Early Cemetery Index

Below is an article about the Yerba Bueno Cemetery (yes, "Bueno" is misspelled, it should have been "Buena"). Included in the article was an index of the those buried at the Yerba Buena Cemetery, AND at Mission Dolores "...since the early part of 1850". These were extracted from the the records of the City Sexton, Nathaniel Gray. Since the article was dated 23 October 1853, it is assumed that everyone had died and was probably buried by that date.


"The above is a correct representation of YERBA BUENO CEMETERY, the principal burial place of San Francisco. It is situated one mile and a half south-west of the city, on the road to the Mission Dolores, and is about an equal distance between the two places.

"The view is from a daguerreotype taken expressly for this purpose by Messrs. JOHNSON & SELLECK, and shows the entire grounds as seen from an elevation on the south-west corner, immediately back of the keeper's house, which is seen conspicuously in the foreground. That part of the ground on the right of this building is occupied exclusively by Chinese dead, by which it will be seen, that the mortality of this nation in San Francisco has been considerable. Back of the grounds, partly hidden by the hills, with its distinctness obscured by distance, is discerned a portion of the upper part of the city.

"The grounds of the Cemetery were set apart for its present use, in the survey of the city, in the latter part of 1849, and the first internments wer emade in it in March, 1850. It has now above four thousand occupants, although many bodies have been exhumed and sent to the Atlantic States for final interment. Among this four thousand are to be found the natives of almost every country and every clime of the habitable world. Here the Christian, the Mohammedan and the Pagan, sleep side by side. The ground which has been consecrated by the holy canons of the Christian for the reception of a true believer, has hallowed the dust over the remains of an adjacent Pagan. The swarthy believers in the precepts of Confucius, have here chaunted the solemn dirge of their creed over a departed child of the Sun, while each strain has been mingled with the simple prayer of the Christian for the repose of another soul. The children of the antipodes have met for a common object—they have found a common home. The inhabitant of the mild Italian clime, of the sultry equator, and of the frozen North, have found a final home in the same zone; and the same breeze that moans sorrowfully over the tomb of the European and the American, sighs alike its mournful requiem over the tomb of the Asiatic and the African. How many bright hopes and joyous anticipations have been buried beneath its surface! How many widows and orphans, who are thosuands of miles away, have, entombed within they solemn precinct, a husband and a father! Could we but glance over the catalogue of its victims, and know their separate histories, how few would we find of that number, who last hours have been soothed by a friend's solicitude, a wife's gentle attentions, a sister's affection, or a mother's love? Few indeed!—But their rest is the no less peaceful, and they still live in the memories of those for the welfare of whom they forsook their friends and their firesides.

"In the succeeding number of this paper will be commenced the publication of the names of all who have been buried in Yerba Bueno Cemetery, alphabetically arranged, also the former residence of each, together with the names of the persons buried in the Mission and Catholic Cemeteries since the early part of 1850. The only record of them is now in possession of NATHANIL GRAY, City Sexton, who has kindly permitted a transcript of them for publication."

Source: Golden Era, 23 October 1853, pages 4 to 51 [?].

Names and birth-place of the Dead.

2 Chinamen
Abbot, Geo A, Mass
Abbott, Chas, Eng
Abby, Dr C C, N H
Abion, M
Able, Andrew
Abodie, Rezaid, Fr
Abraham, D
Abraham, Geo, Port Phillip
Abraham, Matthew, N Y
Abraims, —, F
Ackley, B F
Adams, (infant), S F
Adams, Asak, N Y
Adams, Henry H
Adams, John, S I
Adams, Mark S, N Y
Adams, Thomas, Fayal
Addich, John
Adler, G M, Boston
Adolph, Rich'd, Fr
Adoneth, Louisa, S F
Adson, Wm, Eng
Aguilla, —, Mex
Aiami, Pierre, Fr
Aimy, Leon K, N O
Ainski, Ab'm V
Aired, Margaret, London
Airel, Miss, Eng
Albert, Wm, N Y
Albertine, Alex, Switz
Albright, Charlotte
Alcock, Aaron, Eng
Alderman, E G, Florida
Alderman, Geo, Florida
Aldrich, Henry, R I
Aldson, Thomas, N Y
Alendes, Bernado, Chili
Alexander, —, Scotland
Alexander, David, Penn
Alexander, Thomas, Sweden
Alexander, Wm
Alexandre, G, Fr
Alfred, Albert O
Alfred, James, Port Adelaide
Allen, (infant child)
Allen, Horace
Allen, Israel, Manchester
Allen, Jno, Mich
Allen, Rich'd M, Virginia
Allen, Sam'l E, Mass
Allen, Sam'l E, Mass (#2)
Allen, Thomas, N Y
Allga, Miss, Sonora
Allien, M, Fr
Allison, —, Norway
Almeda, Antonio, Mex
Alphonse, Maliker, Fr
Alvater, Francis, N Y
Alves, Alvardo, Sonora
Alvila, Carlos A, S F
Alvinos, Bemado, Belgium
Alynino, Pepe, Chili
Aman, A E, Sweden
Ames, A C, Salem, Mass
Ames, C M, Salem, Mass
Ames, Mrs Mary, N Y
Ames, Sam'l S, Me
Analco, S I
Analies, Maria
Anarpa, P, Chili
Ander, Sam'l, N Y
Anderson, —, Scotland
Anderson, Geo, N Y
Anderson, Geo, S F
Anderson, Geo, Scotland
Anderson, Jno, Boston
Anderson, Sam'l, N Y
Anderson, Thos, Ia
Anderson, Wm
Anderson, Wm Henry, N Y
Andifforet, Adrian, Fr
Andolizia, C G, Chili
Andrew, J W, N Y
Andrews, James, Eng
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, Wm, N Y
Andrews, Wm, Ohio
Andubzia, Lorenzo, Chili
Andus, —, Mex
Angus, F V D, Brooklyn
Anisulles, Mrs J S, Mazatlan
Annan, David, Liverpool
Annie, Rich'd J, Fr
Ansell, David B, R I
Anshaw, John
Anstee, John, Eng
Anthes, Cecilia, S F
Anthony, James L, Mass
Anthony, Joseph
Antoine, F L, Fr
Antoine, Gurr, Society Islands
Antoine, John, Brazil
Antoine, Manuel, Fr
Antone, Louis
Antonis, —, Fr
Anuville, Jno P, Fr
Appleton, Ivory, Mo
Appleton, John, Eng
Aransibia, Rosana, Chili
Archer, W B
Areo, Bomara, Chili
Arhibald, Jno, Eng
Armory, —
Armstrong, Wm A, Scotland
Arnold, Edward, S I
Arnold, Fred'k
Arnold, Henry
Arnold, Jas E, Me
Arnold, Louis
Arnold, Thos, Eng
Aronbulo, Duraido
Aroya, Manuel, Fr
Ash, Chas Jr, Mass
Ash, Thos, Conn
Ashley, Ab'm
Asines, Vincintie, Chili
Atkins, Thomas, Ill
Atkinson, Bridget, Boston
Atkinson, Elmird, Eng
Atkinson, John
Atree, Wm, Eng
Attison, Thomas, Eng
Atwill, H, N Y
Atwood, Warrington
Auborne, Mary, Cal
Augurton, Henry
Augusta, Estaderson, Fr
Aurichi, (an Indian), Cal
Austin, E H, Eng
Austin, Jno, N Y
Avilla, Bonifacio, Chili

