San Francisco Genealogy
Mission High School, San Francisco
Fall Class of 1940

Source:  The Mission, Fall 1940
Published by Students of the Class in Magazine Writing of Mission High School, San Francisco, California, Fall 1940

ACOSTA, Alfred "Slim." Plans on working in a service station.  Commercial major.  Likes boxing, Navy life.  No hobbies.
ACQUADOLCE, Olga "Babe." Commercial major.  Favorite amusements are tennis, dancing, baseball games.  Intends to work.
ALLARD, Dorothy "Dotty." Football games, dancing are favorite amusements.  Commercial major.  To attend business college.
ALLENE, Georgette "Georgie." French major.  Likes movies and reading.  Plans to be a beauty operator.
ANGEL, Marian "Angel." Household science major.  Likes ice skating, dancing, and movies.  Intends to be a dental nurse.
ARANDA, Maria History, science major.  C.S.F. Chess Club.  Likes to go to theatres and concerts.  Plans to be a nurse.
ARIAS, Concha "Connie." Has commercial major, G.E.G. Likes basketball, dancing.  Plans on attending business college.
ARRIGHI, Gloria "Glow." Likes swimming, movies, and dancing.  C.S.F.  The Mission. To follow secretarial work.
ASSORIAN, Isabel "Issie." Art guild.  Likes hiking, movies.  Collects phonograph records.  To work as saleslady.
AVILA, Joe "Red." Plans to attend S.F.J.C.  Shop major.  Block "M" Society.  Footbal and crew teams.  Likes to go to the movies.
BARTALINI, Dorothy "Dodo." Girls' Exec. Committe, Vice-President of student body.  Major science, Italian.  Attend U.C.  Valedictorian.
BARTHA, Carl Intends to work in machine shop.  Major shop.  Farovite amusement is roller skating and collects stamps.
BAXTER, Andrew "Andy." Commercial major.  Honor Soc.  Likes hiking and saves stamps.  Will attend night school.
BEGOLE, Henrietta "Mimi."  Ice skating.  Commercial major.  Hobbies are sewing, movies and swimming.  Likes to read.
BERTICEVICH, George "Lefty." Block "M" Society.  Football.  Major is mechanical drawing and shop.  Will attend school.
BESKIN, Marion "Dizzy."  Girls' Rec. Committee.  Major commercial.  Likes hiking and reading.  Go to S.F. Junior College.
BIANCONI, Dorthea "Dot."  Likes reading and dancing.  Major is commercial.  No hobby.  Go to business college or work.
BIRKETT, Helen Girls' Rec. Committee.  History major.  Hobby is collecting ods and ends.  Likes swimming.  To attend J.C.
BJORMAN, Richard "Dick."  Commer. Law Club.  Traffic squad.  Major is commercial.  Likes photography.  Plans to attend J.C.
BLICK, Raymond "Ray."  R.O.T.C. Sgt.  Chess Club.  Major mathematics and mech. drawing.  Likes movies and saves everything.
BOLOTIN, Jim "Bal."  Majors are mech. drawing and shop.  Likes to build airplanes, and swim.  To attend Samuel Gompers.
BONNICE, Rose To attend S.F.J.C.  Commercial major.  Received Block "M" in baseball.  L4 Vice-President.  Will do office work.
BORDENAVE, Georgette "George."  Plans are to attend Heald's Business College.  Commercial major.  Likes photography.
HORNER, [sic.] Harry
"Horse."  Shop major, baseball, basketball, captain;  Block "M" Society.  Basketball manager.  To attend J.C.
BOZANT, Jack History major.  Plans to be a watchmaker.  Active in Chess and Commercial Law Clubs.  Hobby is collecting coins.
BRODE, Marie "Slats."  Will attend business school.  Commercial major.  Likes to swim.  Dance band and orchestra.
BROOKS, Calvin Majored in commercial, history and shop.  Plans to be an Army surgeon.  Active in basketball and track.
BUCKHOLZ, Evelyn "Evey."  Majored in commercial.  Will attend business college.  Plays basketball, collects stamps.
BULLWINKEL, Robert "Bob."  Our student body president.  Championship baseball pitcher and pro prospect.  History major.
BURNS, James "Jimmie."  Majored in mathematics and history.  Intends to be a sheet metal worker.  Likes to go to movies.
BUZER, William "Buzy."  Majored in history, Spanish, French.  2nd Lt. R.O.T.C.  If possible will go to West Point.
