San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1907

Source:  Curry, James, D.D., History of the San Francisco Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and Its Alumni Association
Reporter Publishing Company, Vacaville, California, 1907.

Classes of 1881 - 1891

CALDWELL, Stewart S.
S.F. Theo. Sem. 1881; was licensed and ordained and spent about five years preaching and teaching in Oregon.  Came to Lakeport, preached and taught in the Lakeport Academy.  Last heard from, 1897, in Ashland, Ore.
DARDEN, William H.
Corning, Cal.  Born, North Carolina, 1851; Princeton College, N.J.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1881; Lic. and Ord. 1881, Pby. of San Francisco; S.S. Two Rock, Tomales and Bloomfield, Cal., 1881-82; Organized Church in Petaluma and became Pastor 1882, and continued Pastor there for twenty-one and a half years, the longest pastorate of any of the alumni; Pastor Corning, Cal., 1905--; Organized two Churches and two Sabbath Schools; Built Church at Petaluma, $10,000, and rebuilt Church at Corning; Stated Clerk and Treasurer Benicia Presbytery for many years; President Alumni Association 1903.
Born, Londonderry, Ireland; Magee College, Londonderry; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1881; Ord. 1881, Pby. of San Francisco; Served the following Churches: Livermore, Cal.; Lebanon and Woodbridge, San Francisco; Calistoga; Dixon; Santa Maria and Ballard, all in Cal.; Died at Santa Ynez, Cal., Apr. 8, 1900, aged 40 years.
Born, Athens Co., Ohio; Franklin College, B.A., 1876, M.A., 1879; Gr. and Tus. College, D.D., 1897; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1881; Ord. Oct., 1881, Pby. of Sacramento; S.S. Modesto, Cal., 3 years; Hamilton Square Church, San Francisco, 18 months; South Cape Girardeau, Mo., 18 months; Pastor Olivet Church, San Francisco, 1880, until his death, Aug. 18, 1901.  Dr. Mathena died suddenly Sabbath morning when preparing to go to church to preach from the text: "Be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning unto Mount Sinai, and present thyself there to me in the top of the mountain," Exod.34:12.
MERRILL, Charles D.
Berkeley, Cal.  Born, Beloit, Wis., 1852; Beloit College, B.A., 1876; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1881; Lic. 1879, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. May, 1881, Pby. of San Jose; Pastor Centerville and Alvarado, Cal., 1881-86; Ontario, 1886-90; Beloit, Wis., 1890-96; Dist. Superintendent Children's Home Society, Wis., 1896-1904, and placed 400 orphan children in Christian homes; S.S. Glendale, Cal., 1904-05; Built one Church, $9,000; Commissioner to General Assembly 1884 and 1896; Delegate to Conference of Charities in Paris in 1900; Alumni orator about 1886.  He is one of the few Alumni who have become authors.  Has published a book on "Potato Culture in the Island of Jersey," and a volume of poems, "Summer Sheaf," (60 cts.).

Spokane, Wash.  Son of a missionary and educated at Monmouth College, Ill.; Spent one year in S.F. Theo. Sem., and then turned attention to the law; went to Spokane, Wash., 1881, and is a prominent lawyer of that city and active in Christian work.
New Westminster, British Columbia.  Born, Nova Scotia, 1847; Attended Dalhousie University and Kings College, Nova Scotia; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1878-80, but did not graduate; Principal schools in Victoria '80-'83; Entered Dominion Lands Government service '83; Head of same office 1890 to the present.  Is ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church, New Westminster.

WHITE, Matthew T.A.
Red Bank, Cal.  Born, Musquodoboit, N.S., and attended college at Picton, N.S.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1882; Lic. 1882, Pby. of San Jose; Ord. 1882 by the same; S.S. Salinas, Oakdale, Ione, Roseville, Fruitvale, Two Rock, Tomales, Anderson, West Berkeley, Tehama and Red Bank, all in Cal.; Organized Church at Oakdale and two Sabbath Schools; Preached dedication sermon at Oakdale Church; Has been Commissioner to the General Assembly and President of the Alumni Association.  He is a faithful Home Missionary and specially interested in work among children.

Address not known.