Babcock, Alfred G
Babcock, G A, Me
Babock, Jas H
Bach, Joseph, L I, N Y
Bacon, Julius, Fr
Bacon, Sarah, New Zealand
Bailey, Owen, Ireland
Bailey, Richard, Boston
Bailey, Thos, Eng
Baily, H N, Conn
Baily, Wm, Eng
Baily, Wm, Sag Harbor
Baine, Alex, Eng
Baine, Carutha, Miss
Baker, Ansel N, N H
Baker, Ashley, Holland
Baker, Hirman, Me
Baker, Jean Rattier
Baker, Syndey, N C
Baker, T G, Texas
Baker, Wm, Eng
Baldwin, J S, N Y
Balentine, —, Miss
Baley, Wm R, Indiana
Ball, Andrew T, D C
Ball, Wm L, Ga
Balton, Thos, Eng
Banline, Thomas, Fr
Baptiste, Galle Jr, Fr
Barbone, Joseph, Eng
Barceli, —, Mex
Bard, Levin C
Bardeneva, Thos, Fr
Barer, Bartell, Germany
Barker, H B, Eng
Barker, Reuben, Germany
Barkley, A K
Barluk, George, N Y
Barnard, Albert, Fr
Barnard, Chas H, N Y
Barnes, Chas Dr, Louisiana
Barnes, James, Eng
Barnes, Luther, Ohio
Barney, C J, Eng
Baroda, Caroline, Eng
Baron, Peter, Mexico
Barquot, Vichor, Antwerp
Barras, Thos, Germany
Barrese, Jerome
Barrett, James, Boston
Barringer, Dewitt
Barrona, Micha, Chili
Barry, James, Ireland
Barry, Thomas, Dublin
Barstow, Capt Alex, Me
Bartlett, Caroline, Mass
Bartlett, Chas, N Y
Bartlett, David G, Me
Barton, Wm, N Y
Bary, (Infant)
Barzery H, Chili
Baskes, Andrew
Bassett, Wm H, So Fr
Bastion, —, Indiana
Batcher, Jas, Ireland
Bates, Sarah Ann
Battague, James
Battist, Rob't, Fr
Baugh, Daniel, Phila
Baurdly, Henry, N Y
Bawer, Albert, N Y
Baxter, Dan Capt, Mass
Baxter, Winslow, Ohio
Baxter, Wm H, N Y
Baynard, Philip, Me
Bazzan, John
Beach, Jonah, Conn
Beales, Wm, N Y
Bean, Geo W, Mass
Bearmount, Edw'd, Conn
Beaudchamps, A, Fr
Beaudchamps, And'w, Fr
Beaudchamps, Blanche, Fr
Beaudchamps, Mrs A, Fr
Beckett, Chas, Eng
Beedle, Bridget, Pt Adelaide
Beefelt, Jas, Baltimore
Begg, Joseph, Eng
Behn, Adolph, Germ
Behn, Edward C A, Germ
Belcher, John, Eng
Belden, Erastus, Ohio
Belden, Jos, Ohio
Beldon, Martha
Bell, Agnes A M, Mo
Bell, Andrew, N Y
Bell, Maria, N O
Bell, Ralph, Charleston
Bell, Wm, Scotland
Bell, Wm, Wis
Belleau, F E, Cal
Bellows, John
Belsey, Chas, London
Benlager, Francis, Hanover
Benliatte, Louis, Canada
Bennellick, James, Boston
Benon, Felix, Fr
Bensell, Edw'd S Jr, O
Bere, John G, Sydney
Bergin, Francis, Fr
Bergland, E, Fr
Bergoing, Herman, Fr
Berkard, (Infant)
Bernard, Baloup, Mex
Bernardo, —, Mex
Berry, F T
Berry, James A, Arkansas
Berry, James, Miss
Berry, Jeremiah, Eng
Berry, Mary, Chicago
Berry, Walter, Phila
Berry, Wm, Maine
Bertholy, A B, N Y
Berton, Geo
Bewer, Frank, L I, N Y
Bianka, Serophene, Switz
Bickford, Isaac, Vermont
Bidow, Jas H, N C
Bigelow, Haiden, Mich
Biggs, Wm Jr, So Fr
Bigley, Mary, N Y
Biglow, F W, Watertown
Biglow, G W, N H
Billicks, Wm
Bilton, George, London
Bingham, Virgil
Biquon, Theodore, Fr
Bird, Eliza, Eng
Birdsdal, Chas H, N Y
Bisham, John, Phila
Black, F, Ireland
Black, J P, Ohio
Black, James
Blackenship, Felix, Ga
Blackman, Robt
Blackman, Sarah, Saxony
Blackwell, John, London
Bladders, Thos, N Bedford
Blain, Louis, Fr
Blair, Samuel, N Y
Blambhall, Barlow, R I
Blank, Altide, Fr
Blenter, Albert, St Louis
Blentner, Wm, St Louis
Blering, Hubert
Blesson, Peter, Ireland
Bliss, Dan'l H, Ohio
Bliss, Larence, Mass
Bliss, Timothy, Mass
Bloude, Joseph
Bluck, Jas, Ireland
Bludgett, P, Ohio
Boardue, Jerome, L I, N Y
Bobbin, Jos, Fr
Bodfish, Wm, Maine
Bodman, John, N Y
Bogart, Stephen, N Y
Bolal, Peter J, So Fr
Bolcom, Mr
Boldis, Benifacio, Mex
Bomin, James H, Mass
Bond, Jane, Baltimore
Bonnetart, Fr
Bonsell, J S, Mo
Bonsell, Rebecca S, S F
Bonton, —, N Y
Booth, G W, Baltimore
Borah, Elizabeth, Ill
Bostic, John M, Fr
Boswell, Joseph
Bosworth, Franklin, N O
Bouchay, Inlas, Fr
Bous, Mrs, Germany
Bowden, Hiram, Miss
Bowels, F L, N O
Bowman, D L, Ohio
Bowman, Wm, Penn
Boyd, Jas B, Tenn
Boyd, Robt F, N Y
Boyle, (Infant)
Boyle, Caronelia, St Louis
Boyle, Michael, Halifax
Bradbury, Andrew, Me
Bradbury, Ellen, Sydney
Bradbury, Jno S, N Y
Bradbury, John, Mass
Bradbury, Robt, Eng
Bradhurst, Elisha
Bradley, (Infant)
Bradley, John, Ireland
Brady, Jno, Chili
Brady, Jno, N O
Brady, Rosana, So Fr
Bragmorte, —, Mexico
Branning, Mrs
Brenton, Preston Captain
Brier, Eliza, N Y
Brightman, Henry, Mystic
Briolte, Bernard, Fr
Brione, E, Fr
Bristow, (Infant)
Brittelle, Rino, Chili
Broad, Martha, Eng
Broat, Mason, Mich
Brochor, Edward, Eng
Brocklmback, Jos, Me
Broderick, Wm, N B
Broird, Wm K
Brooks, Anthony H, Eng
Brooks, Chas, Ill
Brooks, Daniel, Ill
Brown, James, Scotland
Bruce, Jas, S F
Bruce, Lenoare, Me
Bruse, Timothy P, Sydney
Bucanan, Annadelo, Mex
Buch, Edward D, Kings'n
Buck, Jno, Vt
Buckanan, James, Scot
Bucklep, James, D C
Buckman, Mary A
Budeker, —
Bulger, Jno R, S F
Bullard, Jno, Boston
Buller, Thomas B
Bullet, Cesar
Bunker, Jas J, S F
Buras, Thos, N Y
Burcher, Albert, Prussia
Burdick, (Infant)
Burdick, Henry Jr, N Y
Burdick, Wm P, N Y
Burhart, Benj, Fr
Burle, Theodore, Fr
Burnes, Ames, S F
Burnes, Andrew, Ireland
Burnes, Geo, Sydney
Burnham, John, Charleston
Burr, John H
Burrill, Ebenezer, Mass
Burt, Hannah L, Miss
Burton, Catharine, Fr
Burton, Edward, Phila
Burton, Louis E, So Fr
Burus, Jno
Busby, Chas, Fr
Buse, Wm H, Eng
Bushnell, Jno, Penn
Busteck, Edward, Ireland
Butler, H F, Mass
Butler, Jno, Ireland
Butler, Margaret, Ill
Butler, Peter, L I, N Y
Buyland, Louis J, Sweden
Byne, Elizabeth, Eng
Byram, Margarett, S Wales
Byrne, (Infant)
Byrne, Wm, Ireland
Byrnes, Chas, Penna
Byron, C F, Eng

Cady, Theresa
Caile, Solomon, Me
Calaghan, Timothy, Ohio
Caldwell, Isaac, N Y
Caldwell, Isaac, N Y
Caldwell, John S, N O
Calling, Michael, N Y
Calson, Josephine A, Sweden
Caltroon, Michael, S F
Cambers, Wm, Holland
Camedo, Pablo, Mazatlan
Cameron, Hanora, N S W
Cameron, Jas, Eng
Cameron, John K
Cameron, Michael, Ireland
Camp, Herschell, N Y
Camp, Thos, Eng
Campbell, A
Campbell, Henry, Frankfurt
Campbell, J B, N Y
Campbell, John, N Y
Campbell, Wm, Baltimore
Can, John N Y
Caneydo, Jose, Mexico
Canfield, Royal J, Bridgeport
Canlay, Peter, Mobile
Cann, John C
Cann, Wm H
Cannell, David, Liverpool
Cannet, Susan, S F
Capron, Matilda, Ala
Caraway, Peter
Cardemas, Lervis
Caregnard, Dominick, Fr
Carlas, Carle, Copehagen
Carlisle, Elizabeth, Ireland
Carlisle, Joseph
Carmaliter, Louisa, Chili
Carman, Samuel, N Y
Carman, W L, N Y
Carmedy, John, Ireland
Carnee, G W
Carnell, Wm, Conn
Carnes, Miles, Ireland
Carney, John, S F
Carpenter, Mary, R I
Carpine, Josephine
Carrigan, Bernard, N Y
Carrigan, S, N Y
Carrol, Margaret, Bavaria
Carroll, John, N Y
Carsman, John
Cartapher, Rob't, Cal
Carter, Dr C D, N H
Cartie, Elizabeth
Carties, Gundier, France
Cartman, John, Ireland
Carty, Jas, Ireland
Carty, M A, S F
Carville, Wm, Me
Casey, James, Ireland
Cash, Henry, Germany
Cash, Jacob, Alex, Va
Catalin, Disonso, Bolivia
Catez, Francisco, Brazil
Caumd, Louis, France
Caumery, Wm
Cave, Margaret, Ireland
Cavenac, Julia, Ireland
Caverly, Catharine, S F
Chadwick, Henry, R I
Chambers, D B, Scotland
Champion, John, N Y
Chapin, Henry, N Y
Chapman, Chas, N Scotia
Chapman, Clara J, S F
Chappell, A C, Conn
Chappell, C C, Eng
Chard, Martha
Chase, B, Mass
Chase, Chas, N Y
Chase, John W, Mo
Chase, Nathaniel
Chase, Philip, Fall River
Chase, Simon, Mass
Chase, Stephen, Me
Chatham, Richard O, Eng
Chauyneaux, Juliette
Chawneaux, Zeva, France
Chellow, John R, S F
Cherny, John, Ireland
Chesborough, Ira, N Y
Cheshire, Sam'l, Liverpool
Chetwood, John, N Y
Chickerto, Samuel, N Y
Chittendon, C J, N Y
Chittendon, J H, Mich
Choat, Melinda, Mass
Choffer, Samuel, Wis
Christ, Fred'k, Germany
Christian, Richard, N Y
Church, Martha B
Clair, Ann, Ireland
Clair, Geo, Sydney
Clarey, John, Ireland
Clark, Charles, N Y
Clark, Chas, N Y
Clark, Daniel, Ct
Clark, Ebenezer, Mass
Clark, Jacob D, Boston
Clark, James, Ct
Clark, John B, Mass
Clark, John W, Ill
Clark, Rosana, Eng
Clark, S B F, Pa
Clark, Theodore, St Louis
Clark, Thomas, Eng
Clark, Wm, Sweden
Clarke, Sam, Scotland
Cleary, John R, Ill
Clements, W H, Mass
Clinford, Esther, Boston
Cobsil, John, C de Verde Islands
Cocholot, J M, France
Cochrane, James
Coffee, Jas, Scotland
Coffin, Wm G, Mass
Cogswell, G W, Conn
Cohon, Hanson, Mass
Colbut, Wm, Ia
Coldwright, R, Ill
Coleman, Eli, Boston
Colgrove, Benj, Conn
Collegan, Jas, Ireland
Colley, Solomon, Ohio
Collins, Ann, Liverpool
Collins, Carlos, Vt
Collins, Francis, Ireland
Collins, J
Collins, John W, N Y
Collins, Maria G
Collins, Maria, Naples
Collins, N N, N Y
Coltrider, Jacob, Pa
Colyer, John, Lima
Colyer, Rob't, S F
Combs, Samuel, Me
Comstock, F A, N Y
Comstock, Jno S, Chicago
Conch, Dan'l, Mass
Concimno, A, London
Condy, Dr, France
Conet, Pierre M, France
Conklin N, L I
Conley, D, Ireland
Conlsen, Jas, Phila
Connelley, John, N Y
Connelly J, Ireland
Conner, David, N Y
Conner, Edward O, Ireland
Conner, John T, Ireland
Connesley, David, Ireland
Conoly, Bridget, N Y
Cook, Edward, N H
Cook, Enos P, N Y
Cook, Henry D., Conn
Cook, Julius H, Eng
Cook, S M, Nova Scotia
Cooley, G C
Coolyham, Margaret
Coop, Ab'm, Mass
Cooper, Ann, Ireland
Cooper, Catharine, S F
Cooper, H, Ohio
Cooper, John, London
Cooper, Wm, Texas
Copp, Moses
Cordoba, Peter
Cordson, E T B
Corego, Pedro, Chili
Corroll, Henry, Md
Corroll, John, Phila
Corwin, Romer H, Vt
Cost, Chas, Germany
Cote, Jackson
Courcey, Wm, Basten
Courladeur, Adelaide, Fr
Cowan, James, Scotland
Cowan, Thos, Patterson
Cox, Dr Jas, Tenn
Cox, Jos W, Ohio
Cox, Wm H
Coyoll, Horace, L I
Cracraft, Wm, Mo
Cramer, Theadore, Germ
Crampton, J W
Crane, Alfred B, La
Crasper, Piene, Belgium
Crawford, Erastus W, Conn
Cressam, Jas M, Vt
Cressman, C, Tenn
Crew, Elizabeth, London
Croaly, E A, Mass
Croat, John, Me
Crocker, Ebenezer, N Y
Crocker, Fred'k, Conn
Crocket, Wm, Pa
Cromwell, John J, Mo
Crook, Wm
Cropper, Seth, Mass
Crosby, D H, N Y
Crosorove, Patrick, S F
Cross, Helen, Mo
Cross, Sydney
Crouch, Wm F, Mass
Crowell, John, Nantucket
Crowey, Thomas, Ireland
Cruz, Manuel, Chili
Culver, Abel, N Y
Cummings, Seth G, Me
Cummins, Catharine, S F
Cummins, Chhristopher, N Z
Cunnigham, Wm, Ireland
Cunningham, Joseph, Balt
Cunningham, Mary, Nova Scotia
Curry, Hugh, Pa
Curry, K K, Wis
Curtis, Henry M, N Y
Curtis, Wm B, Alabama
Cush, John
Cushingham, Jas, Md
Cuturan, N, Panama