CAIN, June "Babe."  Commercial major.  Intends to work in an office.  Likes to go dancing, but has no hobbies.
CALEGARI, William "Smiley."  Majored in Italian.  Intends to play baseball.  Hobbies are baseball and seeing movies.
CALEY, Elizabeth "Beth."  History major.  Likes tennis and movies.  Collects phonograph records.  Plans to attend S.F.J.C.
CARLSON, Lorraine "Lore."  Library assistant.  Traffic.  Likes movies and sports.  History major.  Will take up civil service.
CARAS, Peggy "Peg."  Household science major.  Type of career, beauty operator.  Likes dancing and skating.  Girls' traffic.
CARNEVALE, Arthur "Art."  Likes swimming, hunting and fishing.  Collects coints.  Shop major.  He plans to be a mechanic.
CARPOFF, Jean "Carpy."  Library assistant.  Dramatics.  Likes dancing.  Household science major.  Plans to attend beauty school.
CASILLAS, Theresa "Tessie."  Commercial major.  Likes the movies.  Collects bird pictures.  Will study to be a stenographer.
CASSE, Bill Mathematics and science major.  Likes swimming and motorcycling.  Will finish Grompers and take up aeronautics.
CASSIDY, Jack Math major.  Locker crew.  The Mission.  Will work after graduation.
CASTELLI, Louis "Dynamite."  Shop and history major.  Likes movies and dancing.  Plants to attend civil service class.
CAVAILLE, Rene "Baby Face."  Plans to go to S.F.J.C.  History major.  Plants to do hotel work.  Block "M" for football and crew.
CHEECHOV, Jack "Ace."  Likes phtography and reading.  History major.  Plans to go to work after graduation.
CHOY, Lola Commercial major.  Likes movies.  Collects match covers.  Will attend Marin J.C. and take up office work.
CHUCK, Richard "Chucky."  Likes history and photography.  Science and shop major.  Builds model airplanes.  Attend Gompers.
CLARKE, Thelma "Tem."  History major.  Likes dancing and collects records.  Drama and The Mission.  To go to San Jose State.
COFFIN, Marjean "Blondie."  Will attend S.F. State.  Likes to dance.  Girls' Executive Com.  H3 vice-president.  Math. major.
COLOMBANA, Angie Attend business college.  Circle "M" baseball and voleyball.  Hobbies are dancing, hiking, and movies.
CONLEY, George "Con."  History major.  R.O.T.C. Sgt.  To follow photography career.  C.S.F. member.  Chess club.
COOK, Dorothy "Cookie."  Amusement is movies.  French major.  To study music.  Office messenger.  Girls' Traffic Committee.
CORDELLOS, Lambro Mechanical drawing major. Received Block "M" in football.  Plans to work as a clerk.
CRACKBON, Jeanette "Crackie."  Editor of The Mission.  Exec. Committee.  Collects novelties.  Likes auto races.  Commercial major.
CROSBY, Evelyn Mathematics and science majors.  Likes movies as favorite amusement.  Plans a career as homekeeper.
CUARESMA, Norma "Ducky."  Com. maj.  To go to S.F.J.C.  Enjoys swimming and dancing.  Would like to work as bookkeeper.
DANA, Leo Chief Justice.  Bear Society.  C.S.F.  Chess Club.  Likes to read and play tennis.  To attend U.C.  Career as C.P.A.
DEAN, George Commercial major.  Chess Club.  German Club.  The Mission.  Hobby is collecting stamps.  Intends to work.
DEBB, Frank History and shop major.  Hobby is fixing old cars.  Intends to work for a plumbing outfit.
DEGRAZIA, Yolanda "Lanny."  Commercial major.  Movies are favorite amusement.  Plants to attend beauty culture school.
DEMPSEY, Helen History major.  C.S.F.  The Mission.  Likes swimming, dancing and movies.  Plans to attend S.F.J.C.
DAPREDA, Lavinia "Osky."  History major.  Hobby is collecting match covers and stamps.  Plans to be a beauty operator.
De RAAD, Albertus "Al."  Second Lieutenant in R.O.T.C.  Favorite amusements are sailing and movies.  Will attend S.F.J.C.
DESONTI, Vasco Italian major.  Likes movies, sports.  Plans to work after graduation.  No special hobbies or amusements.
DESCALZI, Gemma "Gem."  Italian major.  Likes dancing and swimming.  Plans to attend art school.
