood--Mechanical Drawing
George A. Merrill, B.S., Principal
Miss Theresa M. Otto, B.L., Dean of Women, German and English.
Miss Helen M. Wilkins, A.B., English
Miss Mary E. Edwards, A.B., Mathematics
Miss Margie Dunlap, B.L., Mathematics
Max A. Plumb, B.S., General Science
Sydney A. Tibbetts, B.S., Chemistry
Miss Stella Boulware, A.B., Freehand Drawing
Bruno Heymann, M.E., Mechanical Drawing
Miss Lillian S. Hyde, A.B., Domestic Science
Miss Mary L. Crittenden, Sewing.
Miss Anna Murray, Home Essentials
Chas. A. McLeran, General Woodwork and Pattern-making
Jacob L. Mathis, Forgework
Bernard LaCoste, Molding
J.M. Sunkel, Machine Shop
Frank A. Dixon, Assistant Machinist
Miss Hazel Henderson, Recorder
Miss Ruby Mitchell, Librarian

Class of 1897
Herbert FIELDS has been in Mexico for the past seven years. . .
Arthur DRUCKER graduated from the College of Mining at U.C. in 1902...
Adolph JUDELL has been working in Civil and Mining Engineering...

Class of 1898
 Louis SAMISH has recently moved his art store down town and is located at 220 Stockton street...
R. Z. DICKIE is in partnership with his brother...They are naval engineers and designers...
Frank ADAMS is at the present time engaged in farming in Klamath, Ore.
Benjamin BROOKS is employed by the J. G. White Company at Redondo.
Carl STOLL is connected with the J. G. White Company in this city...

Clas of 1899
Mrs. Henry KAEDING (nee Mary HUBBARD)...She, with her three little girls, is keeping house
for her father in Santa Clara while her husband is in Nicaragua...Mr. KAEDING and his brother
Charles KAEDING, '00, went with the CALLAHAN party....
Ms. Cyril PATTERSON (nee Ada BURNS) is now living in Golden Gate with her husband and little son...
Chester BEACH has opened an art studio at No. 4 McDougal avenue, New York...
Wm. COPELAND is working for the Guggenheims and has just returned from Russia...
He is now going to Fairbanks, Alaska.
Lina DIEHL took an active part as official scorer at the Alumni Aviation party.
James HOOPER is engaged in the structural iron business.
Alfred now in the architectural business in San Francisco...
Alfred CLARK is running a building and architectural business in Fresno...
Arthur MARKWART recently sent a very substantial donation to the Scholarship Fund...

Class of 1900
Walter FORWARD is chief draftsman at the Byron Pump Works.
Chas. BACKE is employed as an engineer for the Nevada Northern Railway at Ely, Nevada.
Fred LURMAN is in the contracting and building business for himself...
Sigmund BLOWSKI is engaged in chemistry.
Lawrence DUFOE is editing a paper in Modesto.
James WALSH has sole charge of the office of Howard C. HOLMES, consulting engineers...

Class of 1901
Chas. BARIEAU has been working for the Pacific Foundry CO. for several years...
Henry PRIEN is connected with the Angelo and London-Paris National Bank.
Mrs. Percy MONTGOMERY (nee Lurline LYONS) is with the Olga Nethersole Company at the Savoy Theater...
Gertrude CAMPBELL is married to Mr. Harry Gasner of Harron, Ricard & McCone.
Geo. DRUMMOND is traveling chemist for the Great Western Sugar Co., Fort Collins, Colo.
Arthur THELIN is also connected with the Great Wester Sugar Co....assistant master mechanic...
Wm. POTTS is still teaching school at Redding.

 Class of 1902
May HEILMAN...Reports are being circulated that she has recently taken a husband or is about to.
Mrs. HOLCOMB (nee Elsie KELLY) is now the mother of three fine boys...
Wm. FLECK is one of the engineers for the S.P. Co....

Class of 1903
Hugh MARSHALL is working for the Western Meat Co. in South San Francisco.
Benjamin WIGNEY is now connected with the Pacific Gas and Electric Co....
Bartlett MELL is teaching electrical engineering at Heald's Business College...

Class of 1904
Otis GIBSON is now working for the Sierra Pacific Power Co. near Georgetown.
Yvonne substituting in the Domestic Science Department in the Alameda schools.

Class of 1905
Roy DODSON held the record for the half mile unitl April 1st of this year, when it was tied.
Benjamin HIRSCHFELD is engaged in the architectural business for Blakewell & Brown.
Earl MARKWART and his wife have been in Canada for some months...recently returned...
Herbert ERSKINE is said to be the youngest lawyer in California. He is in business for himself and is doing well.

Class of 1906
Chas. RUST has been in the city for a visit during the vacation of the Pomona school...
He says he enjoys it very much but gets a little homesick. We wonder why?
Jerome BARIEAU...won his "Big C" at college this season...on the baseball team...
Warren BOYD has leased one of the paper routes on the "Call"...
Thomas A. CURRIE has charge of track work for the Sante Fe in Nevada.
Wm. MARCUS has taken up the banking business.
Chas. MEL is manager of a branch of the John Rotschild Co. in Portland.
Frank MURRAY...working for the Howard Automobile Co...
Bertha WILLIAMS has just recovered from a severe attack of appendicitis...
Harriet PARK...Stanford University...