POLLOCK, Samuel W.
Born, Mifflin Co., Pa.; Wash. and Jeff. College, Pa., B.A.; College of Law in Des Moines, Ia.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1883; Ord. April, 1883; Pby. of San Jose; S.S. Grand Junction, Ia., 1884-86; Ev. Pby. of Fort Dodge, 1886-88; Bethany and Highland Park, Des Moines, Ia., 1888-92; Pby. of Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, 1892-93; Pastor Elect Centerville, Ia., 1893-97; S.S. Pomona, Cal., 1898; Chico Cla., 1899; Pastor Elect Hollister, 1900; Preached there for four years and died in that place Jan. 16, 1905, aged 55 years.
STEWART, Thomas B.
S.F. Theo. Sem., 1883; He preached for some years in the Second United Presb. Church in San Francisco after graduation, and then entered into rest.  The Stewart Memorial U.P. Church of that city is named in his honor.

RICH, John P.
Born in England, came to America about 1873; Took three years' course in the Pacific (Congregational, Oakland,) Theological Seminary, and was first Post Graduate of S.F. Theo. Sem., 1884; Preached at San Lorenzo 2 years; Colton 1; Mendocino 5, and Healdsburg 5 years; Came to Oakland 1896, went into business, preaching as association offered, until his death, Feb. 5, 1905, aged 51 years.

HOUGH, William H.
Oakland, Cal.  Attended the Seminary in 1883-4.  Gave up course on account of health and lived on a farm near Vacaville, Cal., until 1904, when he moved to Oakland, Cal., where he has since resided.
PREYER, David Charles 
Address not known.
WILLS, David, Jr.
Owsego, N.Y.  Born, Lawrenceville, S.C., 1860; Princeton University, B.A., 1881, M.A., 1884; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1881-82; Princeton Sem., 1884; Lic. 1884, Pby. of Washington City; Ord. 1884, Pby. of New Brunswick; Pastor Ringoes, N.J., 1884-86; Spring Garden Church, Phila.,, Pa., 1886-87; Pennington, N.J., 1887-92; Grace Church, Oswego, N.Y., 1892--.

NUGENT, Charles R.
Brooklyn, N.Y.  Born, Malden, Ill., March 16, 1859; University of the Pacific, B.A. 1880, M.A., 1883; University of Wooster, O., Ph.D., 1898; Lic. 1884, Pby. of San Jose; Ord. 1885, by same; Served Churches at Bolinas, 1884-5; Hawaii, 1886-7; Challenge, Cal., 1889-90; Tombstone, Ariz., '91-'95; Clements, Cal., '96-'07; Boulder Creek, '97-'98; Spanish wor New York four years. Author, "Influence of Swedenberg of Goethe," and "Law of Moses in Relation to Modern Political Problmes"; Preached the dedication sermon of Presbyterian Church, Tombstone, Ariz.; Has a special gift for languages, speaks four and writes six; Commissioner to the Gen. Ass., 1896.

LUNDY, Josias W.
Stockton, Cal.  Born, Carrickmacross, Ireland, 1864; Student Queen's College, Galway, Ireland; S.F. Theo. Sem. 1886; Lic. and Ord. 1886, Pby. of Benicia; States Supply Bolinas, Danville, Milpitas, Centreville and Alvarado, West Berkeley, and Marysville; Pastor San Mateo, and Stockton, 1898--; Moderator Stockton Presbytery; Organized Geneva Church, Cal., and built house of worship there, value $2,500; Lectured on various subjects and visited Ireland in 1895.

In the class of 1886 were Messrs. J.C. CAMPBELL and Charles C. McCARTY, neither of whom graduated and from whom no word has been received.

BRIOL, Pierre Philppe
Born, Ville (near) Olion, Vaud, Switzerland; McGill College, Montreal, 1883; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1887; Lic. and Ord. May 1, 1887, Pby. of San Francisco; Ev. French Reformed Church, San Francisco, 1885-87; S.S. Red Lake Falls and Argyle, Minn., 1887-88; Gary, S.D., 1888-89; Financial Agt. and Missionary Cong. work, 1889-'93; Missionary and literary work, 1893-'97; Prof. French, Santiago, Chili, 1898 (?); Springfield, Mo., about 1902.

Address not known.