DE SOTO, California "Cal."  Commercial major.  West Wing.  Traffic Squad.  Plans to attend S.F.J.C.
DILLON, Agnes "Chub."  Commercial major.  Basketball.  Glee.  Favorite sport is baseball.  Plans to attend a business college.
DONDERO, Matilda "Tillie."  Commercial major.  Block "M"  Rec. Sec. Executive Com.  Likes swimming.  Go to beauty school.
DORIGO, Lydia "Sunny."  Spanish major.  The Mission.  Tri-Y Pres.  Atten. clerk.  Executive Committee.  To go to S.F.J.C.
DOUGHERTY, George "Bunk."  German major.  Cafeteria.  Hobby is butterflies.  Plans to work.  Civil Service.
DOUGLAS, Patricia "Pat."  French major.  Drama.  Hobby is photography.  Likes the movies.  To go to S.F.J.C.
DUNN, Andrew "Red."  Commercial Law Club.  Cafe.  Likes photography and movies.  To attend Stanford.  To be a machinist.
ERICKSON, Kenneth "Ken."  Spanish major.  California Scholarship Society.  Camera and Chess Clubs.  Com. Honor Society.  Exec. Com.  Salutatorian.
ESCHOW, Lilly "Rush."  Girls' Rec. Com.  Badminton.  Likes to sing.  Commercial and history major.  To go to business college.
ESTRELLA, Rafael "Kiko."  Mechanical drawing major.  Likes photography and dancing.  To go to S.F.J.C.
EVANS, Bob Shop major.  Plants to be a machinist.  Favorite amusement is ice skating.  Has no hobbies.  Likes to play tennis.
FAVA, Richard "Rich."  Traffic Squad.  Shop major.  Likes to drive automobiles.  Will try to secure a position in a shop.
FETNER, Helen "Rusty."  Office messenger.  Detention work.  Commercial and math major.  Likes movies.  Plans to do sales work.
FILIOS, Nick "Fick."  Cafe.  German Club.  Library assistant.  No hobbies.  Undecided career.
FISHER, David "Romeo."  History and shop major.  Plants to work at gardening.  Gollects stamps.  Likes baseball and movies.
FLORES, Arthur "Art."  Baseball.  Cafe.  History major.  To go to St. Mary's.  Likes basebnall.  Block "M".  To be a gym teacher.
FLYNN, William Shop major.  Plans to do mechanical work.  Likes hiking.  Plans to go to night school.
FOOTE, Susan "Sue."  Baseball.  Basketball.  Block "M".  Soc.  Tennis.  Volleyball.  Commercial Law Club.  History maj.  Likes movies.
FORBES, Kenneth History, art major.  Art guild.  Likes hiking.  Plans to go to night school.
FORENCICH, Frank "Friendships."  Shop major.  Intends to take a welding course.  Likes to play football and baseball.
FRASSETTO, Edward Block "M" Society.  Cafe.  Football.  High 4 President.  Science and French major.  Go to college.
FREY, Kay "Frenchie."  Commercial major.  Likes swimming, dancing.  Commercial Honor Soc.  Com. Law Club.  Secretarial work.
GALDIN, George "Curly."  Math and mech. draw. major.  Adv. Math Hon. Society.  Locker Crew.  Collects stamps.  Go to J.C.
GALIATA, Doris "Doe."  Italian major.  Controller asst.  Basketball.  Likes movies.  Plans to attend S.F. State.
GALU, Philip "Phil."  Italian major.  Collects stamps.  Likes horseback riding.  Will attend San Francisco Junior College.
GARCIA, William "Bill."  Spanish, commercial major.  Block "M".  Soccer.  Crew. Likes jitterbug music.  Will attend S.F.J.C.
GARCIA, Wallace "Wally."  Com. major.  Likes the movies.  Favorite amusement is hiking.  To be State Highway Patrol officer.
GAUDY, William "Bill."  History major.  Traffic squad.  Likes sailing, hiking and modeling.  Will attend Samuel Gompers.
GAVIGLIO, Edward "Ed."  Italian major.  Football 2, 3.  Hobby is hunting.  Likes movies and hiking.  Will attend S.F.J.C.
GAVIGLIO, Natalie Commercial major.  Favorite hobby is photography.  Likes movies.  Future occupation, beauty operator.
GAVIGLIO, Nathan "Nate."  History and Italian major.  Football 2,3.  Likes to attend movies.  Plans to go to S.F.J.C.
GERSH, Lois "Lo."  Commercial major.  Plans to have further training in dancing.  Planning her career as original dancing.
