San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1907

Source:  Curry, James, D.D., History of the San Francisco Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and Its Alumni Association
Reporter Publishing Company, Vacaville, California, 1907.

Classes of 1900 - 1907

EASTMAN, Robert S.
Berkeley, Cal.,  Born, Greenville, Ohio, June 7, 1876; Hanover College, Ind., B.A., 1897; M.A., 1900; S.F. Seminary, 1900; Lic. 1899 by Pby. of San Jose; Ord. 1900 by Pby. of Oakland; S.S. Danville, Cal., 1900-03; Pastor South Berkeley, 1903--; Special address on “Higher Criticism” at first Alumni Conference, San Anselmo; Moderator Pby. of Oakland, 1901; Secretary Alumni Association; Building new Church in Berkeley to cost about $10,000.
HOPPING, Theodore
Los Angeles, Cal.  Born, New Jersey, Nov. 7, 1867; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1900; Lic. 1900 by Pby. of Santa Barbara; Ord. by same, 1900; Preached at Carpenteria, Cal., 1900-2; Santa Paula, Cal., 1902-4, and Deming, New Mexico, 1904-6; Organized one Sabbath School.
ROACH, George H.
Bandon, Ore.  Born, Junction City, Ore., Feb. 22, 1874; Stanford University, B.A., 1897; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1900; Lic. by Pby. of Portland, 1900; Ord. by same, 1900; Pastor Camas, Ore., 1900-05; S.S. Bandon, Ore., 1905--; Temporary Clerk Pby. of Olympia, 1903; Preached sermons at organization of Presbyterian, Church, Ellsworth, Wash.
SMITH, Ray Caldwell
Fatchgarh, India.  Graduate of Parsons College, 1897; Took three years’ course in Seminary; Graduated 1900; Ord. by Pby. of Benicia, 1900; Foreign Missionary, India, 1900--.
SPAAN, William C.
Lakeport, Cal.  Born, Orange City, Iowa, Feb. 10, 1874; Iowa College, B.A., 1896; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1900; Lic. and Ord., 1900, by Pby. of Benicia; S.S> Crescent City, Cal., 1900-05; Lakeport, Cal., 1905--.  Improvements Crescent City Church, $800.
Arcola, Assiniboia, Canada.  Born, Ormistorn, Canada, Nov. 28, 1871; Manitoba College, Winnipeg, Canada, B.A., 1896; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1900; Lic. and Ord. 1900 by the Pby. of San Francisco; S.S. Dixon, Cal., 1898-1901; Pastor-Elect Vacaville, Cal., 1901-02; Pastor, Arcola, 1902--; Convener of Home Missions, Arcola Pby., 1902; President of the Alumni Association, 1901; Organized one Chruch; Built Church at Arcola, value $8,500; and manse at same place, value $2,500.
Enterprise, Ore.  Born, Halsey, Ore., April 23, 1874; University of Ore., B.A, 1891; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1900; Lic. 1898, by Pby. of Willamette; Ord. 1900, by the same; Pastor Westminster Church, Portland, Or., 1901-04; S.S. Enterprise and Joseph, Ore., 1905--; Moderator Pby. of Portland, 1903; President of the Alumni Association in Oregon, 1903; Organized Grace Pby. Church, Milton, Ore., and two Sabbath Schools; Raised a Church debt of $4,700.
WELBON, Arthur G.
Seoul, Korea.  Born, Eastmanville, Mich., 1866; Macalester College, St. Paul, Minn., B.A., 1897; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1900; Ord. by the Pby. of Benicia, 1900; Went as Foreign Missionary to Seoul, Korea, in 1900--.

CORNELL, Howard L.
Last known address, S.S. Grand View Park Church, Kansas City, Kan., 1902.
EDGAR, Alfred Cyrus
Home Missionary, Needles, Cal., 1906.
HAINES, Alfred Herman
S.S. First Church of Ridgefield, Wash., 1906.
HARRISS, William Hiram
Last known address, Hanford, Cal., 1900.
HUTCHINSON, George Arthur
Address in 1900, Santa Rosa, Cal.
MAST, William A.
Pastor, Heyworth, Ill., 1906.
Address unknown
RALEY, Edward D.
Arcata, Cal., 1900.