CAMERON, Donald C.
Fulton, Cal.  Magill College, Montreal, B.A.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1888; A fine linguist and was instructor in Hebrew in the Seminary for a time; Lic. and Ord. 1891, Pby. of San Francisco; Pastor Fulton, Cal., 1892; San Leandro, 1893; S.S. Davisville, Cal., 1895; Since then has lived on a farm near Fulton, Cal.
McRAE, Duncan A.
Magill College, Montreal, B.A.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1888; Preached a while in Dixon, Cal.  Soon after went to British Columvia.  Present address, Victoria, B.C.

HAMILTON, Henry Beecher
Address not known.

DOCKERY, Jr., Donald M.
Born in Tenn.  Took three years' course in the Seminary and graduated in 1889.  During two years of his seminary life he preached with much acceptance in Olivet Church, San Francisco.  After graduation he preached for a few months in Cholam Valley, San Luis Obispo Co.  Returned to San Francisco and died suddenly of consumption Jan. 27, 1890.
REED, David H.
Post-graduate course in theology Edinburg University, Scotland, 1890; Preached a short time in Bolinas, Cal., and North Arm, B.C.; Became pastor of the Congregational Church in Sonoma, Cal., in 1889.
RHODA, Franklin
Dimond, Cal.  Born, Crescent City, Cal., June 14, 1854; University of California, Ph.B., 1873; S.F. THeo. Sem., 1889; Lic. 1889, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. by same, Oct. 18, 1889; Pastor Memorial Church, San Francisco, '89-'92; In temperance work, '92-'94; Pator Valona, Cal., '94-99; Fruitvale, '99--; Author of "Topographical Reports of the U.S. Geological Survey of Southern Colorado for the years 1874-5"; Organized two Sabbath Schools; Has been specially active and efficient in temperance work.  He enjoys the distinction of being the first Native Son to enter the ministry from our Seminary.

ADAIR, John M.
Address not known.


BRILL, Andrew J., M.D.
Did not take full course of studies and received a Certificate of Proficiency.  He seems never to have entered the ministry.
Sodaville, Or.  Born in Arkansas, April 8, 1832; Pacific University, Ore.; Was one year in S.F. Theo. Sem. and received Certficate of Proficiency, 1891; Lic., 1856, by the Oregon Pby. of the Cumberland Pby. Church; Ord. by same in 1861; Principal of Columbia College, Ore., 1860-1, and preached for many years in the C.P. Church; S.S. Davisville, Cal., '91-092; Enterprise, Ore., '93-95; Lebanon, Ore., 1895; Organized two Churches and several Sabbath Schools; Built Church at McMinnville, Ore., valued at $1,500; Honorably retired 1895.  Mr. Cornwall has been preaching the gospel for half a century, a longer period than any other student of our Seminary.
EAKIN, Alexander
Riverside, Cal.  Born, Belfast, Irealnd, 1864; Student of Marlboro College, Dublin, Ireland; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1891; Lic. 1891, Pby. of Benicia; Ord., July, 1891, Pby. of San Jose; Pastor Boulder Creek and Stated Supply Ben Lomond and Felton, 1891-96; Stated Supply Santa Cruz, 1896-1900; Pastor Calvary Church, Riverside, 1900--; Commissioner to the Gen. Ass. twice; Organized three Churches and built five houses of worship valued at $15,000; Alumni orator, 1900.
ROSS, Donald M.
Zanesville, Ohio.  Born in Ontario, Canada, 1862; Lawyer before attending college; Studied at Manitoba College and University; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1891; Lic. and Ord., June, 1891, Pby. of Sacramento; Pastor Vacaville, Cal., '91-'92; Lebanon Church, San Francisco, '92-97; Farmington, Ill., '98-1901; Christian Endeavor Church, Chicago, 1901-03, and Zanesville, O., 1903--; Special addresses, "The Reformation," "The Liberty Bell," Washington," "McKindley," "Success," and "The Law of Growth"; Organized Ravenswood Church, Chicago, and two Sabbath Schools; Built Church at Vacaville, value $7,500; Has worked a good deal as an evangelist; Received about 500 into the Church on examination and 200 united with the Pby. Church in 1905 through his evangelistic efforts.
There were three graduates of the class of 1891 from whom no reponse was received.  These were Ayawo HATTORI of Okayama, Japan; C.K. MITANI, Box 128, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Geo. B. SCROGGINS, address not known.

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