GILBERT, Dorothy "Dottie."  Office messenger.  Girls' Council.  Plans to attend business college.  Likes to swim and dance.
GOLDBECK, Charlie "Goldie."  Shop major.  Block "M" for track.  Likes dancing.  Yell leader in the L4.  To attend U.C.
GOMEZ, Monica "Moni."  C.H.S.  A Cappella Choir.  Commerc. major.  Wants sales work.  Collects souvenirs.  Likes football games.
GRAHAM, Dolly "Mae."  C.S.F.  Library assistant.  Likes ice skating, movies.  Collects snapshots of friends.  Commer. major.
GRANDI, Bernice "Niece."  Office messenger.  History major.  Basketball Block "M"  Likes movies, riding.  Plans to work.
GRASSO, Stephen "Big Steve."  History major.  Wants a civil service job.  Will attend S.F.J.C.  Likes sports and movies.
GRAY, Gloria
"Glo."  Circle and Block "M", Girls Exec. Rec. Committee.  C.S.F.  French and history major.  Will attend U.C.
GREER, James
"Jim."  Orch.  Commercial and history major.  Likes to loaf.  Wants army carrer. (Officer in army or reserves.)
GRUICH, Branko
"Brank."  History, mech. drawing, math majors.  Likes fishing.  To study mechanical drafting at Cogwell.
HADLICH, Barbara
"Bobbie."  Controller's assistant.  History major.  Will work one year, then marry.  Likes swimming.
HAGE, Richard
"Dick."  History and science major.  R.O.T.C.  Likes to draw and go to movies.  To be a draftsman.  Attend S.F.J.C.
"Bud."  Commercial and history major.  Likes photography and enjoys swimming.  To work upon graduation.
"Dot."  C.H.S.  Office mess.  To study for civil service position.  To be a secretary.
German Club.  Likes the movies and reading.  Plans to go to J.C. and follow a nursing career.
"Red."  Commer. major.  Locker crew.  Off. mess.  Lib. Asst.  Likes dancing and swimming.  Hobby is photography.
HANSEN, Richard
"Dick."  Music major.  Likes movies and photography.  Plans to follow a music career at U.C.
HEINEY, Robert
"Bob."  Traffic squad.  History major.  Likes fishing, skating and movies.  Plans to attend trade school.
"Del."  Likes dancing and basketball.  Intends to work in commercial field as a typist.  Block "M".
"Kid."  Commer. major.  Likes hiking and swimming and radio work.  Will work as a radio operator.
Major art.  Plans to go to night college and be an illustrator.  Art Guild.  Hobbies are art and drama.
History and math major.  Math.  Honor soc.  C.S.F.  Chess Clubb.  Will attend S.F.J.C. and U.C.  Likes movies.
"Inch."  History major.  Block "M" for basketball.  Plans to follow sports as a career.
"Tut."  Shop and math majors.  R.O.T.C. Sergeant.  Traffic squad.  Locker Crew.  Will take an aeronautical cours.
HUGHES, Lorraine
"Lorr."  Commercial major.  Office messenger.  The Mission.  Likes movies.  Will become a stenographer.
IVES, Marian
History major.  C.S.F.  Advances Math.  H2 Sec.  G.E.G.  Managing Ed. of The Mission.  To attend J.C. and Cal.
"Hank."  Commercial major.  Traffic squad.  R.O.T.C.  Likes commercial work and will attend business school.
"Polly."  Commercial major.  Debating Club.  Latin Club.  Will study business at San Francisco Junior College.
JUHL, Vibeke
"Vee."  Commercial major.  Likes movies.  To attend S.F.J.C. and she plans to do sales work upon graduation.
JUNG, Ebert
Advanced Math.  Honor Society.  C.S.F.  Math major.  Plans to study engineering at University of California.
"Gabby."  Commercial major  Girls Rec. Committee.  Traffic.  Bank clerk.  To attend business college.
Intends to go to S.F.J.C.  Commer. major.  Likes to play tennis.  Plans to follow a commercial career.
Commercial major.  West Wing reporter  Plans to work.  Glee Club.  Traffic squad.  Likes movies.
KEHOE, Margaret
"Maggie."  History major.  Bank clerk.  The Mission.  Ice skating.  Likes movies.  Tri-Y Club.
KENISON, Marguerite
"Maggie."  History major.  To go to San Franicsco Junior College.  First aid assistant.  Spotlight Club.
