Source: Polytechnic Journal, Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 1933
Published by the Journal Class of Polytechnic High School, San Francisco, California, Spring 1933.
Thank you to Nancy Katz for submitting this material, in memory of her mother, Bernice (Fross) Miller.

Henry SCHIFF ex '15, now owns and operates a furniture store on Sutter Street.

After practicing dentistry in San Francisco for five years Alex FRASER has given it up to study medicine at the Bush Medical School in Chicago. Evidently Alex doesn't know there has been a depression - or maybe he does.

James DeWITT is still as much interested in art as he was in the old days at Poly. He has been for a long time with a firm of commercial artists in San Francisco.

Roland TOGNAZZINI is a prominent attorney in Los Angeles. He is freely mentioned as a candidate for one of the state appointive jobs.

John SERMATTEI, U.C. '26, is a research chemist for the DuPont Co. at Parlin, New Jersey. He has a baby girl now over a year old.

In the February program announcement issued by the Radio Division at U.C. appears the name of Bertress VANDER HOOF as one of the speakers on plant and animal life in California in prehistoric times. He is a member of the department of paleontology.

After graduating from U.C. and from the Harvard Medical School, and after doing some graduate work at Wirzburg, Germany, Roberto ESCAMILLA is now serving as a interne in the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital in Boston. Bob is also a very skilled musician and at one time played with Paul Whiteman.

Dr. Walter BIRNBAUM, U.C. '28, is assistant resident in surgery at the U.C. Hospital.

William FLOYD is with the sales department of the Shell Oil Co. He is married, but not to a Poly girl.

Harry GARCIA has recently opened a dental office at 450 Sutter. That building will be a Polytechnic club house before long.

Lenore CARRASCO, U.C. '30, is teaching at Humboldt Evening High School.

Stern ALTSHULER, also U.C. '30, where he was A.S.U.C. president in his senior year, has been with the Zellerbach Paper Co. for some time.

Cecil JUDAH is in the sales department of the Union Oil Co. in San Francisco. Like the two previously mentioned, he also graduated form U.C. in '30.

Richard FISHER and Mildred STEFFEN, '28, were recently married.

The music for the senior dance on June 8 will be provided by Carvel CRAIG's orchestra known as "The Cardinals." CARVEL graduated from Stanford.

Consuelo FLAGE ex-26 says, "Be good now. Take your medicine." You see Consuelo is a nurse and can get away with that sort of thing.

Rumor tells us that both Rudy RINTALA and Hank SCHALDACH are prohibition enforecement agents. Their footaball training should be valuable.

After spending a couple of years in the East, Ross RREIERMUTH is back in his home town doing promotion work with the boys who work for the Examiner and coaching high school crews.

Clair BROWN and Saima RINTALA, '28, were recently married.

Joe SYLVA will encourage you to be thrifty by putting your pennies into the savings department of the Union Trust Co.

Melville WESTENBERG has taken unto himself a wife in the person of a Southern California girl named Joan WOODLAND. Mel's well-known smile must still be worth quite a lot for the judge tore up a traffic tag that an unfeeling policeman had given him on the way to the ceremony.

Kendall DAZEY, prominient in R.O.T.C. and in journalism at Poly, is now drawing down a salary as a second lieutenant of field artillery at Stanford. He is also working on the "Quad," the Stanford yearbook.

Sam SILVERMAN has just graduated from a navigation school and is on his way around the world.

Ed NILAN is also on a world cruise. We wonder how they do it.

At McAllister and Divisadero Streets, Ernest SPENCER will provide you with a corsage for the girl friend or a peace offering for the family.

Arthur UGLOW will mix you any kind of a nice cool one at a soda fountain on Geray Street.

Ray EVERDING seems to be going up in the world quite rapidly. At any rate he is helping his father in the roofing business and that ought to help him to climb.

Houston HOLMGREN and Clarence WOLD are also in their respective father's building firms.

Roy MORT, captain of poly's '31 baseball team, who joined the Seals immediately upon graduation, has been farmed out to WIlmington, North Carolina. We are betting that Roy will be lonesome so far away from California.

John GREEN has a job at Charles Brown & Sons.

Roland MULLER is working for a theatrical company.

Stanley POTTER is now a full fledged auto mechanic.

Edward STELLING is driving a truck for a rubber company.

Barney MARTIN is still at the Parkside Theatre.

Fred BROWN works for the Purity Chain Stores.

Robert TONE is with the Matson Navigation Co.

James HESKES may be found at the Crystal Palace Market on Saturdays and on other days he solicits for some magazines.

Ed PASMORE works for the Public Food Stores.

Dennis MARTIN will serve you gas at Seventh and Irving.

John DECKER has a bicycle shop at Twenty-second Avenue, and Robert BENSON is doing likewise in the neighborhood of the school.

Leslie BROWN works for Shumate's drug stores.

All who read the sport pages know that Norman FITZGERALD broke the javelin record by almost twelve feet at the California-Stanford freshman track meet this spring. They expect still greater records from him in the future.

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