Dady, Samuel, Boston
Daggerth, Wm, Mass
Dailey, Jeremiah, N Y
Dailey, John, N Y
Dalrymple, Fred B, N J
Dalwith, Stephen, N Y
Damasques, —, an Indian
Damasques, —, Cala
Daniels, James, London
Daniels, Neal, Cala
Danne, Carle
Danvis, Alexander, Ill
Darby, David, N Y
Darby, H L, N Y
Darra, C, Fr
Darrow, James H, N Y
Darsee, Jonathan, N Y
Darvey, James H, Louisia
Dassonlt, —, Fr
Davage, Wm
Davig, Chas H, N Y
Davis, Chas, Eng
Davis, Geo, N Y
Davis, Jacob, Petames
Davis, John, Ireland
Davis, M H, Texas
Davis, R R, MD, Syracuse
Davis, Richard, Mo
Davis, Samuel C, Ala
Davis, Sarah A
Davis, Susanah, Eng
Davis, Wm, Nantucket
Davis, Wm, Scotland
Day, C H, Me
Day, Chas
Day, John, Ireland
Day, Mary Jane, Iowa
De Cross, Louis, Chili
De Flagnor, John, Illinois
De Francis, Anna, Eng
De Malin, Joseph
De Mott, John W, Islands
De Pay, J J R, N Y
De Ponthon, Anselum, Fr
De Rouen, Wm, Conn
De Saloer, M F, Portugal
De Town, Chas, Phila
De With, Paul, Ohio
Deacon, G W, Phila
Dean, Geo, Scotland
Deavcas, Francis, Fr
Decassan, Louis, Fr
Dedging, Michael, Phila
Degehan, M D
Delancle, Adolpher, Fr
Delancy, Henry, Liverpool
Delano, Chas O
Dell, John
Delores, Mariea
Demeret, R, Vt
Demey, Leon, Fr
Denaeston, A B
Denis, Luston, Ohio
Denman, —
Denman, Marg't F L, N Y
Dennan, John A
Dennis, James, Ireland
Denny, Lewis, Fr
Deny, Thomas, Ill
Deper, John, N Y
Depir, John H, N Y
Derher, J W, N O
Derosos, Joseph, S F
Desher, J J
Desmond, Morris, Ireland
Despertes, M, Fr
Dessin, Lavelet, Fr
Dethemit, R, Vt
Deuer, C R, Iowa
Deusseng, L P, France
Devine, Barney
Devine, John, Ireland
Devion, Wm
Devotee, Domine, Italy
Dewy, Laurence
Dewy, Laurence, N Y
Dias, Estilas
Dickenson, James, Boston
Dickenson, James, N Y
Dickenson, John, Ill
Dickenson, Wright, N H
Dimond, Joseph, Boston
Diskey, James, Va
Ditmas, S R, N Y
Dixon, Fanny Ann, Brooklyn
Doane, Wm E, Mass
Dodds, John, Scotland
Doekey, Wilson, Mo
Dogen, Carosi, Mex
Doggett, Stephen B
Dogherty, James M, Ireland
Dollard, Thomas, N Y
Dolores, —, San Fran
Domeneer, Earnest, Germ
Dometeus, Chas, Norway
Dominion, James, Mass
Dominquer, Francisco, Mex
Donald, F, Chili
Donald, James Jr, Baltim
Donald, John, N Y
Donaldson, Geo, Ohio
Donaldson, Joseph, Ireland
Donallay, Patrick D, Col'a
Donewhue, John, Ireland
Donluig Alice, San Fran
Donner, Enoch, Me
Donno, Joseph, Cala
Donohue, Peter
Donovan, Jane, San Fran
Donseck, —, St Louis
Dooley, John, Ireland
Doran, Jane, N N
Dougherty, James, Baltim
Dougherty, James, Ireland
Dougherty, James, N Y
Douglass, Alex
Douglass, Capt James M
Douglass, Geo, Mass
Dow, Moses
Dow, Wm D, N Y
Downer, Capt J H, Newport
Doyle, C, Ireland
Doyle, Peter, Ireland
Drake, L F, Ohio
Drake, Lewis, N Y
Drew, Guy, Vt
Drum, James, Ireland
Dryden, Henry, Ohio
Duage, Jose, Chili
Duane, Caroline G, N Y
Duane, Catharine
Dubard, Stephen, Chili
Duboise, F, Penna
Duboys, —, Fr
Ducherel, Mr, N O
Duckene, Jas, Fr
Due, John, Mass
Duff, John, New Zealand
Dufrates, John, Portugal
Duil, James, New Bedford
Duma, Michael, Ireland
Dumphry, Margaret K, Ire
Dunbar, Joseph, S Islands
Dunbar, Samuel
Dunlap, J G Y, N Y
Dunlap, James H, Me
Dunn, James O, N Y
Dunnington, F
Dunnivan, John, Ireland
Dunnovan, Mary Ann, Syd
Dupm, John, Conn
Dupries, Louis, Fr
Durand, J B, Fr
Duree, James, N Y
Durkee, J, N Y
Durkin, Mary Ann
Durphrey, R
Duviance, Fr
Dyson, James, N Y

Eager, Capt Joseph G, Vt
Eagles, Joseph, Baltimore
Eagles, Wm H, N O
Eagusta, Anderson, Fr
Eahorne, —
Eames, Alonzo F
Earbin, Francis, Fr
Earle, Benj, N Y
Earle, S P, N Y
Earsleton, C G, Sweden
Easterley, Robt
Easton, Michael, Boston
Eaton, James
Eaton, Jonah, Cambridgeport
Eaton, Laurence, Boston
Eaton, Lewis M, N Y
Ebbidgr, Joseph, Eng
Eckman, O, Sweden
Eddy, —
Edgecomb, John A, Conn
Edmondson, Wm, Finland
Edstman, Maria, Cala
Edwards, John, Sweden
Eged, Myer, Spain
Eggleso, Ellen, S F
Eixford, B O, Mich
Eldridge, Geo, Conn
Eldridge, Wm R, Ill
Ellenwood, Ellen, Phila
Ellery, John, Germ
Elliott, Benj
Elliott, Margaret J
Elliott, Wm, Phila
Ellis, Edwin, Me
Ellis, Henry, Hamburg
Ellis, Louis, Washington
Ellis, Wm F, Eass
Elmore, L W, Peru
Elum, Kate C
Elwine, Gothip, Phila
Elyott, Geo
Emerson, Capt John, Mass
Emerson, John B, Mass
Emmerson, Chas
Endicot, Geo, Mass
English, Eugine Francis
Eno, Wm
Enright, Michael
Enslow, Isaac, N Y
Eody, John, Wisconsin
Erskins, —, Chili
Erwin, R, N Scotia
Escull, John, Richmond
Esterdille, J Joaquin, San Leandro
Esterdillo, Pedro, Chili
Estrado, Fannele
Estrado, Lorenzo
Eticeme, Parricot Jr
Eva, H, Wis
Evans, Frank P
Evans, Hale A, Boston
Evans, Wm, Penn
Eveline, Mrs Thomas P

Fairbanks, Chas, Me
Fallia, G, Fr
Fallman, Wm H
Farensworth, Daniel, Bost
Farley, Wm, Salem
Farner, Henry, San Islands
Farran, Thos W, Eng
Farrell, Sarah, Ireland
Farrington, Margaret, Eng
Fatal, Wm, Boston
Faulkner, Jas, Germ
Felick, M
Felton, T P, Mass
Ferguson, A, Ill
Ferguson, John
Ferret, E, Fr
Ferris, —, (colored) N Y
Ferris, W A, NY
Field, P, Mass
Fields, Thos, Philad
Finley, Ereston, Ky
Fish, Dr John, N Y
Fishbourn, R B jr
Fisher, Edmond, Vermt
Fisher, Henry
Fisher, Thos H, D C
Fitzgerald, P, Newburyport
Fitzsimmons, Felix, Ireland
Flanagher, Thomas, Mass
Flanders, James M, Boston
Fleese, Jno, Hamburg
Flemings, Israel, N Y
Flemming, Catharine, N O
Flemming, Edward, La
Fliss, Robt, N H
Flood, Joseph, Philad
Floyd, Jas H, N J
Flynn, James, Ireland
Flynn, Patrick, Ireland
Foley, P M, La
Folgers, Benj F
Folk, Lambert, Va
Forbes, G C, Dr, Scot
Forbes, Jno, Scotland
Forbes, Wm F
Forbes, Wm, Canada
Ford, Joseph
Ford, W H, Pike County, Mo
Fordham, Henry C, L I
Fosset, James, ireland
Foster, G Francisco, S F
Foster, Jas, Eng
Fouler, Henry
Found, James,, Eng
Fox, Eliza, Sydney
Fox, Michael, Ger
Frames, —, W Islands
Francis, Chas, Fr
Francisco, Agnes, Fr
Francisco, Antoine, Mex
Francisco, Jas, Fr
Francisco, Jno, Lisbon
Frandlin, Walter, NY
Franklin, Amos, Nova Scotia
Franks, Ann, Ireland
Frans, Maria, Switzerland
Frans, S
Frazer, Geo G, N Y
Frederick, Eliza, Germany
Freeman, Capt, Maine
Freeman, Henry, N Y
Freeman, John, N Y
Freeman, Warren, (colored) Bos
Freinds, Looguer, Yucatan
Frelton, Joseph
French, Chas, Mass
French, Henry, R I
French, Lady, Fr
French, T O
Frenchman, —
Frenchman, —, Fr
Friel, Elizabeth, S F
Fritz, Roman, Cal
Frost, Eli, Mass
Frost, Jno
Fulkon, David, N Y
Fuller, Edwin L, Mich
Fulton, Anna
Furguson, Jas, Scotland
Fusekneight, J M, Switz

