Source: Polytechnic Journal, Volume 25, Number 2, Fall 1932
Published by the Journal Class of Polytechnic High School, San Francisco, California, Fall 1932.
Thank you to Nancy Katz for submitting this material, in memory of her mother, Bernice (Fross) Miller.

Margaret FLAGG ANGERSON has achieved the distinction of having three of her poems accepted for a forthcoming anthology of California verse. She promises to present a copy to our library as soon as it is published.

The Russian Soviet Government has appointed Zara WITKIN to a very important post. His duty is to rationalize the entire building program for the second five-year plan by standardizing the designs and materials for all construction work.

Julius GOLDSAND who was chiefly known at Poly for his cartooning forsook art for medicine and is now practising in San Francisco.

Richard LAIST's engagement to Olga GASTALDI was announced in September.

After spending several years in the East and graduating from a St. Louis dental school and getting married 'n everything, Raymond EDLIN has returned to San Francisco to open an office and to specialize in children's work.

Albert ELLEDGE has opened law offices in South San Francisco.

Muriel DONELSON was recently married to Warrn BRUNNER.

Estelle FINSTERBUSH owns and operates the Magazin de Blanc on Sutter Street.

Ann CATCHING was married to Fred HERBST in Reno this summer.

William YUVAN, a member of the Poly "wonder team" of '23, has recently joined the sales force of the Equitable Life Insurance Co. where he has already made quite a reputation for himself and has been rewarded with a trip East to the home office. He is ambitious to reach the standard set by James HAMILL '17 during his first year with the same company.

Fred LINDGREN, another member of the same football team, is working for the El Paso (Texas) Radio Service Co.

William BROCK, Student Body President of his year, has been with the Shell Oil Co. ever since graduation. He has been promoted steadily until now he holds a responsible position with headquarters in Monterey.

Allanor GORNY, after taking a master's degree in art at U.C., is now in Europe traveling and studying under a Bertha Taussig scholarship.

Dick GYSELMAN is a member of the Mission baseball team.

Charles WRIGHT has received his lieutenant's commission and will become an active part of Uncle Sam's public health service attached to the dental department at the Marine Hospital.

Lawrence BEHLER is on the staff of the Call-Bulletin. He has been married more than two years.

Bob FARINA is at the College of the Pacific where he is playing football along with Carl BROWN '27.

John LUHMAN works for the California Rubber Co. He also belongs to the California Grays.

Ben BAIZER is married to Fania GAY, and Eleanor CHARTRAND is now the wife of Matthew LEWIS, Jr.

Edwin ROBINSON, former Student Body president, is with the Schwabacher-Frey Co.

Ralph CASTBERG works for the Crown Willamette Paper Co.

Paul KAUFNER is an artist.

Bud SADDLER is an interior decorator.

Maurice BALDWIN, captain of the '27 football team, plays center on the U.C. Varsity.

Hal DUNKER, as a member of the Washington State team, placed first in the javelin throw.

Denise PRUDHOMME and Dorothy CONNER are both married; the former to Marvin LEON, and the latter to James NOUNAN.

Walter MOORE is at the Crocker Bank, and Vernon ODGERS helps along the Bank of California.

Joe PAREDES is working for an export firm.

Henry DIECKMAN is in the printing business, while John HUBBARD supplies paper.

Paul ZINNER and Charles McCARTHY are at the Oakland Polytechnic College of Engineering. Paul and his inseparable, Francis SANKEY, are planning to work a mine in Trinity County next summer.

After spending two years at Marin Junior, Bill FEILING is now at Stanford. With brother Bob '31 at Cal., there is plenty of opportunity for family differences.

Robert DORNIN is nearing the end of his course at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Paul KELMAN is another Poly boy who has entered the ranks of professional ball players. He is with the Missions.

Wilbur JONES plays football, but not professionally; he is on the LaVerne college team.

Jack RHODE is studying journalism at U.S.F.

Milo QUISLING went to San Mateo J.C. after leaving Poly. From there he transferred to Cal. and is now an outstanding candidate for a backfield position on Sailor Bill's varsity.

Barbara PEVERELLI has picked out a shorter name for herself and is now Mrs. LYONS.

Karl KALASH plays his violin over N.B.C.

Grace HOGG became the secretary of the Alumni Association at the last election held in May.

Magdlean HINCKLE is still with Hale's where she has been ever since graduation. She is one of the assistant buyers.

Dick RICKON is working for the Dalmo Manufacturing Co.

Winifred FOSTER is at the Emporium.

Mildred ALLEN is reported to be a baker-ess at a Post Street cafetria.

Steve MOE is in the Young Men's Department at Moore's.

Ray QUIROLO is manager of the Alexandria Theater.

Norman HOUCHIN has a position with the Union Trust Co.