History major.  Auditorium detail.  Dramatics.  Likes swimming and bike riding.  Plans to work.
Math and shop major.  Plans to attend San Francisco J.C. or Samuel Gompers Trade School.  Traffic squad.
KNAUSE, Dorothy
Math major.  Commercial Law Club.  Intends to go to college.  Likes tennis, hiking and reading.
KNOWLES, Richard
"Dick."  History and mathematics major.  Enjoys swimming.  Plans to go to San Francisco Junior College.
KREIG, Eugene
Cafe.  History major.  The Mission.  Likes movies.  Camera Club.  Plants to attend California.
"Brang."  Shop major.  Collects stamps and match covers.  Office messenger.  To join the Navy.
"Apple Mary."  Office messenger.  Major is commercial.  Pl.ans to go to beauty school.  Likes photography.
"Mad Russian."  Block "M" footbal.  Majored in math.  Plans to work.  Likes swimming and dancing.
Reserve Officers Training Corps Captain.  Will leave for active duty soon.
LAW, William
Majored in shop.  Member of Chinese Club.  Plans to attend Cogswell.  Likes photography, hiking, basketball.
LEE, Morris
Majored in history.  Plans to attend the San Francisco Junior College.  Main interest is in aviation industry.
LEON, Lilliam
"Lill."  Major is Spanish.  Wants to be a dressmaker and designer.  Likes dancing, movies.  Office messenger.
Majored in mathematics.  Plans to go to San Francisco Junior College after graduation.
LEONG, Virginia
"Leongie."  Majored in commercial.  Will go to San Francisco Junior College.  Likes movies and basketball.
"Lew."  Majored in shop.  Plans to go to work.  Favorite amusements are movies and hiking.  Traffic squad.
"Chet."  Majored in history.  Wants to go to work or enter the military.  Likes to read poetry.
LOFTUS, Gladys
"Happy."  Majored in math, science, Spanish.  Will attend University of California.  Member of Chess Club.  C.S.F.
LOUHOO, Jacques
"Jack."  French Club.  Commercial major.  Enjoys movies.  Plants to attend business college.
LOZA, Jose
"Joe."  Shop major.  Hobby is photography.  Likes to attend movies.  Ambition is to become an expert mechanic.
LUND, Claire
Household science major.  Saves greeting cards.  Likes movies.  Will attend art school or work.
"Gunne."  Baseball, volleyball.  Girls Rec. Comm.  C.H.S.  Commercial major.  Likes to hike.
MAGAURN, Patricia
"Patty."  Counselor's assistant.  Art major.  Hobby is drawing.  Plants to be an artist.
"Midge."  Girls Coucil.  Office mess.  Commercial major.  Likes bowling.  Will attend comptometer school.
MARTIN, Marguerite
Chess Club.  Library Assistant.  Majored in history and math.  Hobby is singing.  Plans to go to U.C.
MATTOS, Dorothy
"Dotty."  Baseball. Spotlight Club.  Music major.  Likes to design clothes.  Plans a music career.
McARTHUR, George
"Mac."  Art Guild.  Projection staff.  Majored in art and mechanical drawing.  Plans to take an art course.
"Mac."  R.O.T.C. Sgt.   West WingQuill and Scroll.  Debating.  Major is history.  Will attend S.F.J.C.
McCARTHY, Edward
"Speed."  History major.  Plans to attend San Francisco J.C. and U.C.  Likes swimming.  Varsity tract captain.
McCORMACK, Gertrude
"Sis."  Commer. major.  Plans to follow a commercial career.  Likes dancing and ice skating.
McDONALD, Frances
"Pat."  History major.  Will go to S.F.J.C. and U.C.  Spotlight Club.  Dance band.  Singing is hobby.
McMAHON, Patricia
"Pat."  Commercial major.  Will work.  Likes dancing.  Favorite sport is badminton.  C.S.F.  Circle "M".
"Al."  Commercial major.  Will to to S.F.J.C.  Favorite amusement is baseball.  120-pound basketball team.
"Blad."  Commer. and math major.  Will work after graduation.  Likes dancing and swimming.  Off. messenger.
"Baci."  Italian major.  Likes music and swimming.  Plans to follow a musical career or work after graduation.
Commercial major.  Favorite amusement is to fence.  Will go on with dramatics or radio acting.  Attend. clerk.
History major.  Will attend S.F.J.C. and then S.F. State.  Likes movies and basseball games.  Wond Circle "M".