DOUGLASS, Charles A.
City of Meshed, Persia.  Home, Greenfield, Ohio; Lake Forest University, Ill., B.A.; Took full course in the Seminary; Graduated 1901; Lic. and Ord. 1901 by the Pby. of Benicia;  Installed as Foreign Missionary Pastor of Union-Street Pby. Church, Oakland, Cal., and went as missionary to Persia 1901.  One writes, “His letters are marvels of description and fervor.”
San Luis Obispo, Cal.  Born, Mendham, New Jersey, 1865; Studied in Princeton University; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1901; Lic. 1900, Pby. of Oakland; Ord. 1901 by same; Evangelist and State Secretary Cal., Y.M.C.A.  Work for several years; Assistant Pastor First Pby. Church, Berkeley, Cal., 1897-1902; Pastor San Luis Obispo, Cal., 1902--;  Built Church at San Luis Obispo, $10,000.
Blunt, South Dakota.  Born in Russia, 1864; Attended Hebrew College in Lipno and received a diploma of the “Holy Office” in the Synagogue in 1892; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1901; Lic. 1899, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1901 by the same; Misisonary to the Jews in S.F., 1901-2; S.S. Mount Carmel, Cal., 1902; Ladd, Ill., 1902-04; Burton, Ill., 1904-05, and Blunt, S.D., 1905--; Aurthor “From Darkness Unto Light,” and “Discovery of Chinese Jews”; Special lecture on “My Conversion From Rabbinical Judaism to Biblical Christianity.”
McCLEMENT, Thomas B.
Without charge 1906, New York City.
MILLER, Edward Hughes
Seoul, Korea.  Born, Rouseville, Pa., July 18, 1873; Occidental College, B.A., 1898; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1901; Lic. 1900, Ord. May 2, 1901, Pby. of Oakland; S.S. Newark, Cal., 1900-01; Bolinas, Cal., 1900; Organizing Educational Work, Seoul, Korea, 1901-04; Principal John D. Wells’ Training School for Christian Workers, Seoul, 1904; Teacher in Union School, 1905-07; Appointed Foreign Missionary April 15, 1901; Arrived in Korea September 12, 1901; Sec. Seoul Station, 1903--; Sec. Gen. Coucil Prot. Ev. Missions in Korea, 1906--; Built two schools and two residences, $13,000; Assisted in evangelistic work, 1902; Co-Pastor Seoul Church, 1906--.
SAKABE, Tasaburo Nobol
Lodi, Cal.  Born, Kosenba, Japan, 1870; Educated in private schools; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1901; Lic. and Ord. April 10, 1901, Pby. of San Francisco; Preacher and teacher to Japanese young men, 1901-05; Rescue work for Japanese slave girls, same time; Self-supporting missionary to Japanese, San Franicsco, 1905-06; Lost his all in San Francisco earthquake and fire April, 1906; now laboring to establish “An ideal Japanese Colony,” Lodi, Cal.
SEYMOUR, Edward L.
Albay, Philippine Islands.  Born, Turin, N.Y., Aug. 16, 1871; Park College, Mo., B.A., 1898; S.F. Seminary, 1901; Not licensed nor ordained; Supervising teacher Albay, P.I., 1906--.

AXTELL, Mowry Smith
Pastor Pby. Church, Winnegago, Ill.
Went from Detroit, Mich., as Foreign Missionary to Gabum, West Africa, 1901; Address 1906, 156 Fifth Ave., New York.
FRIEND, William Nat
Golden, Colorado.  Home, Oakland, Cal.; University of California, 1896; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1901; Had practiced law, and gave this up for the ministry.  Pastor Golden, Colo., 1901--.
MILLER, Arthur Burnham
Lake City, Ia.  Born, Garnett, Kan., 1876; Emporia College, Kan., B.A.. 1898; Junior year in S.F. Theo. Sem., McCormick Seminary, 1901; Pastor Castleton, N.D., 1901-02; S.S. Austin, Minn., 1903; S.S. Odeboldt, Ia., 1904-05; Pastor Lake City, Ia., 1905--. 

