San Francisco Genealogy
Girls' High School, San Francisco
Senior Class and Faculty
December 1916

Claire EPPINGER, President
Ruth QUIVEY, Vice-President
Blanche DEWEY, Secretary
Jane ELLIOTT, Treasurer


Muriel ANDREWS ("Madcap Muriel")
Marion AYER ("Mumbling Marion")
Elizabeth ARMER ("Laughing Liz")
Mabel BINGHAM ("Mischievous Mabel")
Marie BROWN ("Mesmerizing Marie")
Viva BRUCE ("Violent Viva")
Naomi CHAMBERS ("Natty Naomi")
Wendoline CORBIN ("Wistful Wendoline")
Genevieve CORDREY ("Genial Genevieve")
Pauline COUTARD ("Punctual Pauline")
Gloria CURTIN ("Giddy Gloria")
Edith DASEKING ("Entrancing Edith")
Catherine DAVIS ("Klever Katinka")
Lillian DAVIS ("Loitering Lilly")
Blanche DEWEY ("Babbling Blanche")
Jane ELLIOTT ("Jolly Jane")
Claire EPPINGER ("Effervescent Epp")
Marion FILMER ("Mystic Marion")
Corinne FLECK ("Carefree Corinne")
Marion FLY ("Magnanimous Marion")
Florence FROST ("Faultless Florence")
Flora GROVER ("Foxy Flora")
Rose HALLER ("Romping Rose")
Beatrice HARPER ("Busy Bee")
Helen JOHNSON ("Heroic Helen")
Nina LEDERER ("Nifty Nina")
Madeline LUCAS ("Maddening Madeline")
Erné LYONS ("Efficient Erné")
Dorothy MALING ("Dainty Dot")
Eileen MATEER ("Ironic Eileen")
Grace McDEVITT ("Gabby Grace")
Genevieve McGIVNEY ("Gentle Genevieve")
Edythe McGLYNN ("Energetic Edythe")
Flora McLEAN ("Frisky Flora")
Edwina MEREDITH ("Elfish Edwina")
Camille MIDDLETON ("Coquettish Camille")
Mildred METZNER ("Massive Mil")
Bessie MORRIS ("Blitheful Bessie")
Miriam MORRIS ("Merry Mim")
Eileen MULCAHY ("Iconoclastic Eileen")
Margaret GESTREICHER ("Malicious Margaret")
Carol PETERSEN ("Peppy Pete")
Ruth PEYSER, Rambunctious Ruth")
Violet PHILLIPS ("Vivacious Vi")
Ruth QUIVEY ("Riotous Ruth")
Helen RADIN ("Humorous Helen")
Lorraine RODNEY ("Languid Lorraine")
Henriette ROUMIGUIERE ("Hilarious Henriette")
Hannah RUEGG ("Happy Hannah")
Adeline SCANDRETT ("Admirable Adeline")
Grace SPENCER ("Gliding Grace")
Marie STAUFFER ("Memorizing Marie")
Neva STEVENSON ("Noisy Neva")
Florence TORASSA ("Flamboyant Florence")
Thelma WALTHER ("Theatrical Thelma")
Vivian WEISSMAN ("Vimful Vivian")
Marguerite WELBORN ("Midget Marguerite")
Gladys WILEY ("Gabbling Gladys")
Josephine WITT ("Joking Jo")
Annette WOLFE ("Absent Annette")
Irene WRIGHT ("Irrepressible Irene")

Dr. A. W. Scott, Principal
Mrs. Mary Prag, Vice Principal and Head of History Department
Martin A. Centner, Head of Latin Department
Miss Adeline B. Croyland, Head of English Department
Miss Laura Daniel, Head of Mathematics
Edward J. Dupuy, Head of French Department
Franz M. Goldstein, Head of Drawing Department

Miss Evelyn D. Armer, English
A. Altmann, History of Art
Miss Ella Castelhun, German
Miss Helen Flynn, English
Miss M. J. Fitz-Gerald, History
Miss Sophia A. Hobe, History
Miss Marion A. Jones, Drawing and Designing
Miss Virginia M. Kelly, Cooking
Miss Edith King, Biology and Physiology
Miss Blanche Leviele, French
Herbert N. Massey, Physics, Astronomy, Geology
Miss M. A. McKinley, English and Mathematics
Mrs. Mary Carr Moore, Singing
Miss Emma L. Noonan, Mathematics
Mss Edna Reeves, Biology and Physiology
Miss Nathalie E. Roth, English
Miss Clara Stark, Latin
Miss Genevieve W. Sullivan, Sewing
Mrs. Laura H. Tharp, Oral Expression and Physical Culture
Miss Mabel Wood, Sewing