Gaffrey, Thos, Mass
Gage, Caroline, Mass
Gale, Benj, Indiana
Gale, Lewis, Mass
Gallager, Chas D, Fr
Gallop, L D, New London
Galloway, Jas, Sac
Galloway, John, Phila
Ganibar, Wm jr, London
Ganthers, Maria, Fr
Garcia, Juan, Pa
Gardener, C G, SF
Gardener, John A, Mass
Gardner, —, NY
Gardner, Alice, S F
Gardner, Grelore, Mass
Gardner, Jonah, Mass
Garezo, Frank, S F
Garman, Bridget, N Y
Garrell, John, S F
Garrick, Lake, N Y
Garrish, Elizabeth, N Y
Garvin, David, Ga
Gasloo, —, Russia
Gassiner, O
Gate, J R
Gates, Mary, Sydney
Gault, Edwin, N Y
Gay, Maria, F C, Fr
Gelly, —, Fr
Genwaiere, Aug, Fr
Gerard, —, France
Gerard, Peter, Fr
Gerigll, Francis, Germ
Gerry, Jno, (colored) Mass
Gersert, John L, Eng
Getz, Eugule, N Y
Gibberson, F, Eng
Gibbons, Anna, N Y
Gibby, John, Wales
Gibson, Daniel L
Gibson, H
Gibson, Margaret, Eng
Gibson, Wm, Mass
Giddings, Saml, Mass
Giffond, Wm C, Sweden
Gilbert, Dewis, Brooklyn
Gilbert, Edward, N York
Gilberts, Elizabeth, Ill
Gill, Bridget, Sydney
Gilmer, Daniel
Gilmore, Alex, Pa
Gitchell, Reed, Nantucket
Gitler, Fred, Pa
Given, —, NY
Gladding, Henry C, R I
Glass, August, Germany
Gleason, E W, Boston
Gleason, R E, N H
Glidenamne, C, Fr
Gloster, Wm, V D Land
Glover, Benj, N Y
Gluces, Jane, N J
Gluia, Sophia, Cal
Gnua, A, Mex
Godard, John, Newport
Godden, W B, N J
Godfrey, Legrand, Mass
Goldee, (child)
Golliath, Wm, Sydney
Gonpart, Jno A, Fr
Gonzales, Antonio, Mex
Good, Henry, Pa
Goodfellow, A, Ill
Goodman, M, Ireland
Goodner, Benj F, Ill
Goodrice, J S, Va
Goodwin, Chas S, Mass
Gordon, Chas, Scotland
Gordon, Francis, S F
Gordon, Jno, Panama
Gordon, John, Boston
Gordon, Joseph, Lowell
Gordon, Patrick, Scotland
Gore, John T, N H
Gorman, Mich'l, Ireland
Gorton, Henry P, Md
Gosling, Godfrey, Pa
Gossa, Ewd A, Paris
Gothic, Lavelle, N Y
Gould, Betsy
Gould, Eli, Md
Gould, Jos D, Mass
Gould, Winslow, Me
Gowan, Geo, Me
Goyetche, Gustave, Fr
Grace, Jas M, Tenn
Graff, Annie, Switzerland
Graham, P H, Fr
Graham, Thos, Md
Graham, Wm H, N Y
Graham, Wm, Eng
Graham, Wm, Me
Grant, Jno, Me
Grant, N, Maine
Grant, Wm, Mass
Grape, Jno, Italy
Grate, Jonathan, Pa
Gray, Jacob, N O
Greeley, Ewd
Green, Jas, Mass
Green, Jerm'h, Buffalo
Green, Joseph, NY
Green, Mary Ann, Ky
Green, Stitman, Mass
Green, W E, S F
Green, Wm N, Me
Greenbaum, Leon, Germ
Greene, Chas F, Mass
Greenfield, Julia, Ireland
Greenman, J B, N Y
Greenman, J D, R I
Greenway, Wm, London
Greeve, Oliver
Greffrew, Annie, Ireland
Gregory, Antoine, Italy
Grewell, Wm P, Mass
Grey, Ann, N Y
Grey, Jas
Gridley, Chas H, Mass
Griecen, Rich'd, Sydney
Griew, Mary
Griffiths, Geo, Eng
Griffiths, Mary, Eng
Grigsby, Margaret, Ga
Grimes, Henry, Sydney
Gritcher, Wm, N O
Grund, —, S F
Guen, Annie, Eng
Guerroro, Francisco, Mex
Guild, John E, Ill
Gumner, J C, Eng
Gunner, Jno, Mass
Gunress, Chas, N O
Gurney, Saml B, Mass
Gurries, P, Mo
Gusthall, Joseph, Pa
Gusthall, Susan, Pa
Gustin, Pedro
Guterick, Jos, Peru

Hackett, Samuel, Charleston
Hadlock, Heywine, N H
Haggett, Elizabeth E
Haight, Elizabeth
Haight, Samuel
Hale, Henry, London
Hale, Martha
Haley, Jas M, Eng
Haley, Maria, St Louis
Haley, Michael, Ireland
Haley, Thos, Ireland
Hall, Haland H, Vt
Hall, Martha
Hall, Nicholas, Denmark
Hall, Sarah A, Ill
Hall, Thos, Scotland
Hallet, David, Mass
Hallet, Henry, Canada
Hamblin, Mrs
Hamilton, John T, N Y
Hamilton, Thomas, Prov
Hamline, Chester, Germ
Hammond, W R, Wis
Hamond, J H, Mass
Hampton, Jacob, Cala
Han Ah, China
Han, Jacob, Canada
Hana, Samuel, S Fr
Hanarst, John A, Va
Handley, Jeremiah
Hanely, John, N Y
Hang Ching Sue, China
Hanna, Annetta, Galena
Hanon, Wm, Me
Hapley, John, N Y
Haraden, Mary P, Mass
Harden, Ann, S F
Hardin, Henry, London
Hardt, Mrs, France
Hardwick, —, Mo
Hardy, James, Scotland
Hardy, Peter, Fr
Hargraves, Mary
Hariet, John, N Y
Hark, Daniel, Penn
Harman, John, Eng
Harman, John, Mex
Harman, Orin, Mass
Harnock, Wm, Prussia
Harper, Emsly, S Fr
Harper, Henry H
Harrington, Henry, Boston
Harrington, Limus, Ohio
Harrington, Rev J, Roxb
Harris, Chas M, Me
Harris, Chas, Eng
Harris, H B, Ohio
Harris, H S, N Carolina
Harris, John, Italy
Harris, John, N Y
Harris, Martin, Germ
Harris, Matthew, Ill
Harris, Mrs Marion, Glasgow
Harrison, H, S C
Harrison, Henry, Ill
Harrison, James, Baltimore
Harrison, Thos J, Mass
Hart, Eugene, N J
Hart, Henry
Hart, Lewis, Mass
Hartford, Henry, N Y
Harvey, Harrison, N H
Haskill, Benj P, N Bedford
Hasper, Peter, Penn
Hastardo, Canierlo, Pe
Hastler, Edward, N Y
Hastler, Mary , Delaware
Hatch, Edwin, Bath, Me
Hateaway, T P, Ala
Hathaway, E P, Ohio
Hauff, J D, N Y
Haus, John, Oregon
Hausth, Wm, Germ
Haw, Joseph A
Hawkins, Jonas, N Y
Hawthorne, John, Scotland
Hayars, Louisa Jane, S F
Hayes, L T, E Haddam
Haynco, (infant)
Hays, Ellen, S F
Hays, Geo T, Ky
Hays, J M, Me
Hays, Nathan, Phila
Hays, Wm
Hayt, Benj, Mass
Haywood, John, N B
Hazard, John H, R I
Hazard, Oliver P, R I
Heath, James, S Fr
Heatring, John, Tenn
Hebron, James, N H
Hedges, James H, Va
Hedges, Susan, Sydney
Henderson, E, Me
Henderson, James, Mass
Henderson, John, Scot
Henderson, Robt, Maine
Hendricks, Randolph, Phila
Hendrickson, (infant)
Henely, Trabelle, Eng
Henrick, Wm
Henriques, —
Henrith, Fredrica, Germ
Henshaw, John, Eng
Henshaw, W M, Me
Herd, Elizabeth E
Herick, W H, Canada
Herley, David, Sydney
Herman, Benj, S Fr
Herman, Jacob, Eng
Hermandes, Gabriael, Spain
Hermanis, Jose, Mex
Herring, Bolanzo, Pittsburg
Herring, John B, N Y
Herring, R, Eng
Herron, James, Pittsburg
Hervey, James M, N Y
Hewitt, Norman, Ill
Hews, Edward, Eng
Hews, Thos, Ireland
Hews, Thos, Ireland
Heyfron, Eliza, Sydney
Hic, Agnes, S F
Hichcock, Wm B
Hickey, Michael, Windsor
Hickley, Elizabeth, Penn
Hickman, O H, Va
Hicks, Capt H B, Va
Hicks, Joseph, Boston
Hicks, P, N Y
Higgins, Mpry, Germ
High, Wm C, China
Highland, Mary, Scotland
Hilkins, (infant)
Hill, Chas, N Y
Hill, Geo S
Hill, Miles H, Me
Hill, Miles, Vt
Hill, Stephen, N Y
Hiller, Joseph M, Boston
Hills, Nicholas, Germ
Hilman, Chas, Boston
Hin, Holden B, Baltimore
Hinkley, Mrs A K, Bang
Hinsage, Robt, Boston
Hitch, Geo, Mass
Hoaker, A F, Germ
Hobbs, Albert S, Phila
Hobbs, John D, Maryland
Hodgen, G W, Ohio
Hoey, Rebecca, S Islands
Hofferman, Daniel, Canada
Hoffman, W M, N Y
Hogan, Ashes, Ireland
Hogan, Henry, Den
Holbrook, B, Michigan
Holbrook, Geo
Holbrook, H, Vt
Holcroft, James, Ireland
Holden, Francis
Holden, W A (infant)
Holding, Sarah, Eng
Holland, David, Eng
Holland, James
Holland, James, Charleston
Holland, John B
Hollenbeck, J A, Eng
Hollis, John, N Y
Holman, Howard, N Bedford
Holmes, Geo C, Ala
Holmes, James C, N Y
Holmond, Howard, N Bedford
Holsey, J, Sag Harbor
Holst, Chas, Iowa
Holt, David, Ireland
Homer, Wm
Homes, Chas, Denmark
Homes, Elizabeth, Ireland
Honey, Richard, Ireland
Hong Hoy, China
Honkly, Leonard, Me
Honline, Wilson, Phila
Honoban, John J, Sweden
Hoo Chino, China
Hooper, (infant)
Hoopin, E W, Boston
Hopkin, John, Hamburg
Hopkins, C F, Vt
Hopkins, John F, N Y
Hopple, Jacob B, San Jose
Hornland, Edward E
Horrigan, Johana, Sydney
Horseville, Amelia N
Hosen, Jeremiah, Boston
Hotyle, Dorothy, N Y
Houland, Jos, Maine
Housenl, Wm, N Y
Houton, James, Vt
Hover, Henry
Hovey, David F, Me
Howard, Edward, London
Howard, Emma, N J
Howard, J P, N Y
Howard, James, Va
Howard, Wm, Eng
Howe, Agnes, Washington
Howe, Levi, N Y
Howe, Page, N Y
Hower, Freeman, Mass
Howes, Delia A, Mass
Howie, Mariana, S F
Howland, —, N O
Howrigan, P
Hoyt, Benj, Ill
Hoyt, E R, Ohio
Hoyt, Emily H, N Y
Hubbard, Geo, Mass
Hubbard, Wm, Ireland
Huber, Wm, Illinois
Hubert, Geo, Scotland
Hudson, Edwin
Hudson, Levi, N Y
Hue, Valiney, Fr
Huestis, Geo D
Hug, Jacob Y, Maryland
Hughs, Hannah, Eng
Huley, James, S F
Hullea, Rebecca, S C
Hulliot, —, France
Hume, Joseph H, France
Hume, Wm, Mass
Humphrey, Clemes
Hunrman, Chas, Germ
Hunt, C S, N O
Hunt, Henry H, Ohio
Hunt, John T, N Y
Hunt, Thos, N Y
Hurd, Thos J, Ill
Hurie, Robt A J
Hurst, Wm, N C
Husband, Robt, Scotland
Hussteller, —
Hussy, Chas H, Baltimore
Hutmer, Chas
Hutton, Edward H
Hyatt, J W, Iowa
Hyde, Eugene A, N Y
Hydenfelt, John
Hyslop, Trate L, Sac City

