San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1907

Source:  Curry, James, D.D., History of the San Francisco Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and Its Alumni Association
Reporter Publishing Company, Vacaville, California, 1907.

Classes of 1873 - 1880

ANTHONY, Charels W.
Santa Cruz, Cal.  Born, Union Springs, N.Y., 1843; College of California (merged into U.C.), B.A., 1870; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1873, being the first student to receive the Seminary diploma; Lic. 1873, Pby. of San Franicsco; Ord 1873, Pby. of San Jose; S.S. Livermore and Pleasanton, Cal., 1873-79; Spring Valley, Ill., 1880-81; Kewanee, Ill., 1881-83; Pastor Duluth, Ill., 1883-86; S.S. Franklin Grove and Ashton, Ill., 1886-87; Kings, Ill., 1900; Organized Church and Sabbath School at Pleasanton, Cal.; Built Churches there and at Livermore, Cal., $3,000 each; Franklin Grove, Ill., $4,500.  Has been a Home Missionary during all his ministry.
ALEXANDER, David Newton
Los Angeles, Cal.--Brother of Dr. William Alexander, was in the Seminary in 1872-3.  Did not graduate, and has bince been engaged in business.
LEES, Andrew
Was among the early students.  Went to an Eastern Seminary, was ordained and labored some time near Philadelphia.  Las known address, London, England.
WOODS, James L.
Lakeport, Cal.  Born, Madison, Florida, 1846; came to California in 1849 with his father, Rev. James Woods, a pioneer missionary; educated in Alexander Academy, Healdsburg, Cal.; admitted to Supreme Court, Arkansas, 1868; same in California, 1869, with right to Supreme Court of the United States.  He was the first enrolled student in the San Francisco Theological Seminary and studied there during 1871072, but did not graduate.  Lic. 1872 by Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1873 by same; S.S. Danville, Cal., 1872; Lakeport and Kelseyville, 1873-78; Dixon and Tremont, 1879-80; Eureka, Nev., 1883-85; Carson City, 1885-90; Redding, Cal., 1890; Sanger, 1890-95; Mendocino City, 1896-00; Delegate to National Society of Charities and Corrections, 1885 and 1886; Chaplain Senate and Assembly of Nevada Legislature 1887 and 1889; Elected member of the American Academy of Political Social Science 1890; Commissioner to the General Assembly 1892; Organized Church at Lakeport, and three Sabbath Schools; Built two churches, $2,800 and $1,450; Retired from ministry on account of ill health 1899, and has since resided in Lakeport, Cal.

DRUM, James L.
Berkeley, Cal.  Born, Pittsburg, Pa., 1848;  He entered the Seminary at its opening in 1871 and remained continuously until graduation in 1874, being the first student to complete the full course of study; Lic. 1874, Pby. San Francisco, Cal.; Ord. 1874, Pby. of Benicia; S.S. Bolinas, Cal., 1873-76; Gilroy, Cal., 1876-79; and Mendocino City, Cal., 1882-85; Demitted the ministry 1890, and since then has been a civil engineer.

CURRY, James
Oakland, Cal.  Born near Barysville, Ohio, 1842; Veteran of the Civil War; Professor Vermillion Institute, Ohio, 1872-3; University of Wooster, O., B.A., 1872, M.A., 1875, D.D., 1895; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1875; Lic. 1874, Pby. San Francisco; Ord. 1876 by the same; Pastor San Pablo and West Berkeley, Cal., 1875-83; Placerville, Cal., 1883-91; Emmanuel Church, Oakland, Cal., 1891-1901; Supplied Haywards, Cal., one year during absence of pastor; Pastor Vacaville, Cal., 1902-7; Published addresses, Alumni Historical, 1881; Sermon as retiring Moderator of the Synod, 1888; Histories of Placerville and Oakland Emmanuel Churches; Organized Churches at San Pablo, West Berkeley, and Point Richmond, Cal., and five Sabbath Schools; Moderator Synod of the Pacific, 1887; First President of the Alumni Association of the S.F. Theo. Sem.; Director of the S.F. Theo. Sem., `890--; Secretary same, 1898--; President Board of Directores, 1896 (first Alumnus to hold that office); Originator and President of the "Presbyterian Historical Society of Califonia," Oct. 20, 1900--; Elected delegate to World's Presbyterian Alliance, Liverpool, England, 1904, but did not attend on account of an accident; Built Churches, West Berkeley, $3,000, Oakland, $10,000; Delivered the "Historical Address" at celebration of the Quarter Centennial Anniversary of the Alumni Association, 1904; Author "History of the San Francisco Theological Seminary and its Alumni and Students."
KIEME, H. Gustav
Native of Germany.  Graduated 1875; Preached for some months; Returned to Germany and quit the ministry.