Irrigon, Ore.  Born in Petrolia, Can., Sept. 5, 1871; Missionary teacher in Manual Training School, Persia, under Presbyterian Board, 1891-5; Educated  in Technical Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Philadelphia, Pa.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1902; Lic. and Ord. 1902 by the Pby. of Portland, Ore.; S.S. Pope Valley, Cal., 1900-01; Asst Pastor First Pby. Church, Portland, Ore., 1902-05; Pastor of Church at Irrigon, Ore., from its organization, 1905--.  Built one manse, value $1,500.  Superintendent of Men’s Resort, Portland, Ore., 1898-9.
Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand.  Born in Knock Iveagh, Ireland, Nov. 1, 1872; Royal University, Ireland; S.F. Theo. Sem, 1902; Lic. 1902 by the Pby. of Benicia; Ord. 1902 by the Pby. of Central Washington; Pastor Cle-Elum, Wash., 1902-03; S.S. Naches Valley, Wash., 1903-05; Pastor Pukekohe, N.Z., 1905--.  Moderator Pby. of Central Washington, 1904.
HERRIOTT, Clarence D.
Hangchow, China.  Born, Indianapolis, Ind., March 2, 1878; University of California, B.A., 1899; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1902; Lic. 1901 by the Pby. of San Jose; Ord. 1902 by the same; Missionary in Hangchow, China; Evangelistic work, in charge of the Fongyang field 1903--.  He writes from Fongyang March 3, 1906: “China seems to be the greatest field in the world from almost every point of view for enlarging the Kingdom of God.”
Alomogordo, New Mexico.  Born, Tamaqua, Pa., March 15, 1876; University of Wooster, Ohio, B.A., 1896; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1902; Post-Graduate Princeton, N.J., 1903; Lic. 1902 by the Pby. of Palmyra; Ord. 1903 by the Pby. of Rio Grande; Professor of Greek and Science, Brookfield, Mo., 1897-99; S.S. and Pastor Portales, N.M., 1903-06; S.S. Almogordo, N.M., 1906--; Moderator Pby. of the Pecos Valley, 1905; Assisted in organizing one Church; Moderator of the Synod of New Mexico, 1906-07; Commissioner to the General Assembly, 1907.
Denver, Idaho.  Born, Marlette, Mich., April 26, 1868; Macalaster College, Minn., B.A., 1899; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1902; Lic. 1902 by the Pby. of Central Washington; S.S. Everson and Nooksack, Wash., 1902-05; Denver and Mt. Zion, Idaho, 1905; Asotin, Wash., 1906--; Moderator of the Pby. of Puget Sount, 1904.
Colony Center, Cal.  Born, Clifton, Wis., August 21, 1872; Occidental College, Los Angeles, Cal.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1902; Post-Graduate, 1905; Lic. and Ord. 1905 by the Pby. of Stockton; Pastor, 1st Church of Dos Palos, Colony Center, Cal., 1905--.
WIGHT, Albert W.
Born, Osage City, Kan., January 11, 1874; Albany College, Ore., B.A., 1898; S.F. Seminary, 1902; Was never ordained; Died Nov. 20, 1903.
WOODWARD, Charles F.
Roswell, Idaho.  Born near Des Moines, Ia., 1872; Park College, Mo., B.A., 1899; S.F> Theo. Sem., 1902; Ord., Pby. of Willamette, Ore., 1902; S.S. Eugune, Ore., 1902-04; Oakland and Yoncalla, Ore., 1904-06; Pastor Roswell, Idaho 1906--; Stated Clerk Pby. S. Oregon; Built one Church, value $4,000.