Ingram, Mary
Ingram, Wm G, Scotland
Innis, Wm, Pa
Intomento, Benseta, Mex
Ireland, Antonet, Fr
Isac, J, France

Jacholy, H, Poland
Jacks, Edwin S, N Y
Jackson, E, Louisiana
Jackson, John
Jackson, John L
Jackson, John, Phila
Jackson, Wm, Del
Jacobs, Daniel, Prussia
Jacobs, Justin, Phila
Jacoby, Hannah, N O
James, Mas Jas, P Philip
James, R C, Boston
Jamison, Col A
Jansen, Wm
Jaquer, Jas S
Jaqurie, Jeanier
Jarvis, Capt E M
Jean, Alargnil, France
Jenkins, C, Mass
Jenkins, E B, Pensacola
Jenkins, Jno P, Scotland
Jenkins, John, Sydney
Jenner, (infant)
Jenner, Ann Jane, Wis
Jewell, E, Plymouth
Jewell, Sam'l, Middlebury
Jewett, (infant)
Jewett, Wm G, N Y
Johnson, Abr'm, U S A
Johnson, Chas, Me
Johnson, D H, Me
Johnson, D jr, Ill
Johnson, Edwd, Eng
Johnson, Elijah
Johnson, F, Germany
Johnson, Geo R
Johnson, Harvey, Norway
Johnson, Henry, Denmark
Johnson, Henry, Miss
Johnson, Jacob, Norway
Johnson, Jerry
Johnson, John, Eng
Johnson, Jos, Oakland
Johnson, Maria, N J
Johnson, Peter, Hamburg
Johnson, Peter, Me
Johnson, R S, N Y
Johnson, Thos, Ireland
Johnson, Wm, N Y
Johnson, Wm, U S Army
Johnston, F T, Germany
Johnston, Jas, Scotland
Joice, Patrick, Liverpool
Jollet, Chas, Wis
Jones, E, Wales
Jones, Elisa, Sydney
Jones, Ewd, Va
Jones, F, Md
Jones, G V W, Cala
Jones, Hamilton, N Y
Jones, Henry, N J
Jones, Henry, N Y
Jones, Isaac T, Utica
Jones, James, N Y
Jones, John, N Y
Jones, Mary, N Y
Jones, Prescott
Jones, Robert, Wis
Jones, Susan, Texas
Jones, Thos, Eng
Jones, Wm, Mass
Jones, Wm, Mobile
Jones, Wm, N Y
Jonider, Morris, Ireland
Jonston, Robt, Ger
Jordan, Robt, Ohio
Jordan, Wm, Ireland
Jordon, Allen, Tenn
Jordon, Robt, Sydney
Jorland, Thos, Sweden
Jose, Antonie, Mex
Joseph, Anna, S F
Joseph, Anthody
Joseph, Hubert, France
Joseph, Oriana, S F
Joseph, Robt, Phila
Joseph, Stephen, Poland
Josephia, Felix
Josephs, Anna, Liverpool
Judah, Catharine
Judson, Levi, NY
Julius, Eberhard, Brem
Juman, Stephen, Va
Jury, Simeon, Vt

Kanaka, —
Kanca, Geo, Sandwich Is
Kane, John, N O
Kane, P, Ireland
Karr, John, Scot
Karrahan, Thomas, Scot
Kasler, Hens, Ger
Katy, Amelia
Kay, Orphee, San Fran
Kay, Thos B, San Fr
Kearley, James
Kearney, Mrs
Keefe, Mary
Keefe, Mary, N O
Keefer, Enoch, France
Keidell, Harvey, Germ
Kell, Thos, San Jose
Kellard, Patrick, Ireland
Kelly, Hugh, Ireland
Kelly, James
Kelly, John, Ire
Kelly, John, Ireland
Kelly, John, Ireland
Kelly, Owen, Ireland
Kelly, Wm
Kelsey, Francis H, San Fr
Kennedy, John, Me
Kenyon, Perry
Kerman, J, Del
Killdeff, James, N Y
Killisbarger, Randolph, S F
Kimbal, Jas S, Ill
Kimbal, R D, Georgia
King, Elizabeth
King, Harvey, N Y
King, Hugh, Ireland
King, Jacob, Md
King, John, N Y
Kingsland, John
Kingsley, Sarah Ann, S F
Kinley, James M, Md
Kirkwood, Jas, Georgia
Kisnon, M, Ger
Kizer, Joseph
Klash, Geo
Klum, Geo, Holland
Knapp, B J
Knight, E
Knight, Geo, Eng
Knot, Geo, Bremen
Knowles, Capt Thos, Mass
Knox, W A, Fredericksburg
Koch, Jacob, Ger
Kohler, Louis
Komelia, Geo C
Koock, Frederick, Hamburg
Kremdge, A
Krieg, Edward Mrs
Kroasbeck, E, Ger
Krong, John, Ger
Krouse, Eliza, S F
Kulla, G H, N Y
Kunpton, Ephram, N Bedf
Kunson, Sam M, N Y
Kursley, John, Ireland

La Dien Guillame, Cala
Lacy, Chas, San Fran
Ladd, J M, Penn
Ladon, Thos, Chicago
Laferty, Pat, Ireland
Lamb, Richard, Ohio
Lambert, Eiddelia, Ireland
Lamotte, Margaret, England
Land, Susan, Ireland
Land, Thos B, Mass
Landburg, Daniel, Den
Landerdale, W H, Penn
Landers, Leonard, Me
Langhlin, Mrs
Lanotle, Lewis
Lansing, Charlotte
Larill, H A, France
Larime, Jas, Scot
Larkins, Andrew, N Y
Larra, Hannah
Lary, Geo O, Ohio
Lascar, A
Laton, Wm, San Fran
Laughton, F, Glasgow
Laurell, Lister, Acapulco
Lawd, C A, Me
Lawe, John, Ohio
Laweriece, Oscar, Den
Lawrence, Henry, Han
Lawrence, John, Spain
Lawrence, Shadwick, Mass
Lawson, D F
Lawson, S C
Le Diew, Mrs, France
Leach, Chas
Lean, Mary E, San Fran
Leary, Michael, Ireland
Leaves, T P Dr, Ala
Lebbers, Rorien, Den
Leberange, E, France
Ledenbug, Conrad
Lee, Chas, Penn
Lee, Patrick, Ireland
Lee, Wm S, Salem
Leeke, John, England
Lefever, Joseph, Boston
Legget, Chas, France
Legualba, Josepha, Mex
Lemmie, Wm, Germ
Lemont, Josiah T, Bath
Leone, J, France
Lerage, Lewis, Canada
Leroy, Gustaves, F
Lery, John T, Ill
Letherly, Amos, England
Levanner, John E, F
Lewis, Amelia, Phila
Lewis, Geo, England
Lewis, Job, Conn
Lewis, John H
Lewis, Judah
Lewis, Mathew, Va
Lewis, Wm, Boston
Lillibridge, John, Conn
Lilly, John, N O
Lincold, Langden F, Boston
Lincoln, Seth S, Mass
Lindsey, Hiram, Geo
Lindsley, Wm, N Y
Lochlin, A M, Geo
Lockhart, Moses, N Y
Lockhurt, Moses, N Y
Lockwood, David, N Y
Lockwood, G M, Wis
Lockwood, Henry, Vt
Lodee, John, Engalnd
Loedwick, Stephen, Ind
Loftus, Wm, N O
Lomboid, James, Me
Long, Francis, Ireland
Long, Joseph, Boston
Long, Wm S, Burlington
Longee, Jannette, N H
Longley, Chas W, Mass
Lonny, James, Ireland
Look, Geo, Mass
Lopez, Dolored, Sonora
Lopez, Manuel, Mex
Lord, Benj A, N Y
Lord, John, England
Lormane, Madame, F
Losa, Jose Maria, Peru
Losee, James, N Y
Lowe, Ebben, Mass
Lowe, John, N O
Lowring, Wm, England
Loyano, Eilvdia, France
Luba, John, N Y
Lubron, Perry, F
Lucas, Benj, England
Lucas, Francis, San Fran
Lucas, John D, N Y
Lucas, John, Plymouth
Lucay, Augustina
Luce, Edmond, Mass
Ludlow, A, Baltimore
Ludlow, Thos, N Y
Lughtner, Sohn, Penn
Lully, John
Luota, —, Mex
Lupton, John, N Y
Lutgens, Wm, Hato
Luthar, Geo, Mass
Lyman, John, San Fran
Lynch, Samuel, Ireland
Lynn, John, Sweden
Lyon, Mather
Lyons, C S, N Y