Class of 1907
Ada ROOS has given up college and is now taking a post graduate course at Wilmerding.
Geo. ACTON was last seen playing baseball on the "Juvenile" team.
Jack DOUGHTY is employed in Portland by the John G. Sutton Co....
L. J. also an entomologist for the City of Berkeley...appointed Inspector
of Horticulture, this summer, for Sutter County. Next year he will the University...resported that
he is soon to become a benedict.
Harold I. WOOD...engaged in engineering work on a concrete railroad bridge near Rippon, Cal....will
celebrate his first wedding anniversary. His bride was Miss Ethel N. Bloss of Oakland...
"Billy" GAY and Frank RUEBKE, '09...presented with gold baseballs by the Associated Students...
Lester C. UREN...graduated from the College of Mining this May...holding a responsible position with
the Eagle-Shawmut Mining Company at Shawmut, Tuolumne County...

Class of 1908
Elizabeth BRIDGE is attending Columbia College in New York.
Genevieve SULLIVAN is taking a post graduate course at Lick...
Hazel HENDERSON is now Mrs. Harry W. JOHNSON...
Robt. FURLONG is a jeweler and optician in San Rafael.

Class of 1909
Earle SEIVERSON is working for the Horst Co. in Oregon.
Warren GALLAGHER is an employee of the Nevada-Pacific Railroad at Sausalito.
Jack PHILLIPS...residence in in the town of Corona, near Los Angeles....where he is working with his brother...
LAWTON succeeded in making the position of alternate on the Carnot Debating Team...
NACHTRIEB and HORNICK, '10, are shining in an instrumental trio with a fraternity brother...
Williard BEATTY rose into sudden prominence last spring by allyng with the W. C. T. U....
Victor now engaged in the study of Pure Philosophy and all that goes with it...
Chas. BOXTON is working for his father in the contracting business...
Robt. GARDNER is running a farm near Iselton.
Sidney HOLMAN is working for Middleton Bros....
John LITTLE...Reports say that he is now in the lumber business in Nevada.

Class of 1910
Ruby MITCHELL is assisting Mrs. JOHNSON (nee Hazel HENDERSON) out at Lick.
Horace SEXTON is running a garage in Santa Barbara.
Fred WESTPHAL and Allen RANKIN are going to China...
John CORKER is with Otis GIBSON, '04, and Cliff CURRY, '06, working for Sierra
Pacific Power Co. near Georgetown.
Agnes FRASER is taking a post graduate at Lick...
Irma ANDERSON is attending Stanford University...
Alexander BELL is drafting in Oakland.
Genevieve GILLETTE is contemplating college next year.
Clyde PITCHFORD is registered with the College of Commerce...

Miss Marion MURRAY, ' Mr. Edward R. BULPITT, '05
Miss Elva WOODMAN, ' Mr. Clyde A. SWIGART
Miss Bertha KNELL, ' Mr. Lawrence MORE, ex-'11, of Santa Barbara

Miss Adelaide WIENER, '09, and Samuel P. RUSSELL, '01...last August...
Mr. Louis GILBERT, '04, eloped several months ago with Miss SAYLES of Alameda...
Mr. Fred TWING, '05...last Miss Helen WATSON...
Mr. Earl MARKWART, ' Miss Florence WOODALL last summer...
Mr. Chas. A. O'CONNOR, ' Miss Margaret TEELING of this city.
Miss Adele WINCHELL, '05, and Lawrence B. MORTON...early in 1910...
Miss Cora KLINKER, '07, and Mr. Louis M. DE September, 1910...
Miss Louise KNELL, '07, and Mr. Harry M. EASTMAN...last summer....
Miss Marie WINCHELL, '07, was married in Los Angeles on March 17, 1911, to Mr. Ralph S. STOUT...
Miss Hazel Mr. Harry W. JOHNSON in April, 1911...
Mr. Sidney HOLMAN, '09...Miss Elmira HUNT in the latter part of last year...

Mrs. Cyril PATTERSON (nee Ada BURNS, '99)...a boy...last August.
Mrs. W. B. ROBBINS (nee Alma VAN IDERSTINE, '01)...a very small son...April 18, 1911.
Mrs. Roland WHITE (nee Mamie JAWKEN, '04)...twin boys on December 13, 1910.
Mrs. W. J. ERSKINE (nee Nellie ERSKINE, '04)...a small son...March 24, 1911.
Mrs. Lawrence B. MORTON (nee Adele WINCHELL, '05) girls...December 13, 1910.
Mrs. Adrian METZGARD (nee Carrie GRAFF, '06)...small son a few months old.
Mrs. W. H. DAVENPORT (nee Mary RABER, '08)...little girl...about Christmas time.

Source: The Tiger, Vol. VIII. No. IV. San Francisco, 1911.

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