BROWN, Geo. W.
Delta, Ohio.  Became a minister.
FIX, Elmer E.
Dinuba, Cal.  Became a minister.
Brooklyn, N.Y.  Became a minister.
STANLY, George
Bushford, Minn.  Became a minister.
BALLIS, Albert E.
Did not enter the ministry so far as known.
KERR, David C.
Did not enter the ministry so far as known.
KERR, George R.
Did not enter the ministry so far as known.
SPAAN, Cornelius H.
Did not enter the ministry so far as known.
Did not enter the ministry so far as known.

MAGARY, Alvin E.
Oswego, N.Y.  Born, San Francisco, Cal., July 12, 1877;  S.F. Theo. Sem., 1903; Lic. 1902, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord., 1903, Pby. of Benicia; S.S. Belvedere, Cal., 1902-04; Pastor, Oswego, N.Y., 1905--.

HAYS, Herbert E.
Salt Lake City, Utah.  Born, Walnut Grove, Mo., August 12, 1875; Drury College, Springfield, Mo., B.A., 1899; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1904; Lic. and Ord., 1904, by the Pby. of San Francisco; Pastor, Westminster Church, San Francisco, 1904-6; President of the Alumni Association, 1904; Organized one Sabbath School.
McDOUGALL, William S.
Walton, N.Y.  Born, Charlton, Ia., Nov. 27, 1878; Monmouth College, Ill., B.A., 1901; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1904; Lic., 1903, by the Pby. of Des Moines, U.P. Church; Ord. 1904, by the Pby. Delaware, U.P. Church; Pastor Mundale U.P. Church, 1904--.
MARSHALL, W. Ellsworth
Spangler, Pa.  Born, Butler, Pa., June 20, 1875; Grove City College, Pa., B.A., 1904; S.F. Seminary, 1904; Lic. 1902, by the Pby. of Butler; Ord. 1905, by Pby. of Lake Superior; S.S. Two Rock, Cal., 1902; Tomales, Cal., 1902-03; Grand Marias, Mich., 1904-05; Spangler, Pa., 1905--.  Organized two Sabbath Schools.
SENOUYE, Hironari
Tokyo, Japan.  Born in Japan; Student in Gacschuin College, Japan; Took speciall three years’ course in S.F. Theo. Sem.; Graduated 1904; Pastor Shiba-ku Church, Tokyo, Japan, 1907--.

CLIFFORD, William J.
Monterey, Cal.  Reared in San Francisco; Elder in Mizpah Church, San Francisco; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; Pastor Lane-Street Church, Seattle, Wash., 1905-06; S.S. Monterey, Cal., 1907.
MARSH, Fred Raymond
Wray, Col.  Born, Oxford, O., 1878; Bowdoin College, B.A., 1899; Princeton University, M.A., 1904; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; Ord. August 9, 1905; by the Pby. of Denver; S.S. Wray, Col., 1905-07; Organized one Sunday School; Built one Church, $8,000; Published “Souvenir of Wray, Col.”
PARKER, William E., Jr.
San Francisco.  Born, Hurdland, Mo., Sept. 16, 1873; Student in Hurdland College, University of California, University of Oregon, and State Normal School, San Jose, Cal.; University of Oregon, L.L.B., 1900; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; Lic. and Ord. 1905 by Pby. of San Francisco; Lawyer, Portland, Ore., 1897-1902; Pastor Olivet Church, San Francisco, 1905--.  Delivered addresses in Teachers’ Institutes, University Extension Societies, Bar Associations, etc.
SHARPE, James Henry
Red Bluff, Cal.  Born, Scotland; McGill University, 1900; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; Ord. Oct. 18, 1905, by Pby. of Sacramento; Pastor Red Bluff, 1905--.
Covina, Cal., Born, Fayette, Ia., May 6, 1871; Lenox College, B.A., 1901; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1903; Lic. and Ord. 1905 by the Pby. of San Francisco; S.S. Franklin-Street Church, San Francisco, 1905-06; Covina, Cal., 1906--.
TRACY, Leland Howard
Aguadilla, Porto Rico.  Born near Stockton, Cal., Feb. 26, 1878; University of California, B.L., 1900; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; Lic. and Ord., May 29, 1905, Pby. of Oakland; Teacher Japanese Government School, 1901-02; Missionary Larer, Porto Rico, 1905--; Has organized six Sabbath Schools in Porto Rico.
Early, Iowa.  Born, Franklin, Indiana, April 15, 1878; Hanover College, Ind., B.A>, 1901; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; Lic. 1905, Pby. of Indianapolis; Ord. May 22, 1905, by the same; S.S. Haskins, Ia., 1905-07; Early, Ia., 1907--.
WHIPKEY, Andrew Jackson
Council, Northern Alaska.  Lived in Sculton, Pa., Taylor University, B.A., 1898; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1905; After graduating, went as a missionary to Northern Alaska.  He is doing a self-denying and excellent work for the Master in “The Solitary Places,” where he has communication with the outer world but once a year.