San Jose, Cal.  Born, Green Country, Tenn., 1848; Hampden and Sidney College, Va.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1873-74; Lic. 1874, Pacific Pby., Cumberland Presb. Ch.; Ord. 1875 by the same; Served Denverton, Cal., 1874-83; Walla Walla, Wash., 1883; Disabled, 1884; Denverton, 1885-89; Lower Lake, 1889-91; Newman, 1891-93; Lower Lake, 1893-99; San Jose, 1899-07; Built and rebuilt seven Churches.  After the earthquake of Apr. 18, 1906, when the First Presb. Church of San Jose was destoryed, the Cumberland and First Presbyterian Churches were consolidated under the name of the latter, while they worshiped temporarily in the former's house of worship.
SMITH, James A., M.D.
Studied in class of 1875, but did not graduate.  Return to his old home in the South.  Address not known.
In class of 1875, but on account on of poor helath did not graduate; Preached in Elk Grove and Woodbridge, Cal., 1875-79; Died at Elk Grove, Cal., Feb. 24, 1880, aged 34 years.

Los Angeles, Cal.  Born, Beloit, Wis., 1849; Beloit Col. B.A., 1872, M.A., 1876; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1876; Lic. 1875, Pby of San Francisco; Ord. 1876 by the same; Pastor Olivert and Memorial Churches, S.F., 1876-81; also Prescott, Ariz., and El Paso, Texas; S.S. Riverside and Etawanda, Cal.; Organized Churches in Prescott and El Paso, and built houses of worhip there, one costing $7,000; Veteran of the Civil War; Editor of "The Occident" for several years; On account of nervous prostration gave up preaching in 1887, and since then has been engaged in business; Studied a year in Berlin, Ger., and preached in American Chapel in that city.
MITCHELL, J. Anthony
Bend, Ore.  Born, Belleville, Ill., 1846; Student in University of Chicago; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1876; Lic. 1872, Pby. of Chicago; Ord. 1876, Pby. of San Francisco; Preached at Los Alamos, Cal., eight years; Skyland, Wrights, Los Olivos, and various other churches in Cal., Ore., and Nev.; Organized two Churches and eleven Sabbath Schools; Built three Churches valued at $9,200; Alumni orator, 1896; Traveled in Europe and lectured on "The Catacombs in Rome."  He has been a hard working Home Missionary, always on the firing line.

Address not known.

CROCO, Alfred H.
Brawley, Cal.  Born, Holmesville, O., 1847; Princeton University, 1874, A.B.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1877; Lic. 1877, Pby of San Francisco; Ord. 1877, Pby. of Benicia; S.S. Davisville, Cal., 1877-81; Sacramento, Fremont Park Church, 1881-83; Sonora, Cal., 1883-1904; Brawley, Cal., 1904--; Author, "Vicennial Record," a history of the students of S.F.T. Seminary during the first twenty years of its existence, a very interesting and instructive work; President Alumni Association; Alumni orator, 1883; one of the three originators of the Association and its first vice-president.  He is an earnest, self-denying Home Missionary, and a daily student of the Bible in Hebrew and Greek.
ROBINSON, Francis H.
Berkeley, Cal.  Born, Vermont, 1848; Hamilton College, N.Y., B.A. and M.A.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1877; Lic. 1876, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1877, Pby. of Benicia; Preached in Arcata, Cal., 1877-79; Wailuki, H.I., 1880-81; Westminister and Anaheim, Cal., 1881-85; Pendelton, Ore., 1885-86; Templeton, Cal., 1886-90; Livermore, Cal., 1890-92; Centerville, Cal., 1892-97; West Berkeley, Cal., 1897-02; and Sabbath School Missionary, Pby. of Sacramento, 1902--; Organized Churches at Templeton, Cal., Tonopah and Goldfield, Nev., and several Sabbath Schools; Built Churches at Templeton and Tonopah, $1,500 each.  Enjoys the distinction of being the first Alumnus to preach in a foreign land, of being the S.S. Missionary of the largest Presbytery in America, and of laboring among the richest gold mines in the world.
THOMSON, Williell
Los Angeles, Cal.  Born, Hanover, Ind., 1851; Havover College Ind., B.A., 1871, M.A., 1874; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1877; Lic. 1876, Pby. of New Albany; Ord. 1879, Pby. of San Francisco; Pastor First Church, Berkeley, Cal., 1879-81; S.S. Santa Monica, Cal., 1881-83; El Monte, Cal., 1891-93; President Sierra Madre College, Pasadena, Cal., 1883-84; Prof. Civil Engineering Y.M.C.A. Technical Institute, Los Angeles, Cal., 1906--; Organized the Sabbath School of, and started the work in, the Union Street Church, Oakland; Built two Churches, $7,000, and himself and wife gave $5,000 toward Calvary Presb. Church, South Pasadena, Cal.; On account of poor helath gave up preaching 1893.  He was one of the three originators of the Alumni Association and its first Secretary.
PADEN, Thomas H.
New Concord, Ohio.  Born, Pennsylvania, 1847; Muskingum College, O., B.A., 1873.  M.A., 1876; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1877, but was never licensed; Professor in his Alma Mater since 1877; Now Prof. of Political Science and Latin; Ruling Elder in the Church since 1889, and occasionally preaches a layman's sermon.

