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This is a miscellaneous collection of newspaper obituaries, funeral notices and death notices submitted by San Francisco researchers and volunteers. If an entry has a contact name, you may contact the researcher with questions about the families mentioned, but understand that they have *not* volunteered to provide copies for people. Source information for each entry is provided for your convenience so that you can obtain a photocopy on your own.

"UHL--In San Francsico, Oct. 1st, Frank UHL, aged 8 months and 13 days." Source: Sacramento Daily Bee, 3 Oct 1867. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"UHRLANDT--Herrmann E. - 73 years." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 10 Apr 1900. Transcribed by Jill Crowhurst Chesnik.
"ULAN--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Jan. 20 - A. ULAN, well known as a runner on the Sacramento boats and Pioneer stage line, fell dead this afternoon." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 21 Jan 1868. Transcribed by Dee.
"ULRICH--SUDDEN DEATH OF MRS. ULRICH--Husband Awakes To Find His Wife Dead At His Side--Mrs. Mary E. ULRICH was found dead in her bed this morning by her husband, Adam B. ULRICH, who conducts a bakery at 2300 P Street. Mrs. ULRICH had been suffering from neuralgia, and a local physician who has attended her in her illness informed Coroner W.F. GORMLEY that she had a weak heart and was subject to fainting spells. It is believed she suffered an attack of neuralgia of the heart and expired in the night. Mrs. ULRICH was 38 years of age, and a native of Germany. Besides her husband, she leaves five children and two brothers - Christopher HANSON, of Los Angeles, and Peter HANSON, of San Francisco. An inquest will be held." Source: The Evening Bee (Sacramento, Cal.), 27 July 1905, page 10. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"UNGER--In this city, March 4, William UNGER, aged 44 years." Source: San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, 5 March 1895.
"UNKNOWN--On Sunday evening a drunken row commenced in a grog shop, John ILLIG proprietor, resulting in the death of one of our most peaceful citizens. We publish the facts as elicited at the examination." Source: Californian, 17 Nov 1847, p.2.
"UNKNOWN--Melancholy Accident--On Friday last a lifeless body was extricated from a well in this town. The body proved to be that of a seaman belonging to the Russian Barque "Naslednich," now in this port, who was seen in a state of intoxication on Sunday, the 31st ultimo, in the neighbourhood where he met his untimely death. He had in his possession a bottle full of rum and $12 in silver. He left a wife and three children to lament his loss." Source: California, 10 Nov 1847, p.2.
"UPDEGRAFF--DEATH of a SOLDIER -- Major Joseph UPDEGRAFF, of the 9th United State Infantry, died at San Francisco on Tuesday last, of disease of the liver. Major UPDEGRAFF rose from the ranks of the regular army to the position he held, and was remarkable for courage and other fine soldierly qualities. He won the rank of 2nd Lieutenant by gallantry at the battle of Monterey, during the war with Mexico. He was a native of Virginia, aged 50 years." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 22 June 1866. Transcribed by Dee

"UPJOHN--In this city, June 8, 1942, William H. UPJOHN, dearly beloved husband of Esther E. UPJOHN, beloved brother of Atela CHISHOLM; a native of Montreal, Canada, aged 44 years. Funeral - The Chapels of H.F. Suhr Co. Interment, Golden Gate National Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 9 June 1942, p.13. Transcribed by Dee.
"URBANUS--ACCIDENTALLY SHOT--The following account of the accidental shooting of A.J. URBANUS, a Monterey merchant, is reproduced from the 'Cypress' of the 24th inst.: Albert J. URBANUS and Joaquin DIAZ on Sunday last started on a hunting trip to the Carmel, and when at SARGENT's gate, on the county road, Joaquin handed the shotgun, which he had been carrying, to [illeg] and got off the buggy to open the gate. When open, the horse started suddenly and URBANUS, while trying to stop the animal, allowed the gun to slip, the hammer striking on one of the iron rods of the seat and thus exploding the cartridge -- the charge striking URBANUS in the upper left arm. Luckily, however, the shot was a glancing one, otherwise the young man's arm would perhaps been blown off. He at once called to DIAZ that he had shot himself and had presence of mind enough to take off his coat and have his companion tie a handkerchief tight around the wound and thus stop the copious bleeding. They then secured a more comfortable conveyance from Mr. SARGENT's place (their vehicle being of what is called the spider pattern) and came to town as quickly as possible. He was taken to his store and Doctors HEINTZ and WESTFALL were called in to attend to him. They found the arm pretty badly perforated with shot, and after cleaning the wound they succeeded in extracting some of the shot, wadding and pieces of cloth, which considerably relieved the pain. The following day URBANUS was taken to the residence of his parents, the old JOSSELYN place, back of Del Monte, where he will await his recovery. Last Thursday evening the arm was badly swollen and the patient suffered greatly and Doctors EDWARDS and PARKER, of Salinas, were sent for. They arrived during the night and consulted with the attending physicians. At the present writing the young man is doing quite well, and no doubt he will rapidly recover the use of his arm. Today, URBANUS' condition is again worse, and it was decided to sent him to the German Hospital in San Francisco and Doctors HEINTZ and WESTFALL accompanied their patient to the city on this afternoon's train. Both doctors agreed that amputation of the arm was necessary, but did not like to assume the responsibility -- hence the young man's removal....Since the above has been put in type the sad news comes that Albert J. URBANUS died at the German Hospital in San Francisco last Saturday from the effects of his wound." Source: Salinas Weekly Index, 29 Nov 1894. Transcribed by Dee.
"UREN--In this city [Sacramento], January 3, 1931, Stephen UREN, husband of the late Mary UREN, father of Willism S. and Stephen J. UREN, Mrs. L.P. KERNER and Mrs. H.S. WILLIAMSON of San Francisco, Mrs. Alfred SCHADEN and the late Edward and Walter UREN; a native of Cornwall, England, aged 93 years. Remains at the home of Clark, Booth & Yardley, 917 H Street. Funeral private tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, under the auspices of Union lodge No. 58, F. & A.M." Source: The Sacramento Union, 5 January 1931, Page 4. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"URI--At San Felipe, April 9, at the residence of her nephew, J.F. DUNNE, Mrs. Annie URI, a native of Baltimore. Funeral St. Mary's Cathedral." Source: San Francisco Call, 11 Apr 1876, p. 6. Transcribed by Sylvia Mast.