ARAI, Shohei
Tokyo, Japan.  National English School, Tokyo, Japan; S.F. Seminary, 1906.
BYERS, George Douglass
Hoihow, Hainan, China.  Lived in Coquille, Ore.; Abany College, A.B., 1903; S.F. Seminary, 1906; S.S. Dixon, Cal., 1904-05, while student in the Seminary; Upon graduating went as a Foreign Missionary to China.
Healdsburg, Cal.  Born, Ontario, Can., July 12, 1870; Montana Western University, B.A., 1901; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1906; Lic. , 1901, Pby. of Helena; Ord., 1902, by same; S.S. Pony, Mon., 1901-03; Two Rock and Novato,k Cal., 1903-05; S.S. and Pastor Healdsburg, 1905--; Ruling Elder, 1893-02; Organized two Sabbath Schools in Montana; Reconstructed four Home Mission Churches.
HANKS, Ebenezer, J.
Salt Lake, Utah.  Westminster College, Salt Lake, B.A., 1903; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1906.
HOOD, Robert McMaster
Culdesac, Idaho.  Born, Sparta, Ill., July 7, 1879; Macalester College, Minn., B.A., 1903: S.F. Theo. Sem., 1906; Lic. and Ord., June 26, 1906, by the Pby. of Walla Walla; S.S. Culdesac, Ida., 1906--; Organized several Sabbath Schools and helped to build the Pby. Church at Glenburn, N.D.
THOMSON, James, Jr.
Stites, Idaho.  Born, Ireland, 1878; Albany College, Ore., B.A., 1903; S.F. Theo. Seminary, 1906; Lic. and Ord., June, 1906, Pby. of Walla Walla; While a student supplied Florence and Zena, Ore.; Trout Lake, Wash.; Dixon, Cal.; S.S. Stites, Idaho, 1906--; Built two Churches, $1,500 and $2,000.
WILLIS, Arthur Robson
Walnut Creek, Cal.  Home was in Reger, Mo.; Lake Forest University, Ill., B.A., 1903; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1906; Lic. , Ord., and Installed, May 4, 1906, Pby. of Oakland; Pastor Walnut Creek, Cal., 1906--.  Earthquake, graduation, licensure, ordination, installation and marriage all in one year!  Well done.
WALKER, Pitt Montgomery
Fall River Mills, Cal.  Born near McComb, Ill., Nov. 1, 1875; Macalaster College, Minn.; B.A., 1903; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1906; Lic. and Ord., Oct. 16, 1906, by the Pby. of Sacramento; S.S. Fall River Mills, Cal., 1906--.  Organized one Sabbath School.

HANKS, Ebenezer, J.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
YATSU, Zenjiro
Sendai, Japan.  North Japan College, 1890; North Japan Seminary, 1902; Post-Graduate S.F. Seminary, 1907.

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