Macady, —, Singapore
Maccabe, Francis H, N Y
Mackenzie, Ann
Mackossy, Myers, Ireland
Mahan, Sarah
Maher, Timothy, Ireland
Mahew, John, Ireland
Maiden, Peter, Eng
Malary, John, Java
Maliet, J H, Cal
Mallahon, J, Eng
Maller, M, Prussia
Maloney, D R, Ireland
Managan, Joseph, Eng
Manchester, Barton, R I
Mandas, John, Chile
Maniard, Alderman
Mann, David L, Philad
Mansfield, Jas J, Mass
Mansfield, T C, Vermont
Mansier, Charles, Tahiti
Manuel, T, Agore Island
Marehouse, Chas, New Brainard
Maret, Francis L, France
Margan, M, Maryland
Margnard, Wm, Germany
Maria, Francis, Spain
Markham, Dr H, Mich
Marks, Peter, Ireland
Marlow, M, Ireland
Maron, Beniae A, R I
Mars, J, N Y
Marsey, M Oliver, N Y
Marshal, F, France
Marshall, Capt W H, Pa
Marshall, Eilz'bth, N S W
Marshall, Moses, Mass
Marshall, T S, Boston
Martier, Jos, London
Martin, Allen, Vt
Martin, Auguste, France
Martin, F, France
Martin, G L, Isle of Wight
Martin, George, Halifax
Martin, Harvey
Martin, Jos, Mass
Martin, L G, France
Martin, Mrs and child
Martin, Mrs, La
Martin, Richard, London
Marvin, Geo C, Ala
Mary, Fred'k, Balt
Marye, Francisco, S F
Mason, C, Denmark
Mason, Jno, Portland
Mason, Melbourne, N J
Massey, J G, N O
Masterson, John, N Y
Mathews, S B, Maine
Mathrath, John, Pa
Matlock, R C, Balt
Matthews, Hores, San Fran
Matthews, John, Germany
Matthews, L, Norway
Maulby, Murray, N Y
Maxwell, Bridget, N Y
May, Fred, Eng
May, Henry L, San Francisco
Mayhea, Theodore, R I
Mayor, Daniel, Switz
McAfee, A M, Ire
McAffry, Thos, Md
McAlister, James, Liverpool
McArthur, Thos
McBride, J, Phila
McCabe, Edward, N Y
McCaffree, Robt, N Y
McCall, J, Ga
McCarley, Wm, Baltimore
McCarty, J B, La
McCarty, James, N Y
McCarty, John, Ireland
McClair, Margaret, Ire
McClaland, Wm, N Y
McColea, Thos, Washington
McCormick, A W W, Va
McCormick, A, San Fran
McCormick, W M, Va
McCoy, Daniel
McCray, D
McCrearey, A, Scotland
McCrudy, John, N O
McDonald, —, Ireland
McDonald, Edward, Ire
McDonald, Hiram, N Y
McDonald, James, Balt
McDonald, Michael, Mich
McDonald, T, Scot
McDonough, Bernard, Ire
McDonough, C J
McDosen, Latrosaw, Mex
McDougal, Sarah, La
McDowell, Charles, Ga
McDuffee,—, Lowell
McDuliff, Harrow, Ireland
McFallon, Richard, Balt
McFasson, Alex, N H
McFidden, P
McGee, Catharine, Boston
McGee, Joseph, Boston
McGee, Mich, N O
McGee, Wm, Ohio
McGill, P, N O
McGinnis, Mary, Ire
McGongkey, W, Ina
McGowan, B B, N Y
McGrath, Michael
McGregor, James, N Y
McGregor, Thos F, Mass
McHainer, Richard S, Pa
McIvoy, W C, N Y
McKay, Henry, Eng
McKenney, John, Me
McKenzie, Robt
McKeown, Wm M, San F
McKinley, Robt, Ireland
McKinley, Wm
McKinley, Wm, Scot
McKinzell, —, Scot
McKnight, James
McKnight, M
McKnight, Wm J, Mo
McKuch, James, Ireland
McLadow, Elizabeth
McLamb, W H, Eng
McLane, C A, N Y
McLaughlin, E, Liverpool
McLean, Daniel, Scotland
McLeaver, Hugh, Ireland
McLeod, Elizabeth, San F
McLotty, Thos, Sta Island
McMann, Michael, Ireland
McManus, Wm, Me
McMillard, James, N Y
McMullen, B
McNamara, P S, Ireland
McNee, Wm
McNiel, C S, Pa
McNight, Mrs Allen, Bost
McNormand, —
McPhail, Wm, California
McPheen, Marg B, Valp'so
McQuid, James, N O
McWilliams, J, Scot
Meadie, Jane, San Fran
Meadows, Hiram, N Y
Meator, Patrick, Ireland
Medan, Paul
Megher, Timothy, Ireland
Meil, Henry A, Ireland
Meily, Joseph
Mela, C, Chili
Melcher, J H
Melhern, John, Mass
Mellan, McArthur, San Fran
Mellus, Francis Edward, Cala
Melvin, Isaac, Mass
Menanda, F, Spain
Menant, Joseph, France
Meneal, John
Mentrinil, H
Merandy, Florence
Mercedes, —, Mex
Meres, Jos
Merrill, J D, Mass
Merriman, Capt E
Merton, Julien, France
Metcalf, B B, Baltimore
Metcalf, Wm, Eng
Methold, Henry, England
Meyer, Peter, Hanover
Middleton, C F, Norfolk
Mikens, Mrs
Miles, Francis, Ill
Millar, A, Norway
Millar, Wm, Norway
Millen, Ann C, Sweden
Miller, Albert, Pa
Miller, Albert, Prussia
Miller, Jno W, Mass
Miller, John, Baltimore
Miller, John, Italy
Miller, John, N Y
Miller, John, San Fran
Millet, Jas, Ohio
Milliker, —, Ireland
Millison, S, Scotland
Millner, Peter, Pa
Mills, Geo, Sydney
Mills, Guy, U S Army
Mills, James, Hamburg
Mills, Miss L
Mills, Sterling W
Miner, Wm, Geramny
Mines, Havel S, San Fran
Ming, L
Minge, Wm, Mass
Mingot, Helen
Mirey, Edward, Ireland
Misedosi, J B, Brazil
Mitchell, —, Maine
Mitchell, Charles, N Y
Mitchell, David D, Boston
Mitchell, E H, Nantucket
Mitchell, J E, Maine
Mitchell, John, Scotland
Mitton, R F, N Y
Miuturn, Wm, Germany
Mller, Fred, Ger
Mller, Walter, N Y
Mohlman, Fred'k
Moise, R, Eng
Moller, J G, Mex
Monaghan, J, Ireland
Monroe, Anderson, Scot
Monroe, Charles, N Y
Monroe, Francis L, Wisconsin
Montandan, Eliza, Switz
Montgomery, Bradford, O
Montgomery, H
Moon, Jane and child, N Y
Mooney, James, Ireland
Mooney, James, Sydney
Moore, B, Ireland
Moore, George, Michigan
Moore, Jas J, N Y
Moore, Lucy E, Mex
Morehand, Wm, France
Morell, G M, N Y
Morgan, Ann M, Pa
Morgan, Evans, Wales
Morgan, Isaac, Conn
Morgan, Josiah, N Y
Morgan, Julien
Morgan, Lydia G, Manchester
Moriarty, Morris, Sydney
Morlott, James, Chili
Mornson, Wm, Milwaukie
Morr, Edward, Ohio
Morran, James, Ireland
Morrel, Wm, Port Adelade
Morrell, J A, Lowell
Morril, J, L Canada
Morris, David, Eng
Morris, Isaac, Ohio
Morris, V, Mass
Morrison, Chas, Phila
Morrison, John, San Fran
Morrison, Wm, Eng
Morroines, Dolores, Mex
Morrow, Delia, Ga
Morrow, Jas jr
Morrow, Jas, P Ed Island
Morrow, Malona
Morrun, Pat, Mass
Morse, Geo, New Bedford
Morse, Rebecca L, Conn
Morsie, Thos F, N H
Moses, Rebecca, N Y
Moullet, Ed, France
Moulton, Chas, Boston
Mound, R B, Baltimore
Mountain, Thos, San Fran
Moyer, Franklin, N Y
Mulchay, Eugene, Ireland
Mullen, Jas, Ireland
Mullen, Jas, N Y
Mullen, John, Germany
Muller, Theodore, Sweden
Muller, Wm, Ger
Mullin, James
Mullin, Murray C, San Fran
Mullonee, George, Balti
Munroe, Susan C, Wisconsin
Muns, Jane, Sydney
Muntz, Melina, San F
Murdock, W J, N Y
Murmon, J M, U Canada
Murnatt, Peter, Sweden
Murphew, John, Eng
Murphy, Bernardo, San Jose
Murphy, C L, Bremen
Murphy, Isabella, Patterson
Murphy, John, San Fran
Murphy, John, St Louis
Murphy, Martin, Ireland
Murphy, Mary, Mass
Murphy, N P, Eng
Murphy, Pat'k, N Y
Murray, Catharine
Murray, Ellen, Ireland
Murray, Jas, Balt
Murray, Jas, La
Murray, Joseph
Murray, Joshua
Murray, Owen, N O
Murray, Wm, Ireland
Mustin, Jas, Boston
Myer, Mrs, Germany
Myerhack, Mary, San Fran
Myers, Alex, Germany
Myers, Francisco
Myers, John, Ohio
Mylaw, Ed, N Y
Myles, Thomas, N Y
Myrick, T C, Philad

Nagler, Richard
Nahon, John, N H
Narsbaum, M, San Fran
Nason, Chas R, N Y
Nason, John A
Neagle, Bridget, Boston
Nealy, Mrs
Neat, Bennet Emma C, N Y
Neaville, Jehu, Illinois
Nelmus, Theodore N, Boston
Nelson, Charles, Balt
Nelson, Christopher, Swed
Nelson, David, N Y
Nelson, John, Norway
Nelson, Peter, Denmark
Nelson, Wm, Canada
Nesmith, James, Scotland
Nevell, James, Ireland
New, Jacob, Ger
Newell, Emily C, N Y
Newell, Nathaniel, Newbu
Newell, Susan, N Y
Newffeld, Isadore, Poland
Newton, Eldridge, Mass
Newton, Mrs, Sydney
Nicholas, Jacob M
Nichols, John, Boston
Nicholson, Catharine, N Y
Nickerson, Chas, N Y
Nickerson, Nathaniel, Mass
Nicoll, J W, N Y
Niles, Hesekiah, Boston
Niles, Robert, Sydney
Nitcher, James M, N Bedford
Noble, Donald, Scotland
Noble, Elizabeth, Ireland
Noell, John, Tennessee
Noice, Mary A, Eng
Nolan, Margaret, Sydney
Noling, John, Eng
Noon, John
Noref, M, Mex
Noris, Warren C, N Y
Norris, Richard, Boston
Norton, Joseph, Wisconsin
Norton, Mrs
Noyes, John N, Albany
Nugent, Alex, Eastport, Me
Nutal, James
Nye, —
Nyeman, C G, Sweden

O'Bryan, Michael, Ireland
O'Connell, M F, Ireland
O'Conner, Bridget, S F
O'Conner, Emma, S F
O'Donnell, John, Sydney
O'Hare, Ellen, Ireland
O'Hare, Jas, San Fran
O'Neil, John, Ky
O'Neil, Stephen
O'Neil, Wm
O'Neill, John
O'Riley, Patrick
O'Rook, John, Ireland
Oakes, Geo J, Boston
Oakes, Madden
Oarum, Chas P, Philad
Oettle, Emil, Hamburg
Offer, John H, Md
Ogden, Mordecai, N Y
Olds, Chas H, Newark, N J
Oliphant, Capt D, Va
Oliver, Jas, New Zealand
Oliver, John F, California
Oliver, Noel, France
Olivrer, R T, France
Olla, Jewalp, Mexico
Olmstead, —, Maine
Opaco, Gregoris, Chile
Orfida, Ralph, Chile
Orr, John, N J
Orr, John, Scotland
Oscar, Matilda, Boston
Osenbeck, John, Germany
Otterson, Louis, Norway
Owen, J G D, New Orleans
Owen, W H, Ireland
Owens, John, England