"Curley."  Plans to attend trade school.  Would like to work as mechanic or welder.  Basketball.
Library assistant.  Likes skating and dancing.  Commercial major.  Will attend beauty school and then work.
MORAN, Julie
"Midge."  Girls Rec. Comm.  Likes to dance and hike.  Locker Crew.  Collects charms.  Will be a cosmetologist.
"J.P."  Commercial major.  Likes to play baseball and other sports.  Intends to work in the commercial field.
"Moon."  Shop major.  Crew.  Football.  Likes to read the funnies and sports.  Will do civil service work or J.C.
"Mud."  History major.  Likes to swim, and save stamps.  Enjoys movies.  Chess Club.  Will work in grocery.
MOUNT, Shirley
"Shirl."  Commer. and art major.  Likes skating and dress designing.  Will attend dress designing school.
MUTI, Albert
History major.  Commercial Law Club.  Likes hiking.  Soccer.  Track.  Block "M" Soc.  To work in trunk factory.
NEECE, Clara
History major.  The Mission.  Likes Badminton.  L3 Sec.  G.E.B.  Block "M" Soc.  Locker Crew.  Will attend college.
NEIGER, Estelle
"Stella."  Commer. major.  C.S.F.  C.H.S.  G.E.B.  Baseball.  Basketball.  Likes dancing.  To attend Bradbury's.
"Jaynie."  Commer. major.  Bank clerk.  Ice skating.  Basketball.  Swimming.  Will attend business college.
NELSON, Jeanette
Favorite amusement reading.  To go to work.  She plans to follow saleswork.  Has no hobbies.
NOONAN, Dorothy
"Dot."  History major.  Hobby is stamp collecting.  To attend San Francisco State.  Likes swimming.
NORBERG, Constance
"Connie."  Major subject is history.  To attend business college.  Basketball favorite sport.
"Jeanie."  Likes movies.  Baseball is favorite sport.  Glee Club. Plans to be a secretary.  Office messenger.
Enjoys swimming, ice skating.  A Commer. Law Club member.  To follow up mechanical drawing.
O'BRIEN, Eleanor
To be a stenographer.  Plans to attend business college.  Commercial major.
Major in history, math.  To go to San Fran. J.C.  Block "M".  Photography and movies are his hobbies.
O'KEEFE, Edward
History major.  To take course in commercial.  Photography, movies, tennis are his hobbies.  Chess Club.
O'LEARY, Edith
"E."  Majors in commercial.  Collects match covers.  Likes movies.  To do commercial work.
"Lou."  Art Guild.  To attend a beauty school.  Likes movies.  Plans to be a beauty operator.
OLSON, Arvid
Crew.  Received Block "M" in football.  Likes movies.  History and Spanish majors.  Will attend J.C. and then Cal.
OTIS, Margaret
"Porky."  Major commercial.  Intends to go to S.F.J.C.  Art Guild.  Exec. Committee.  Ice skating.  Likes dancing.
PAGONIS, Dorothy
"Jiggs."  The Mission.  Plans to attend business college.  Bank clerk.  Tri-Y.  Hobby, dance bids.
PANE, Albert
"Al."  Science major.  Has Block "M".  Sports take up his spare time.  Chemistry is to be his career.
Commercial major. Office messenger.  Commercial Honor Soc.  Likes tennis.  To attend business college.
"Fifi."  Household science major.  Likes bowling and reading magazines.  To attend beauty school.
"Pat."  Commercial major.  The Mission.  R.O.T.C.  Traffic squad.  Enjoys reading and playing golf.  To go to S.F.J.C.
"Mouse."  Math major.  Locker Crew.  Camera Club.  Likes photography and autos.  Plans to work as engineer.
"Joe."  Major history, math, language.  Plants to attend S.F. State for dentistry.  Likes to hike and read.
"Aim."  Major history.  Block "M" Soc.  Will play professional baseball.  Amusements are reading and baseball.
PEARSON, Theodore
"Ted."  Major history.  Hobbies are stamps, coins.  Like hiking.  Plans to work as aircraft mechanic.
"Pete."  Likes sailing and movies.  Plans to work as a marine engineer.  Majoring in history.
Majoring in history.  Plans to drive a truck.  Cafeteria assistant.  Traffic squad.  He likes the movies.
History major.  Plans to attend business school and do commercial work.  Office messenger.  Likes to dance.
PFANN, Marie
"Mimi."  Plans to attend night school for typing and shortmand.  Likes hiking.  Wants to be a secretary.
