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Marriage Records

"ZACHERY/BROWN--At Portland, Oregon, March 4, by the Rev. Henry Clark, Mr. John ZACHERY to Miss Theresa BROWN, both of Tualatin Plains." Source: Daily Alta California, 6 April 1851. Transcribed by John Ireland.
"ZANE/THOMPSON--Marriage license issued yesterday--Willis A. ZANE, Modesto, 35, and Minnie G. THOMPSON, Glen Ellen, 28." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 7 Sept 1905. Transcribed by jch.
"ZANNETTE/SALAMON--[Marriage license issued in San Mateo County to] G.B. ZANNETTE, 29, and Maria SALAMON, 22, both of San Mateo." Source: Daly City Record, 5 Sept 1913. Transcribed by jch.
"ZANONI/SCHWICK--[Marriage license issued in San Mateo County to:] Joseph ZANONI, aged 35, and Seni SCHWICK, aged 32, both of Burlingame." Source: Daly City Record, 20 Feb 1914. Transcribed by jch.
"ZARAGOZA-CASTILLO/MUÑOZ-MARTINEZ--In San Francisco: Married 23 December 1903, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 908 Broadway St., Teodoro ZARAGOZA-CASTILLO and Victoria MUÑOZ-MARTINEZ. Officiating: Rev. Antonio M. Santandreu. Witnesses: Leon CALVILLO and María Luiza ---." Source: Original marriage records now held at St. Peter & Paul's, 666 Filbert St., San Francisco. Contact: Gloria Delgado
"ZEIGLER/WILCOXEN--Charles L. ZEIGLER of San Francisco and Miss Lela WILCOXEN of Yuba City were married here yesterday morning at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. C.E.WILCOXEN. Miss Eda WALTEN acted as bridesmaid and R.W.BOYD was groomsman. The Reverend Mr. BURRIS tied the nuptial knot. An elaborate wedding breakfast was served to the assembled guests. The wedding presents were numerous and costly. Amid a shower of rice, they stepped on the platform of the cars and left for San Francisco, where they will reside." Source: Marysville Daily Appeal, 10 Jan 1893. Transcribed by Candi Zizek.
"ZEILE/NIBBLE--In San Francisco, Feb. 3d, Mr. John ZEILE to Miss Henrietta NIBBLE." Source: Sacramento Daily Union , 7 Feb 1856. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"ZEISING/GILMORE--In this city, July 3, at Calvary Presbyterian Church, by Rev. S. P. Sprecher, D. D., Frank M. ZEISING and Annie GILMORE, both of San Francisco." Source: San Francisco Call, 11 Jul 1883 page Y.
"ZEITLER/COBB--Married in San Francisco, Feb. 6, 1859, Charles ZEITLER to Abbie B. COBB." Source: The Sonoma Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA), 17 Feb 1859. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"ZELLER/BENDER--In this city, November 24, by Rev. T.K. Noble, Wm. M. ZELLER of Venture county and Martha BENDER of this city." Source: Daily Alta California, 27 Nov 1885.
"ZELLERBACH/MOORE--In San Francisco, March 31st, A. ZELLERBACH to Theresa MOORE." Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 6 Apr 1863. Transcribed by Betty Loose. 
"ZENTNER/LEVY--The following marriage licenses were issued yesterday; Julius ZENTNER, 1415 Scott street, 35, and Josie LEVY, 1624 Geary street, 26..." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 12 March 1899, p. 30. Transcribed by Susan Cherry-Boyer.
"ZERMAN/GUMMER--In this city, March 28th, John ZERMAN to Mrs. Catherine GUMMER." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 2 Apr 1875.
"ZERRERO [FERRERO?]/RUFFATTO--Marriage License in Oakland: John ZERRERO [FERRERO?], 23,Oakland, and Dominica RUFFATTO, 20, Berkeley." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 16 Nov 1921. Transcribed by Sylvia Mast.
"ZIEGLER/FENNELL--In this city, January 23, by the Rev. Father O'Mahoney, Richard ZIEGLER of Pahala, Hawaii and Maggie FENNELL of San Francisco." Source: San Francisco Call, 31 Jan 1888, p. 8. Transcribed by Nancy Pfaff.
"ZIEGLER/MESEKE--[Application for marriage license on file in San Francisco to] ZIEGLER, Emil - 30, 401 Divisadero St. MESEKE, Martha - 23, 520 Divisadero St." Source: Oakland Tribune, 23 May 1934, Page C 31. Transcribed by jch.
"ZILLEN/MEYER--In this city, April 22, 1903, at 1415 Eighteenth Street, by Rev. W.S. HOSKINSON, William E. ZILLEN and Anita E. MEYER, both of San Francisco." Source: The Sacramento Evening Bee, 23 Apr 1903. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"ZIMMERMAN/MASSEI--[Application for marriage license on file in San Francisco to] ZIMMERMAN, Loring C. - 39, 3124 Fulton St. MASSEI, Miss - 18, 791 Eighth Ave." Source: Oakland Tribune, 23 May 1934, Page C 31. Transcribed by jch.
"ZUGENFUSS/GATTY--In San Francisco, March 6, 1865, John ZUGENFUSS to Regina GATTY, of Lancaster, NY." Source: Sacramento Bee, 9 March 1865. Transcribed by Sandra Bordelon.
"ZUGENFUSS/GATTY--In San Francisco, March 6, John ZUGENFUSS of Wisconsin, to Regina GATTY, of Lancaster, New York." Source: Sacramento Bee, 10 March, 1865. Transcribed by Sandi Bordelon.
"ZWILLINGER/WEINER--Samuel S. ZWILLINGER, 25, 247 Seventh avenue, and Hazel WEINER, 18, 31A Hoff avenue [marriage license]." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 25 June 1913. Transcribed by Cathy Gowdy.
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