San Francisco Genealogy
Girls' High School, San Francisco
Senior Class and Faculty
June 1908

In Memoriam
Helen M. Thompson...
was a teacher in the Girls' High School 
for nearly two score years,
and was Head of the Department of English...

Ida Bernard
Florence Besthorne
Christina Bruce
Geraldine Byington
Rita Cahen
Blanche Carrau
Jessie Clyde
Estelle Coblentz
Sadie de Sousa
Mary Drady
Dorothy Duncombe
Emile Eckhoff
Louise Everett
Grace Faubel
Clara Forsberg
Lillian Franzoi
Dagmar Games
Selma Green
Jeannette Grunauer
Jessie Harper
Zela Harrell
Tessie Harris
Lena Hauss
Adele Henry
Fannie Hortenstine
May Lindsay
Mildred McEachern
Nina Moise
Edith Monteagle
Ruth Nathan
Gwendolyn Powers
Edna Riese
Rose Rosenthal
Constance Russell
Dagmar Scaylan
Gladys Smith
Ruth Squires
Genevieve Touhey
Helena Watson
Claire Wolf
Louise Zipf

Dr. A. W. Scott, Principal
Mrs. Mary Prag, Vice-Principal and Head of Department of History
George O. Mitchell, Head of Department of Science
Miss Fidelia Jewett, Head of Department of Mathematics
Miss Adeline B. Croyland, Head of Department of English
Martin A. Centner, Head of Department of Latin
Franz M. Goldstein, Head of Department of Drawing
Edward J. Dupuy, Head of Department of French
Miss Eleanor M. Owens, English
Miss Hattie L. Leszynsky, Mathematics (on leave of absence.)
Miss Caroline L. Hunt, Biology
Miss Sophia A. Hobe, History
Miss Laura Daniel, Algebra and Chemistry
Miss Clara M. Stark, Latin
Miss Nathalie Roth, English
William Zimmerman, German
Miss Blanche Leviele, History and French
Miss Edith Stevenson, History

Mrs. Mayborn has our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of her husband...
Miss Leszynsky has returned from her two years' trip abroad...
Elena at present sojourning on a ranch in Esmeralda County, Nevada...
Hazel Montgomery, Christmas '05, became Mrs. H. Helwig at the beginning of the year.
A number of our girls have recently graduated from Normal and are now teaching. Among these are May Murry, at Hearst; Florence McNeil, in Berkeley; and Nellie Sullivan.
The engagement and also the marriage of Etta Steinberg, ex '08 and Mr. E. Upchirch, have occurred during the past few months.
Another marriage...was that of Miss Florence Boyd and Dr. Richard Godfrey Broderick.
Dorothy Hill, Christmas '08, returned in April from her extended European trip...
Mrs. Bull, Class of '86, also returned recently...from...Germany...
The marriage of Hazel Lutz and Mr. Paul Shattuck took place in April.
...Miss Rachael Voorsanger, daughter of the late Rabbi Voorsanger, has passed away...
Corrine Gradwohl and Mr. Ulrich Ahronheim were married in April.
...Edna Middleton became the wife of Mr. C. F. Buckley.
The marriage of Viola Kowalsky and Mr. Simon Juda took place in New York on January 28.
Lottie Kehlenbeck, '07, left for New York...
The wedding of Geraldine Strickland, '06, and Dr. William Mason...on April 15...bridal party was composed of three former G. H. S. girls, Antoinette Miklau, Hazel Carrau, and Edna White.
The marriage of Miss Gertrude Wheeler, Class of  '97, and Mr. John Woods Princeton, N. J....
Miss Hazel Dorothy Green, '05, will leave for Honolulu... Anita Day, Editor of Christmas '07 Journal, and Mr. Cass Downing...
Gladys Bownman, Editor of June '07 Journal, became the wife of Rev. Chas. Hancock Forster on April 29...
During the past months, the following engagements have been announced: Marjory Smith, ex-'07, to Mr. Lawrence Maxwell Chapman...Relda Ford, June '06, to Mr. Fred V. Stott...Edna De Wolf, ' Mr. Wm. Walthall. It is of interest to note that Mr. Walthall is the brother of Bessie Walthall, a former Girls' High student.
...engagement of Miss Edna White to Mr. Joseph Jordan...
The class of June, '08, will be represented at both universities; at California by Rita Cahen, Jeannette Grunauer, Lena Hauss, Genevieve Touhey; at Stanford by Louise Everett, Grace Faubel, Nina Moise, Dagmar Games, and Gwendolyn Powers; at Normal by Christina Bruce and Clara Forsberg.

Source: Girls' High Journal, San Francisco, California, June 1908.

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