San Francisco Genealogy
Girls' High School, San Francisco
May 1872

The 1907 list and alternative spellings in brackets are from the article, 31 Sweet Girl Graduates 35 Years After (with photographs).

1872 1907
May Anderson
Lizzie Barton
Bessie C. Bunner
Addie L. Chapin
Ella A. Clark
Mary J. Connell
Mary E. Donally
Gertrude Gallagher
Carrie M. Gove [Give]
Fannie Hare
Minnie [F.] Harris
Fannie E. Hawley
Theresa Hermann [Herman]
Emma W. Healy
Abbie A. Hillman
Lizzie Hutchinson
Marie E. Kaplan
Susie E. Kelly
Nellie M. Kelsey
Matilda E. Lipman
Mary [M.] McMillan [Millan]
Josephine A. Miller
Carrie L. [E.] Pinkham
Hannah Phillips [Philips]
Effie B. Quint
Paulena Raphael
Anita A. Sack
Katie May Simmons
Alice St. John
Franc E. Stuart
Georgene N. Tram [Georgie A. Traver]
Mrs. English
Bessie C. Bunner
Mrs. Charles L. Sleeper
Ella A. Clark
Mary I. Connell
Mary E. Donnelly
Mrs. G. E. Hall
Mrs. Joseph H. Merrall
Fannie Hare
Mrs. A. K. Hollis
Mrs. Cook
Mrs. M. Regensburger
Mrs. Parkes
Mrs. G. Studley
Marie E. Kaplan
Mrs. French
Mrs. Enkel
Mrs. McKenzie
Mrs. Tantau
Mrs. Pardow? (deceased)
Hannah Philips
Mrs. B. L. Diggins
Mrs. Henry Myers
Mrs. Larkin
Mrs. Hare
Mrs. Smitten
Mrs. Blood
Georgie A. Traver

Sources: Daily Morning Call, San Francisco, 28 May 1872, page 1;
Sunday Call, San Francisco, 03 February 1907, page 5.

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