Born in Pennsylvania; Two years in our Seminary, graduating in 1878; Preached in Fulton, Dixon, Tomales and Two Rock, Cal., for four years.  On account of poor health he returned to Pennsylvania and died about 1886.
McKEEHAN, John, L., M.D.
Carlisle, Pa.  Graduated from the Seminary in 1878.  Went East that spring and preached for some years in Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.  Of late years has been praticing medicine.
Demorest, Ga.  S.F. Theo. Sem., 1878; Labored for some years at French Creek, W.Va., then at Creston, Ohio.  Last known address, Demorest, Ga.
SMITH, J. Strother
1878.  Last known address was Castlerea, Ireland.
ROBERTSON, Alexander T.
Graduate of Highland University, Kan.; Two years in S.F. THeo. Sem., 1875-7, and third at Alleghany, Pa.; Preached in Missouri and Ohio and was very successful; Made his mark in lecturing on "Liberal Education and Christian Faith," and "The Chineses in America"; Author of a book on systematic beneficence, entitled, "Five Time Five Points of Church Finance," of which the New Zealand Presbyterian said: "This American work is by far the best we have ever seen."  Died Sept. 21, 1894, aged 45 years.

Wickenburg, Arizona.  Born, Belfast, Ireland, 1848; University of Wooster, Ohio, B.A., 1876, M.A., 1879; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1879; Lic. 1879, by Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. same year, Pby. of Benicia; S.S. Vacaville, 1879-81; Red Bluff, '82; San Pablo and Crockett, '83-91; Plano, 1892-1903; Ev., 1904; Wickenburg, Ariz., 1905--; Organized two Churches and two Sabbath Schools.  Mr. Ballagh has been a hard-working and faithful Home Missionary.  He has also devoted some time to writing poetry and one poem, "To Mining Men and Wage Workers," breathes the spirit of a true and sympathetic friend of the toilers and prducers.
Berkeley, Cal.  Born, South Carolina, 1848; Cashier in bank in San Francisco and took college studies under professors while working; Took the full Seminary course in two years, graduating in 1879; Lic. 1879, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1879, Pby. of Sacramento; S.S. Modesto, Cal., 1879; Pastor Chico, Cal., 1879-82; S.S. Ione, Cal., 1882-85; Pastor San Leandro, Cal., 1885-88; S.S. Hollister, Cal., 1888-91.  Mr Warren has written much for the religious press.  He wields a trenchant pen and has made many special addresses.  Commissioner to the General Assembly 1890.  Since 1891 he has been engaged mostly in business.

BIRD, George R.
Los Angeles, Cal.  Born, London, England, 1849; Stud. King's College, London; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1880; Lic. 1874, Pby. of Buffalo; Ord. 1874, Pby. of Dubuque; Pastor Frankville, Ia., 1874-75; Home Missionary, Utah, 1875-80; Pastor First Church, Seattle, Wash., 1880-83; 14th-St. Church, Sacramento, Cal., 1883-89; Cong. Church, Oroville, Cal., 1893-96; Colusa, Cal., 1896-97; Placerville, 1900; Bakersfield, 1901, 1903-04; Reno, 1902; Built Churches in Bakersfield and Reno; Dismissed April 13, 1904, to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
GAMBLE, Daniel
Moscow, Ida.  Born, Milford, County Donegal, Ireland; Student under Dr. John Gamble (Q.U.I.) and Prof. John Murphy (T.C.D.); S.F. Theo. Sem., 1880; Lic. 1880, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. Sept. 26, 1880, Pby. of Idaho; Organized and served First Preb. Church, Moscow, Ida., 1880-82; Pastor First Presb. Church, Victoria, B.D., 1882-84; Chaplain Provincial Parliament of B.C. same time; Pastor First Presb. Church, Goldendale, Wash., 1884-89; Retired on account of ill health; State Representative for Latah Co., Ina., 1895-96.  Mr. Gamble memorized large portions of the word of God and has been very successful in the conversion of many to Christ.  Author, poems: "My Mother's Grave,"  "Parental Bliss," "The Transplanted Floweret," "Woman's Sympanty, "The Bliss of Early Death," etc.
Ogden, Utah.  Born, Denmark, 1847; Graduate of State School, Denmark; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1880; Lic. 1878, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1880, Pby. of Walla Walla; S.S. Goldendale, Wash., 3 years; Cleveland, Wash., 6 years; Dot, Wash., 6 years; Smithfield, Utah, 9 years; and Ogden, 10 years; Organized four Churches and Sabbath Schools; Built three Churches, $6,000.  He has been a zealous Home Missionary, Conducted twenty revival meetings and received about 400 into the Church upon examination.

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