"Tiny."  Major, music and cabinet shop.  Plans to work for Douglas Aircraft.  Member of Block "M"  R.O.T.C. Sgt.
Major history.  R.O.T.C. Capt.  Plans to attend San Francisco J.C.  Likes ice skating.  Work as an enbalmer.
QUENTIN, Dorothy
Plans to work as sales person.  Major is commercial.  Likes tennis, swimming.  Controller's assistant.
"Lou."  Spanish major.  After graduation plans to work.  Hobby is photography.  Likes the movies.  Career uncertain.
Marjors are mechanical drawing and shop.  Likes hiking and movies.  Hobby is photography.  Plans to be a draftsman.
Comm. and history major.  Served on Rec. Comm. and Traffic.  Plans to marry upon graduation.  Likes dancing.
REED, Dorothy
"Dot."  Commer. major.  S.B. Fin. Sec.  Exec. and Rec. Comm.  Worked in office and bank.  Plans to be a secretary.
RILEY, Dorothy
"Blondie."  Commer. and Spanish major.  Will attend business college.  Office messenger.  Plays piano.
RILEY, Marjorie.
"Midge."  History and Spanish major.  Block "M".  Will go to U.C.  Likes ices skating and all sports.
ROBINSON, Clifford
"Freddy."  History major.  Will attend S.F.J.C.  Traffic.  Tennis.  Will study civil service work.
RODGERS, Frances
"Fran."  History major.  Glee Club.  Will go to junior college and take up nursing.  Likes hiking.
"Rodie."  Spanish Major.  Interest is in music.  A Cappella Choir.  Plans to be a radio singer.
ROSA, Mony
Majored in Italian and history.  She plans to study beauty culture.  Likes to swim and to play the piano.
"Speed."  Majored in Italian.  Plans to go to work.  Received Block "M" for baseball.  Collects match covers.
ROUNDS, Barbara
"Bobby."  Commercial major.  Will go to business college.  Enjoys movies and dancing.  Collects stamps.
"Curly."  History major.  Will go to San Francisco Junior College or California.  Hobby is photography.
"Ann."  Commercial major.  Hobby, stamps.  Favorite amusement, reading.  Will work in office.
Is low senior.  Member of The Mission staff.  Will graduate in June.
Mechanical drawing and shop major.  Hobby is coin collecting.  Likes hiking.  Will go to trade school.
SCHOLZ, Richard
"Dick."  Commercial and music majors.  R.O.T.C. first lieutenant.  Dance Band.  Will go to S.F.J.C. and USF.
First aid assistant.  Favorite amusement is movies.  Attendance clerk.  Will to go Heald's Business College.
"Seek."  Favorite amusement is movies.  Hobby is collecting coins.  Shop major.  Plans to work in a shop.
"Rosie."  Will go to business college or work. Commercial major.  Hobbies, photography and collects match covers.
Shop major.  Saves Coca Cola bottles.  Crew.  Will work in merchant marine.  Plans to take up welding.
"Frenchy."  History and French major.  R.O.T.C. corporal.  Hobby is ship modeling.  Will go in civil service.
SIEH, Frank
"Tiny."  History major.  Collects stamps.  Likes sports.  R.O.T.C. private.  Will join Navy.  Plans to do engineering.
History major.  Likes movies.  Plans to go to S.F.J.C.  Will be P.B.X. operator.  Likes ice skating.  Block "M".
SOSA, Arthur
"Art."  History and Shop major.  Will go to S.F.J.C.  Likes dancing and movies.  Will be a lithographer.
SOSA, Lillian
"Lil."  Comm. major.  Off. Mess.  Baseball and voleyball.   Likes movies.  Will work or will attend S.F.J.C.
Major, shop.  Favorite amusement is hiking and stamp collecting is his hobby.  Plans to be a sheet metal worker.
"Chuck."  Commercial major.  Likes baseball.  To be an accountant.  To attend night school.
"Art."  Commercial major.  Bank clerk.    Cafeteria assistant.  Will go to business college or work.
"Shrimp."  Music major.  Orchestra.  Glee Club. Will teach music.  Plans to attend the College of the Pacific.
STEELE, Shirley
Art major.  Ice skating.  Likes movies and sewing.  She plans to attend art school and be an artist.
"Monk."  History major.  Boys traffic.  Collects snapshots.  Will go to S.F.J.C.  Will take civil service.
