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This is an free online collection of birth records for people who had a San Francisco connection. Most of these records were transcribed from historic newspapers before July 1905, when California began requiring state-wide registration of births. A few more recent records included as well, though for the privacy of persons who may still be living, we generally do not include records for births that occurred after 1920.

All of the records in this collection include a source citation, so that you can determine where the record can be found. While most of these records are from historic newspapers, there may be other record types as well, such as baptismal records, hospital records, and actual birth certificates.

Please note:

If you have any San Francisco birth records among your research notes, particularly if they are from pre-1906, we invite you to submit them on our San Francisco Vitals bulletin board. Records regarding your own families of interest may include your e-mail address if you wish that other researchers be able to contact you. Records for families that are unknown to you are welcome too, so please consider sharing them as well...they may be of great help to another researcher!

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