Source: LWL Life, Volume XVII, No. 1, Published by the students of the Lick, Wilmerding, and Lux Schools, San Francisco, California, December 1931.

EugeniaI. WILFERT, 1922
Director of the San Francisco Division of the Campfire Girls.

H.H. HILP, 1906
Works in a construction company in San Francisco.

Isabel Lightbody SAYLOR, 1914
Married with three small children.

Leo GIANINNI, 1917
Graduated from Stanford in 1921.

Dr. Frederick C. LONG, 1903
Graduated from the University of California in 19087, received him M.D. degree in 1910. Has practiced medicine for the last twenty years.

Dr. Alice Ah TYE, 1922
Has chosen dentistry as her life work.

Football coach at Washington State University.

Rosalie McBRIDE, December 1925
Graduated with honor from the San Francisco State University State Teachers' College. Presently teaching elementary grades at John Muir School.

Doris PRIDDLE, June 1928
Works in interior decorating shop of Mrs. Miriam M. COWEN.

AARON, December 1930
Attending Stanford

At California.

Returned to Lick Wilmerding Lux as Junior College students.

KLOPSTOCK, December 1930
Attending Polytechnic College of Engineering in Oakland.

DUPUIS, December 1930
A freshman and San Francisco University.

THOMPSON, December 1930
At San Francisco State Teachers College.

NIELSON, PONIG, L. PETERS, December 1930
Chemists for the Shell Oil Company.

MARTINET, December 1930
Working at Swift and Company.

SMITH, December 1930
Working for Pacific Coast Steel Company in South San Francisco,

VOGTMANN, December 1930
Working for Brau, Knecht, Heimann Company.

KNUDSEN, December 1930
Working with Firestone Tire Co.

TABLE, December 1930
Elevator operator in the Whitecotton Hotel in Berkeley.

N. PETERS, December 1930
Mining in Arizona.

FRANCESCHI, December 1930
Commercial artist with the Nelson School of Lettering and Commercial Art.

Cyril PATTERSON, June 1928
President of the Senior Class at the University of California.

Margaret WILSON, June 1930
Attending University of California.

Arthur AUSTIN,. December 1927
Elected into the Mathematics Honor Society, Phi Mu Epsilon.

Jack MADIEROS, December 1927
Attending Columbia University in New York.

Doris PRIDDLE, June 1928
Engaged to Robert Pratt, December 1925.

Mary PUE, December 1930
Engaged to Walter HOWATT, June 1929.

Source: LWL Life, Volume XVII, No. 2, Published by the students of the Lick, Wilmerding, and Lux Schools, San Francisco, California, December 1931.

June ALEXANDER, 1916
Married with three small children.

F.R. BOWLES, 1914
After a short term at Stanford in 1915, entered the US Navy and remained until 1919. After the war, associaterd with shipping repair company of Bowes and Andres, founded by his father. Not married, past master of the Order of the Mystic Shrine.

Grace WIENER, 1898
First student registered in the Lick school. Head of the San Bruno Community Center.

Charles J. KUCHEL, 1908
Two years after graduation from Lick, enetered the University of California for a course in elecrical engineering. From 1913 to 1920, with Great Western Power Company. Now in a partnership called Kuchel & Seivers Electric Company, founded in 1925.

Theodore MAAS, 1917
After graduation, went into officers' training school at Stanford. First employed as office boy for Bothin Real Estate Company, where he is now vice-president and general manager.

Carl MAAS, 1915
President of Judson Pacific Company.

Henry MAAS, 1920
Commercial artist in San Francisco.

Martha SAUER, 1927
Sells domestic and oriental rugs.

Samuel S. JACOBS, 1908
Chief draughtsman of American Can Company in San Francisco.

Beatrice BARRAGON, 1920
Immediately began teaching school in Hilton, California after graduation.

Milton J. KONETSKY, 1914
President and general manager of Reliance Truck and Trailer Company.

Have returned to Lick Wilmerding Lux as Junior College students.

Attending San Mateo Junior College.

MARKWART, June 1931
At the University of San Francisco.

ROSS, June 1931
At the University of California.

MOORE, June 1931
Attending business college.

OFFENBACH, June 1931
Will attend San Mateo Junior College.

Eloise GUNZEL, Kathryn SMITH, June 1931
Attending the State Teachers College.

Mary Ann MENGOLA, June 1931
At Dominican College.

Marion MERRILL, Audrey HERNAN, June 1931
Attending Lick Wilmerdin Lux as Junior College students.

Averne ARNTZ, June 1931
Traveling in the East.

Helen TOLHURST, June 1931
Traveling to the Philippine Islands.

Roka KANTERS, Olive GOE, Miriam BRENNAN, Dorothy SIKOSKI, Mildred WITT, June 1931

Claire FANCISCO, Luella TEAL, Dorothy ELDRUP, Agnes HANLON, June 1931
Studying nursing.

Pauline HAAS, Genevieve BYRNES, Mary FIGUEL, June 1931
Salesladies at City of Paris and the White House.

Evelyn WITATMASCK, Margaret QUISTGUARD, Miram DeGEAR, Charlotte BLACK, Robert SCOTT, June 1931
At home.

Marina MALONE, June 1931
Married Bill PRICE.

Leonella VENTURI, December 1928
Engaged to John KEHELLER.

Oliver PEAVEY, December 1927
Engaged to Frances SHEZPERD.

Ellen BUHMAN, December 1927
Engaged to Edward A. MOWLL.

Ruth WARD, December 1927
Engaged to Walter L. HACK.

Anna GRASSO, June 1929
Married G.B. LEWIS.

Eunice SCHIPFIERMAN, December 1928
Married B. GRETCHEL, Jr.

Clarice BUHMAN, December 1926
Married Friedrich MEYERS.

Arthur AUSTIN, December 1927
Irwin WETZEL, December 1927
Grace KEARNS, June 1925
Elected to membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

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