"Plite."  History major.  Dance committee.  Detention room.  Block "M"  Rec. Comm.  Will go to business college.
"Jack."  History major.  C.S.F. and Hi-Y.  Hobbies are stamps and coins.  Plans to go to J.C. and study law.
"Boob."  Math major.  May join the Navy or follow newspaper business.  Hobby is photography.
Majors, commercial and art.  Track and basketball.  Plans on going to junior college.  Wants a commercial job.
SUTTER, Walter
"Walt."  Commercial major.  Baseball team.  Likes the movies.  Intends to go to J.C.  Will work after graduation.
"Trousers."  Math major.  R.O.T.C.  On basketball squad.  To go to U.C. and later Annapolis for Navy.
"Edie."  Commercial major.  In Glee Club.  Hobby, collecting pictures.  Will follow commercial or office work.
Majored in history and shop.  On football and basketball teams.  Block "M"  To learn woodwork at trade school.
History major.  On traffic squad.  Dancing is his hobby.  Likes the movies.  Will find job after graduating.
"Mae."  Commercial major.  Her hobby is stamps.  Likes movies, and dancing.  To be a beauty operator.
TROY, Aurilla
"Red."  History major.  LIkes movies and baseball.  Salesmanship is to be her goal after graduation.
TRUE, Everett
"Mousey."  Math major.  To enter S.F.J.C.  Likes swimming and movies.  Will follow aviation as career.
"Slim."  History major.  To enter S.F.J.C.  No hobbies.  Plays football.  Enjoys hiking.  Will work in store.
Commercial major.  Commercial Law Club.  Dramatics.  Hobby is sewing.  To be a food demonstrator.
Spanish major.  Wants to join the Navy.  His favorite amusements are sports.  To follow printing.
"Bob."  Math major.  Proj. staff.  To enter J.C.  Hobbies are flying, photography, models.  To be engineer.
WALSH, Beatrice
"Bea."  Science major.  California Schol. Society.  Cafe.  Hobbies are scrap books, skating.  To attend S.F.J.C.
"Wolf."  C.S.F. Pres.  Math, Spanish major.  Executive Committee.  Captain R.O.T.C.  To attend Annapolis or U.C.
"Wegie."  Football.  Projection staff.  Camera Club.  Math and mech. drawing major.  Plans to be a draftsman.
Commer. major.  Collects match covers.  Enjoys dancing, swimming, skating and movies.  To attend bus. sch.
WELLS, Harriet
"Harry."  History major.  Tennis, volleyball and The Mission.  Collects phonograph records.  Will work.
"Bob."  Music major.  Sees many movies.  Plans to attend San Francisco State.  Will follow music as  career.
WHITE, Russell
"Whitie."  Commercial major.  R.O.T.C. Sgt.  Glee Club.  Likes hiking, and saving stamps.  To attend S.F.J.C.
"Bets."  History major.  Attend business college.  Collects movie stars' pictures.  Pastime, dancing.
"Wick."  History major.  R.O.T.C. Lt. Col.  Likes to hitch hike, travel.  Will go to work.
WILSON, Leanore
"Lee."  Spanish major.  Commercial Honor Society.  Office messenger.  Likes dancing.  To attend S.F.J.C.
WINWARD, Juanita
"Lucky."  Household science major.  Collects pictures.  Will attend a beauty school.
"E."  Commercial major.  Block "M"  Likes dancing, sports.  Seeks dietician career.  To attend S.F.J.C.
WOLFF, Dorothy
"Dottie."  History major.  Block "M" Society.  Baseball, volleyball.  Likes swimming.  To attend S.F.J.C.
WRIGHT, Evelyn
"Ev."  COmmercial major.  Hobby is photography.  Likes swimming.  WIll attend S.F.J.C.
"Pinky."  History, shop major.  Likes dancing and swimming.  Foorball.  To work in a plumbing shop.
"Speed."  Commer. major.  Girls Exec. Rec. Comm.  Likes dancing and hiking.  Plans to attend business college.
"Vicki."  Commercial major.  Enjoys portrai painting and dancing.  She plans to go into office work as typist.
ZITO, Ettrue
"Eddie."  Majors in shop.  Favorite hobby is collecting coins.  Enjoys going to movies.  Plans to go to work.
"Happy."  Has commercial major.  Glee Club.  Boys traffic.  Plans to go to college or join the Navy.
ZUFFI, Rinaldo
"Botch."  History and Shop majro.  Likes music and movies.  Intends to be a carpenter and own his own shop.

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