Packard, B C, Bost
Page, Chas, Eng
Page, John
Page, Joseph, Ill
Page, Joseph, Philadel
Pagin, Charlotte G, N Y
Paige, David jr, Boston
Paige, Sarah A Miss, Bost
Paige, Sarah A Mrs, Bost
Pallisa, Philip, Eng
Palmer, A O Capt, N J
Palmer, Belden N, N Y
Palmer, John, N Haven
Palmer, Newell A, Mass
Palmer, Wm, Maine
Pardue, Joseph, L Angeles
Park, Wm, Scotland
Parker, Aaron, Cincinnati
Parker, Alonzo H, Capt
Parker, Henry Capt, N Z
Parker, Joseph, Mass
Parks, Henry, New York
Parsons, Philo, Me
Patch, Mrs, New Haven
Paterson, Jonas, N Y
Patterson, Celia, St Louis
Patterson, David, P'smith
Patterson, J A
Patterson, Jane, Eng
Patterson, Miron, Rochest
Patterson, Mr
Patton, Geo M, Portsm'th
Patty, Geo H, Baltimore
Paul, James T, N Bedford
Paulson, John, Balt
Pauns, Mary Jane, Ger
Payne, Samuel, Conn
Payne, Thadeus
Pearce, J J, Iowa
Pearce, Thomas, Ohio
Pearce, Wm R, Lieut
Pearle, T H, Rexford
Pearman, Wm J, N Y
Pearse, Abraham H, Bost
Pearson, Gardiner, Newburyport
Peaslet, Geo, Me
Peck, Chalres, Conn
Peck, William
Peddet, Margaret, Penn
Pedro, Don, Peru
Pelham, Elizabeth A, Cal
Pendley, Egbert, N Y
Peneco, Delvin, France
Penfield, Geo B, N Y
Penhart, Francis, Eng
Penn, James, N O
Penniman, Geo, Mass
Peoples, Wm R, Tenn
Pepin, Calvin P, Me
Pepper, Samuel, Sacramento
Percival, John, Ireland
Percival, Wm P, New York
Perkins, John H, Va
Perkins, Shadrick, Mass
Perrey, Franklin, Mass
Perrguee, David, Me
Perry, Fred, R I
Peterson, Hendrick
Peterson, John
Peterson, John, N Y
Peterson, Thomas, Hartford
Petree, Andrew, Scotland
Petrie, D W Dr, N Y
Pettis, Wm, Ireland
Philips, J L, Maine
Philips, James, Boston
Philips, N J, Denmark
Philips, Paul, San Fran
Phillips, John, N Y
Picason, Dan T, Bradford
Pierce, Chas H, N H
Pierce, H A, Eng
Pierce, Hiram, Canada
Pierce, Joseph, Providence
Pinckney, Wm, N Y
Pinder, John
Pink, Thomas, Vt
Pise, Wm De, N Y
Pisfry, Theopilus, France
Plasser, James, Eng
Platt, Chas, N Y
Plumeridge, Catharine, San Francisco
Plumeridge, Geo, N Z
Poland, Osborn, Boston
Polders, Carroll, Amster
Polenadio, Mane, Acupul
Polk, James B, Balt
Polk, Jeremiah, Conn
Pollock, Lewis, N Y
Pomeroy, Chas S, Stockb
Poor, Julius, Ohio
Pope, Emily, San Francisco
Pope, Joseph, Mass
Porter, Geo A, N H
Porter, Joseph, Pittsburg
Post, Richard G, N Bedf
Postern, W B, Quebec
Potter, Philip A, N Bedford
Powell, Anna, Syracuse
Powell, Thomas
Powers, Stephen, Mass
Pratt, Eliza, San Fran
Pray, S
Prescott, John, Ireland
Preston, J
Prettoe, John N, N Y
Price, John, Eng
Prime, John
Pringle, James, Eng
Prisner, Thomas
Proud, Margaret A, San Francisco
Pullis, John C
Purdan, James
Purdy, Obediah
Purse, B T, New Bedford
Putman, John, Ga
Putman, Nathan, Ark
Putman, Wm, Ark

Quates, Wm A, Va
Queille, Louis, France
Quigley, Edward, Boston
Quigley, Mary, Ireland
Quigley, Peter, Delaware
Quimby, D, N Y
Quirk, Jeremiah Wm, S F
Quirk, John, Md

Rafferty, John, Sydney
Ralhay, Elis, Mo
Ramsey, Chas
Randlet, Alfred, N H
Raper, Wm, Eng
Ratcliff, Geo R, Dartmouth
Rawling, Ellen Margaret
Ray, Chas
Raynes, Albert, Me
Raynor, M, N Y
Read, Sarah L, N J
Rearden, Morris, Mass
Redman, James D, Ind
Reed, David Capt, N Lon
Reed, E N Capt, Balt
Reed, Luther, Pa
Reed, Wm Hall, Eng
Reed, Wm, Scot
Reese, Joseph
Reese, Mary A, Sydney
Rehn, Thos
Reineck, Catharine, N Y
Rench, Jane M
Rexford, A T, Mass
Reyney, Felix, Ireland
Reynolds, Francis B, Me
Reynolds, Gelson
Reynolds, J, S Dartmouth
Reynolds, Wm, Me
Reynolds, Wm, Ohio
Rhodes, Alexander, N Y
Rhodes, S C, Capt, N Y
Rhodes, Silas R, Ohio
Rice, Aril, Vt
Rice, Chas, Vt
Rice, Geo, Vt
Rice, Robert, Ireland
Rice, Sam L, Mass
Rice, Willis, Massachussets
Rich, Geo, Conn
Richards, Albert, S Fran
Richards, Wm W, N J
Richards, Wm, Liverpool
Richardson, Abraham, N O
Richardson, Geo, Mich
Richardson, Michael, N Y
Riddle, Dr, Penn
Rider, John
Ridgley, Robt T
Rididali, Geo, N O
Rignadi, Dennis, France
Riley, E, Philadelphia
Riley, Edward, Boston
Riley, Fred, La
Riley, Margaret, Balt
Riley, Michael
Riley, Patrick, San Fran
Riley, S A, N Y
Riley, Thos T, San Fran
Riley, Wm, Pa
Rino, Matthew, Ireland
Ripley, —, Brooklyn
Ripley, Ann F, Brooklyn
Ripley, Chas E, Brooklyn
Ripley, Lysander, Boston
Ripley, Noah, Brooklyn
Ripley, Sarah, Brooklyn
Risley, John C, San Fran
Ritchie, David Capt
Roach, Eliza, San Fran
Roach, Henry, N Y
Robb, John D, Illinois
Roberson, Wm, Philadel
Roberts, Elizabeth, Wales
Roberts, Julias, France
Roberts, Sam V, Phila
Roberts, Samuel
Robertson, Wm, Pa
Robins, James, N O
Robinson, John, Australia
Robinson, John, Conn
Robinson, John, England
Robinson, Thos
Robinson, Thos, Eng
Robinson, Wm, N Y
Roderick, Geo, Dalmatia
Rodrigues, Roman, Mazat
Rogers, Henry, Eng
Rogers, James H, N Y
Rogers, John, Maine
Rogers, Richard W, Phila
Rogers, Wm, N Y
Rolie, John, Mass
Rollins, Joseph, Alexa'd'a
Rollinson, —, Wiscon
Rollinson, L A, N Y
Ronget, Chas, Ireland
Root, Marshall, N Bedford
Rosenthrall, O, San Fran
Rosewood, Mary A, Eng
Ross, Thos W, Balt
Rouland, James, Phila
Rourke, John, Sydney
Rowen, M G, Ireland
Rowland, Thos, Balt
Rowland, Thos, Eng
Rowland, Wm
Rubick, John
Rudge, Daniel, Ohio
Rudson, James Capt, Eng
Russel, John, Mass
Russell, Isaac H, Mass
Russell, Thomas, Me
Ruton, Thos, Va
Ryan, Ann, N O
Ryan, James E, San Fr
Ryan, James, Boston
Ryan, James, Iowa
Ryan, Matthew, San Fran
Ryckman, Emaline, N Y
Ryckman, John E, Va
Rynders, Reuben, N Y

Sacar, Jose Carl
Salmond, Wash, Phila
Salverson, Paulena, Wis
Sammis, Edward T, N Y
Sanders, Wm, Conn
Sands, Aaron, Phila
Saray, Alfred, France
Sargent, Capt, Eng
Sawyer, Christopher, Eng
School, Michael, San Fran
Schriever, Alfred, San Fr
Schubb, Nicholas, N Caro
Scott, Daniel
Scott, Geo T, Iowa
Scott, George, Scotland
Scott, Joseph, N O
Scullen, Mary and John
Seaman, M Dawsen, Bost
Seaman, R P, R I
Sebastin, Anna, Cala
Sedgley, James, Me
Seeley, Warren, N Y
Sehar, C, Copenhagen
Seils, C Ann, Liverpool
Selby, Jacob, Ma
Selleck, Wm, Catskill
Sennet, Edward
Serpernutus, Thos, Canada
Seymour, John, Pa
Seymour, Thos H, Bost
Seymour, W R, Boston
Shadwick, John, Van Deman's Land
Shancho, M Dolores, Cala
Shannon, John P, N Y
Shannon, L, Pa
Shannon, Thos
Sharp, Maxwell, Ky
Sharp, Thos, Hobartson
Shattuck, David
Shaw, Allen L, Me
Shaw, Edward B, Steuben
Shaw, Elizabeth, Cala
Shay, Dennis, Ireland
Shelton, C A, San Jose
Sheny, James M, N Y
Sherman, Chas, N Y
Sherman, Sam, Nantucket
Sherman, Wm, Nantucket
Sherwood, Ellen, N J
Shields, Wm, Pa
Shultz, Catharine
Silva, John, Stat
Silver, Caroline, London
Simmons, Alex, Go
Simmons, Beza Capt, Vt
Simmons, Sam D, Mass
Sinclair, Duncan, Scot
Sinclair, John T
Skadts, Capt, Phila
Skinner, John, Bermuda
Skye, Thos, Boston
Small, Levi, Me
Smiley, M, Ea India
Smith, A C, Mass
Smith, Abby
Smith, Andrew, Mass
Smith, Captain
Smith, Chas A, New Hav
Smith, Christian, Ger
Smith, Ebenezer
Smith, Frank, Conn
Smith, Frank, New Bedford
Smith, G S, N Y
Smith, Geo, Nova Sco
Smith, Hannah, N O
Smith, Henry N, Jamaica
Smith, Jacob, Ger
Smith, James P, Pa
Smith, James W
Smith, James, Boston
Smith, James, Boston
Smith, James, France
Smith, James, France
Smith, James, M Y
Smith, James, N Y
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John [2]
Smith, John J, Springfield
Smith, John, Boston
Smith, John, Me
Smith, John, N Y
Smith, John, Scotland
Smith, Joseph J, Conn
Smith, Lawrence, N S
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Michael, Ireland
Smith, Moses S, Phila
Smith, Mrs, Ireland
Smith, Osborn, N Y
Smith, Reuben H, Mass
Smith, Robert, Boston
Smith, Theodore, Balt
Smith, Thomas J, N Y
Smith, Wm
Smith, Wm J, Mississippi
Smith, Wm, Eng
Smith, Wm, London
Smith, Wm, N Y
Smithwaite, Wm
Sneider, Shos W, St. Louis
Snow, Alonzo, Me
Solomon, Louisa
Soto, Phillipa, San Fran
Southard, John, Me
Southerwood, Henry, N Y
Sparks, Robert, Eng
Spear, Mary W, Portland
Spermong, James
Spiers, Eliza, Ireland
Spires, John, Eng
Stack, Mary, N S Wales
Stanfield, G W, Illinois
Stantean, John
Staples, Thos, Wales
Staples, W C, Me
Stebbins, Jas M
Stedman, Geo, Conn
Steel, Saml
Sterling, Wm, Ill
Sterrett, Wm, Phila
Stevens, Ephraim B, Me
Stevens, John H
Stevens, John, Pa
Stevens, Otis
Stewart, J, N Y
Stewart, Joseph, Ireland
Steyent, J N, Tenn
Stitwell, H C, N Y
Stockholm, Hiram, Ill
Stoddard, N S, Fair Hav
Stokes, Philip, Bost
Stone, Francis, Wisconsin
Stone, Joshua
Stone, R W, N Y
Stout, Eliza G, N Y
Strangman, Robert
Straw, John, Hamburg
Streeter, Henry, Vt
Stuart, James A, Australia
Stuart, James, Sydney
Stuck, George, Ohio
Sturdivant, And W, Me
Sullivan, Jerima, Newp't
Summerland, J J, N Car
Summers, John, London
Summers, P, Pittsburg
Summerville, John, Eng
Sumners, John, Eng
Sumplight, John
Sundell, J E
Sutherland, Kate, San F
Swan, James Dr
Sweeney, James, Ireland
Sweeting, Wm, Eng
Swift, Henry A, Illinois
Swift, John, N J
Sylvester, A G, Charleston