Ethel BROWN, Ruth DANIELL, Agnes GILCHRIST, Norma GUINASSO, Florence HALE, Eugenia PEABODY, Clara SCHAEFER and Mabel WITT, all of June '16, are attending Normal School.

Adelaide CORBIN, Beatrice DORN, May FREITAS, Anna HERTZMANN, Anna JAEHNE, Margaretta LINDSAY, Mary OLIVER, Margaret WOOD and Edythe SELLING, of June '16, are furthering their education at University of California.

Doris WIRTNER, June '16, is attending Miss Head's School, Berkeley.
Florence JOHNSON, June '16, is making a special study of French and Spanish at Miss Hamlin's School.
Dorothy POOR, editor of the June '16 Journal, is now a pupil of Reed College, Portland.
Pearly SAUL, June '16, is now taking up a kindergarten course.
Amy CARLEN, June '16, is studying dentistry.
Rosella GOGEL, June '16, is taking a business course at Gallagher-Marsh Business College.
Ruth NICHOLSON, June '16, is taking a course in Domestic Science at the Lux School.
Lorien WELCH, June '16, is attending Heald's Business College.
Agnes LILLIS, June '16, and Amy LIEBENBAUER, June '14, are at Munson's Business College.
Marjorie BROOKS, June '16, and Ida SALSMAN, June '15, are at the Standard Business College.
Charlotte HALLEGO and Helen BRISCOE of December '15, and Mary McLEAN of June '14, have completed a course at Munson's Business College. Miss McLEAN is taking a P. G. course.
Vera GARDNER, June '15, having completed a P. G. course at G. H. S., is now attending University of California.
Ruth PATTERSON, June '15, is now a pupil of Miss Hamlin's School.
Hester WEBB, Viola NORDMAN and Margaret STEVENSON, former students of G. H. S., have graduated from the Lux School, having completed a two-years' course there.
After an absence of two years, Helene HICKMAN, June '12, is again attending University of California.

One of the recent marriages which has taken place in our immediate midst was that of Lucille NUCCOLS, June '16, to Mr. Martin A. CENTNER, head of the Latin Department of G. H. S.
Ethel FRANK of Dec. '11 is now Mrs. Arthur ROTH.
Hilda NETTER of Dec. '11 is married to Mr. F. SIMON.
Helen ROSENBERG, June '12, is now the wife of Mr. Sidney KAHN, a prominent business man of Oakland.
Dorothy MEYERS is now Mrs. Daniel ARONSON.
Evelyn De WOLF of Dec. '11 has announced her engagement to Mr. W. E. DAVIS, a graduate of University of California of the class of June '14. The wedding will take place December 16th, and the young couple will live in Lihue Kauai.
Ruth PROLL is now Mrs. James Wallace MARSH, and Vivia RADEVITCH, Mrs. Thomas DOZIER. Both brides were pupils of G. H. S.
Helen KUYKENDALL of the June '15 class is now Mrs. ROMAINE.
An engagement of Jessie COOK to Henry ROHR, and May SUYDAM to Harold BARKER have both been recently announced.
Veida WOOD, a former student of G. H. S., is now Mrs. Claire CROSSFIELD.

The home of Mrs. MICHELS, who was Irma STEIN of the June '08 class, has been made happy by the arrival of a baby boy.
Mrs. Oscar SCHILLING, who was Edith HOOPER of the June '12 class, has a daughter.
Mrs. W. G. WALKUP, who was Edith DICK of the June '09 class, is now the mother of Mary Elizabeth WALKUP.
Mrs. G. W. PRITCHARD, who was Amy DICK of the December '11 class, is the mother of Amy Elizabeth PRITCHARD.

"A posse ad esse."
"From possibility to actuality."

"Pep, ginger, steam,
December '16."

Tea Rose

Orange and Green

Source: Girls' High Journal, San Francisco, California, December 1916.

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