David HUGHEES with the Crown Willamette Paper Co. (what would they do without Poly grads?)

Art GIFFORD at the Standard Oil.

Raymond HANSON, Don's big brother, has been chosen editor of the '33 Stanford Quad. This is one of the most highly prized positions on the campus and is obtained only after long and faithful work on the book.

Lawrence MORTIMER, valedictorian of the June '30 class, is now president of the Alumni Association.

Eleanor KANE, salutatorian of the same class, is married to Alfred EY.

Bob RANTZ, former Poly quarterback, is with his father's firm, the Rantz Candy Co. Bob fills in his spare time by going to Lick J.C. and managing a jazz band. He will be remembered as the other half of an exciting adventure with Henry DECIA on Tomales Bay a year or so ago.

Al FARBER works for the Rantz Co. Besides eating up what he can of the profits he is said to deliver candy once in a while.

WIlletta RAGLAND and Lawrence BURCH liked being classmates so well that they decided to continue the association indefinitely and have been married.

After a year at San Mateo, "Bap" Bordi has entered Santa Clara where he plans to major in football - at least, that is what it sounded like when "Bap" told about it.

Ross PETERSON is outstanding in the Moraga line-up.

James WATTS is employed by the Standard Oil Co. as a salesman. He is engaged to Caroline CARD, a Montana girl.

Francis FLINT is also with the Standard but in the advertisitng department. His engagement to Beth GOLLY has been announced.

Gene FOLEY is working for the Fleischman Yeast Co.

Dave LICHTENBERG for the S.F. Dental Co.

Charlie STARK is selling insurance policies for the Mutual Life Co.

Laura PHILLIPS is employed by the Bankers and Shippers Insurance Co.

Mildred SCHIVO is cashier at the "Uptown."

Arthur UGLOW may be seen at the Fairmont Pharmacy.

Robert JORDAN is a Shell Oil Co. chemist.

Vivian SCHIVO is at Miss Miller's.

Robert EGLIGHT recently graduated from the California Secretarial School.

Frank WALKER, captain of our last championship team is now at U.C. playing with the frosh.

Howard KUCHLENZ is one of the guardians of the Big C.

Alice MARBLE proved herself to be one of the best women tennis players in America last summer at the various eastern meets.

Neil ANDRUS is insurance manager for the Eggers-Goldstein Realty Co.

Eugene OSBORN has moved to Woodland where he was established himself in business.

Esme BRIGGS is working at Kress's.

Dorothy WOLFENDEN at the Emporium.

Bill LECKY at Hales.

Walter PLAGEMAN for the Chronicle.

Robert HOFFMAN is a member of the firm of Hymen Brothers.

Vincent THEURIET is manager of a store on Grant Avenue.

Nelly PHILLIPS is an usherette at the Uptown Teater.

Van DAVIES, one-half of Marge and Van, is now in Los Angeles.

Fred BOSTOCK is at the Crown-Willamette Paper Co.

Walter NIEHOFF is learning how to be an insurance adjuster.

After a year with Fanchon and Marco, Agnes KNOX has gone to New York.

Many of the girls and some of the boys of this class are attending various business schools to fit themselves for secretarial work. At the MacMaster-Paines school are Grace DOUGLAS and Josephine BROCKMAN.

At MacAleer's, Retha GOMPERTZ.

At Heald's, Walter BEVERIDGE, Opal CHOATE, Ida May FOLEY, Swaldo CARLEVARIS, Walter LESLIE, Petro EVERGETTIS, George MARSH, Agnes MURRAY, William SCHIMPFERMAN and John STEOZ.

At Dorothy Durham's, Anita CASTRO, Georgia HICKS, Mary Jane HANSEN, Beverly LEVY, and Barbara WUERSHING.

At the Pacific Audit and System Scool, Maura BARRY.

And at Munson, Madeline LIEBOLD.

Margaret GRAHAM is married to Dick GRENVILLE.

Hildur SWANWSON, who left before graduation, is married to Frank W. BYRNE.

Ray ALLISON and John O'CONNOR are working for the Call-Bulletin.

Roy MORT, captain of the '32 baseball team, is now playing professional baseball with the Mission Reds.

Don Hanson, last term's president of the Student Body, Peter WEINBERGER and Hugo CURTAZ are Stanford frosh.

Kay WOOLNER, editor of the last Journal, has moved to the South and has entered U.S.C.

Chris MAHER is with the Shell Oil Co.

Mario MACHI, with the International Fish Co.

Dick MARSH, former president of the Drama Club, has transferred his attentions to the faculty at State Teachers.

Ida DECOLA is also at State as are also Margery WEST and Helen JONES.

Bud WARD now collects tickets at the door of the El Rey Theater.

Harry TOMPKINS works - can you imagine it! - on the Malolo.

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