Taafe, James, San Fr
Tabor, Fred P, Fair Haven
Taimage, J M, L Island
Taley, John W, Indiana
Tamplin, Antony, Italy
Tarble, Lucretia, N Y
Tardcliff, Daniel
Taylor, Abraham, Me
Taylor, Albison, Me
Taylor, David, Ala
Taylor, Denah, St. Louis
Taylor, James, Eng
Taylor, James, Glasgow
Taylor, John, Illinois
Taylor, Jonathan, N H
Taylor, Louisa, Vt
Taylor, M T, N Y
Taylor, Margaret, Cala
Taylor, Mrs, Mazatland
Taylor, Ocean W, San Fr
Taylor, R W, N Y
Taylor, Warren, Vt
Taylor, Wm C, N Y
Taylor, Wm Jr, Cala
Tederas, Mahala, Mazatlan
Teel, Benj, Charleston
Teller, James M, N Y
Tenuant, Ferdinand, San Fr
Terry, George, Sag Harbor
Thain, Joseph E, N B
Thayer, Chas H, Mass
Thayer, Olney, Mass
Thayer, Warren, Vt
Theobold, V T, Fr
Thomas, Abel, Mass
Thomas, C
Thomas, Chas, N Y
Thomas, Dr, Eng
Thomas, M
Thomas, Mr
Thompkins, P W, Miss
Thompson, A, N Y
Thompson, Aaron, Ohio
Thompson, Agustus R
Thompson, E B
Thompson, Elizabeth, Eng
Thompson, Elizabeth, S F
Thompson, Ezra
Thompson, Geo, Manches
Thompson, Richard, Eng
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas, Ire
Thompson, Willis B, Bos
Thompson, Wm H Lieut
Thompson, Zachariah, N Y
Thorn, Lewis, N Y
Thornton, Rebecca S
Thudion, Chas, Ger
Thurston, Chas, N Y
Tibbey, Wm, Chas
Tice, Jacob, St Louis
Tidwell, D H, Ala
Tildon, Jas Capt
Tillman, Ellen
Titton, Augustus, Me
Titus, John M, Pa
Tobin, James
Toby, Chas R, N Bedford
Tod, Patrick, Ireland
Todd, E D, San Fran
Toellever, Gustavus, N Y
Tome, Alfred
Tomy, Daniel, Michigan
Toney, E C, N Y
Tootbaker, Gideon, Me
Toothaker, J A, Me
Toribia, Guadaloupe
Torres, Jesus, Chili
Torrey, Elliot, Boston
Tory, John Shew, San Fr
Townsend, James, San Fr
Toy, Emily Catharine, N Y
Trim, Wm, Eng
Trogoning, Thos, London
Trotter, Drury
Trow, Wm T, Mass
Tubbs, Martin B, N Y
Tucker, John T, Ga
Tucker, Samuel, N Y
Tuplet, A H, Mo
Turnbull, M, London
Turner, Chas N, Mass
Turner, J, Conn
Turner, James B, Me
Turner, John, Pa
Turner, Moses, Monm'th
Twhig, Margaret, N O
Tyrell, Benj, Mass

Ulmer, Joseph, Me
Upson, Marcus, Conn

Vail, Horatia, N Y
Valentia, Antonia, Manil
Van Buren, Jeremiah
Van Huesden, Jan, Hol
Van Lien, Peter, Ohio
Van Lon, France
Van Nortwick, John, N Y
Van Pelt, Patience, N J
Van Ripper, —, N Y
Vander Land, John, Ger
Vanderburgh, F, San Fr
Vandergrift, Capt
Vandermaesen, Rene, Fr
Varney, Maria
Vaughn, James, R I
Vauschrik, C C, Cala
Veas, Junad, Valparaiso
Vedder, J B, N Y
Vera, Ignacia, Mex
Verguides, Marcus, Mex
Verplank, Ann S, N Y
Versley, W P, Ger
Vezie, Philip H, La
Vickary, James, Me
Victor, Nicolle, France
Victory, V, Ireland
Viene, Chas, France
Vieter, Pellet, France
Villender, Wm, La
Vincent, Ralph, Eng
Vire, Henry
Voightd, John, Ger
Vowels, Geo, N Y

Wade, J Q, Mass
Wade, John, Conn
Wainwright, J B, N Y
Wakely, Chas, Eng
Walker, Chas A., Mass
Walker, Chas, Me
Walker, John
Wall, James, N Y
Wallace, Jacob V, Ill
Wallace, John, N J
Wallace, Wm, N Y
Walley, Wm, Eng
Walton, Joseph D, St Lo
Wandel, John, Ohio
Wardwell, T Osgood, Mass
Warfield, Preston, N Y
Warne, A, Pa
Warner, Ellen, Pa
Warner, Garrison, N Y
Warner, Robt, N Y
Warren, Dan, Mass
Warren, David, Pa
Warren, John, Boston
Warren, L, Pa
Warren, Thos, M Y
Warren, Thos, N Y
Wase, Ira A, Boston
Washington, Wm, N Y
Wass, P J, Me
Waterhouse, Geo L, Boston
Waters, John
Waters, Saml, Washington
Waterson, Thos jr, San Fr
Watkins, R S, Boston
Watson, Allen, N O
Watson, Geo, Eng
Watson, Wm P, N H
Watson, Wm, Boston
Watts, C, N H
Webb, J
Webster, Andrew, Me
Weed, Elijah B, Mass
Weed, Mary C, San Fran
Weeks, Robt G, Va
Weide, Henry, San Fran
Weir, Robt, N J
Weise, Anna, N Y
Weise, Phebe, N Y
Weise, W P, N Y
Wells, Doct, Vt
Wells, Franklin, Iowa
Welsh, James Capt, Balt
Wertfall, Ella C, San Fran
Wescott, Mary E, Mass
Wesley, Saml, N Y
Weston, Henry, N Y
Whealstey, Geo, Mo
Wheaton, John, Mass
Wheeler, Augustus, Conn
Wheeler, John, Boston
Whelock, B, Boston
Whilson, John, Del
Whipple, Peter, N Y
Whitbeck, R D, N Y
White, Benj T, Mass
White, Edwin, Michigan
White, G R, Boston
White, James S, Me
White, Milton, N Y
White, Miss
White, Oliver B, N Y
White, Sam, Ga
White, Wm, Delaware
Whitehead, John, Phila
Whitney, R D, Balt
Whittall, John, Liverpool
Whittle, Ellen
Wibler, Chas J, Mass
Wilbur, H H, Ala
Wilbur, Whitman, Conn
Wilcox, Minor B, Pa
Wilkinson, Maria, San Fr
Wilks, Irena, Phila
Willaims, Elizabeth T, N H
Willet, Robt, Phila
Williams, C
Williams, C, Mass
Williams, C, N Y
Williams, Ellen, Ireland
Williams, Florence, N Y
Williams, Frank, Boston
Williams, Frank, Bremen
Williams, Geo, Hanover
Williams, Geo, N Y
Williams, Geo, N Y
Williams, H C, Boston
Williams, Jennie, N Y
Williams, John, Arkansas
Williams, John, Eng
Williams, John, Norway
Williams, John, Ohio
Williams, Jos B, Mass
Williams, M, Boston
Williams, Mary Ann, Balt
Williams, R B, N Y
Williams, Richard
Williams, Richard, Ire
Williams, Thos P, Boston
Williams, Wm, Ohio
Willis, James, Mo
Wilmark, Jas H, N Y
Wilson, Chas, Boston
Wilson, Chas, N Y
Wilson, Chas, San Fran
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, Geo, N Y
Wilson, Wm, N Y
Winchester, John, N J
Winsell, Henry, Mass
Winship, Stephen D, Bos
Winslow, Henry, N Y
Winsor, Caleb, N Y
Winters, Wm
Wisier, John, N Y
Witherby, Geo, Mass
Wolf, Chas, Conn
Wolf, Wm, N Y
Wolfe, John, Ger
Woller, Emma W, San Fr
Wonton, Hiram, Westchest
Wood, Geo C, Boston
Wood, John, Liverpool
Woodbury, Sam, Mass
Woodford, Eveline, Texas
Woodruff, Geo, N J
Woodruff, Wm A, N Y
Woods, Joseph jr, N Y
Woodside, Thos T, N H
Wooley, Seely, N Y
Wordman, C H, Me
Worthley, John O, Bost
Wright, Alex, Mo
Wright, Ebenezer A, Mass
Wright, Jas Dr, Ky
Wright, Ralph, Iowa
Wright, Robt, Sydney
Wyatt, E P, N O
Wydler, Jacob, Ger
Wyman, R A, Indiana

Yablousby, Anne, London
Yagee, Peter, Michigan
Yale, Jane, San Francisco
Yasta, Geo, Md
Yeardley, Wm, London
Yesses, Leonardino
Young, David T, N Y
Young, Geo, Boston
Young, Hiram jr, N Y
Young, Jane, N Y
Young, Jane, Phila
Young, John W, Pa
Young, John, Michigan
Young, Saml, Michigan
Young, Thos
Young, Wm B, Portsmouth
Youngsdale, Dan, Mass

Zimmerman, A, Denmark
Zuber, Joseph, Switzerland

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