"UTSCHIG--In this city, January 16, Adolph G., dearly beloved husband of Elisabeth UTSCHIG, and loving father of Millie, Anna and Pauline UTSCHIG, Mrs. Joseph McLATCHIE, Mrs. C. H. PARKER, Mrs. W. GOULD, Mrs. O. KEHL, and Mrs. M. BROWER, a native of Austria, aged 74 years. Friends and acquaintences are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Thursday, January 18, at ll o'clock, from his late residence, 1634 Grove street. Interment, Greenlawn Cemetery, by carriage." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Jan 1912, p. 15. Contact: Mary Utschig Read

"UTSCHIG--In this city, November 23, 1951, Amelia UTSCHIG, beloved sister of Mrs. Hannah PARKER, Mrs. Anna ZIMMER, Mrs. Katherine KEHL, and the late Sophie McLATCHIE, Laura GOULD, Elizabeth BROWER, and Pauling DILLON.  Funeral services Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, November 24, 1951. Contact: Mary Utschig Read
"UTSCHIG--Catherine UTSCHIG. Died 21 Aug 1905, San Francisco, CA, German Hospital, 53 years, 3 months, 4 days. Length in California was 47 years. Born 17 May 1852 in Wisconsin. Father is listed as Andrew RHEUDE [submitter's note: should have been Anton - given name was incorrect]; mother is Catherine SCHMIDT; both parents born Germany. Buried at Cypress Lawn 24 Aug 1905; undertakers were H. F. Suhr & Co., 1137 Mission, San Francisco, CA." Source: Death Certificate in possession of submitter. Contact: Mary Utschig Read

"UTSCHIG--In this city, April 29, 1926, John, beloved husband of the late Catherine UTSCHIG, lving father of Mrs. Charles BENSON, John L. UTSCHIG, Mrs. Elisabeth BROWN and William G. UTSCHIG WILLIAMS, grandfather of Irving, Harold, John L., Jr., George and Jeannette UTSCHIG and Harriet and Doris BROWN and great-grandfather of Janet UTSCHIG, a native of Austria, aged 77 years. A member of California Schuetzen Club, Bay City Lodge NO. 71, I.O.O.F. and Harmonie Singing Society. Friends are invited to attend the funeral today (Saturday) at 2 p.m. from the new chapel of Gautner Bros. & Felder, 1965 Market st., at Duboce ave. Inceneration, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. MEMBERS OF BAY CITY LODGE, NO. 71, I.O.O.F.--You are requested to attend the funeral services of our late beloved brother, John Utschig, today (Saturday) May 1, 1926 at 2 p.m. at the Gautner Bros. & Felder chapel, 1965 Market st., at Duboce ave. By direction of the Noble Grand. Mark Celler, Secretary." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 1 May 1926. Contact: Mary Utschig Read

"UTSCHIG--John UTSCHIG, died 29 Apr 1926, age 77 years, 7 months 18 days, died San Francisco, CA. Born 11 Sep 1848, Austria; retired, shoemaker. Wife Catherine UTSCHIG. Father, John UTSCHIG, born Austria; mother, Elizabeth SCHMIDT (incorrect, should be SCHICKER), born Austria. Length of stay in California was 60 years, length of stay at place of death was 60 years; how long in U.S., if foreign born was 73 years. Cremation Cypress Lawn; undertaker was Gantner Bros. & Felder, 1965 Market St., S.F. Informant was his daughter Mrs. Charles BENSON (Kate), 225 Vicente St., S.F." Source: Certificate of Death, Local Registered No. 2903. Contact: Mary Utschig Read
"UTTERBERG--In this city, May 5th, Hulda Adelina UTTERBERG, aged 6 months and 21 days." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 6 May 1880, page 3.
"UTTERSTROM--Dispatch from San Francisco, Sept. 9 -- Charles UTTERSTROM, a long shore man, was found dead on the deck of a hay scow lying alongside Commercial street wharf this morning. He was last seen Sunday night very intoxicated, and it is believed he fell off the wharf, striking the ring-ball and fracturing his skull." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 10 Sept 1872. Transcribed by Dee.

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