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This is a miscellaneous collection of newspaper obituaries, funeral notices and death notices submitted by San Francisco researchers and volunteers. If an entry has a contact name, you may contact the researcher with questions about the families mentioned, but understand that they have *not* volunteered to provide copies for people. Source information for each entry is provided for your convenience so that you can obtain a photocopy on your own.

"GUADALUPE--[no given name] GUADALUPE, 23, Aug. 17, Mexico." Source: New York Times, 6 Oct 1851. Transcribed by J. Ireland.
"GUERIN--In San Francisco, July 1st, Ellen, daughter of Patrick and Catherine GUERIN, aged 6 months and 5 days." Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 4 July 1865. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"GUERNE--Died: At San Francisco, Oct. 28, 1871, Henry L. GUERNE, aged 65y." Source: Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, CA), 2 Nov 1871. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"GUERRERO--In Halfmoon Bay, January 7, Augustin GUERRERO, a native of San Francisco, aged 39 years and 5 months." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 8 Jan 1882, page 4. Contact: Julia Christy
"GUERRERO--Victoriano GUERRERO, Son of First S. F. Prefect, Dead - Victoriano GUERRERO, son of Francisco GUERRERO, first prefect of the San Francisco district under the Spanish regime, after whom Guerrero street was named, died yesterday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Josephine D. VALENCIA, 162 Landers street. GUERRERO was 84 years old and was a boy of 5 whe gold was discovered in California. His mother was Josefa DE HARO, daughter of Francisco DE HARO, first Spanish alcade here. Arrangements are being made for the funeral, which will be held tomorrow morning from the mortuary of Monahan & Co., Sixteenth and Dolores streets. A mass of requiem will be celebrated at Mission Dolores Church at 9:30." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Aug 1928, page 1. See also article in San Francisco Examiner, 31 Aug 1928, front page. Contact: Julia Christy
"GUEST--DEATH of a SAILOR -- Coroner's Inquest [San Francisco] -- Coroner KENT held an inquest yesterday, upon the body of a young man named Warden D. GUEST, a son of Aaron GUEST, of New York city, who died about 7 o'clock on Sunday evening, on board the clipper ship Andrew Jackson, lying at North Beach, from injuries received by falling into the hold of the vessel on Thursday last." Source: Stockton Daily Argus, 8 April 1857. Transcribed by Dee.
"GUGLIEMINA--In this city, March 3, Gacomina GUGLIEMINA, a native of Switzerland, aged 32 years." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 5 Mar 1896. Transcribed by John Ireland.
"GUHRING--In this city, December 4, George GUHRING, aged 35 years." Source: Daily Alta California, 7 Dec 1885.
"GUILFOYLE--In this city, October 1st, Mary Cornelis, daughter of John I. and Mary GUILFOYLE, aged 1 year, 5 months and 21 days. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral THIS (Sunday) AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of the parents, 521 Mission street, between First and Second." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 2 October 1870, page 4. Transcribed by Kimberlee Young.
"GUILLERMO--A Mexican named Tomaso GUILLERMO, aged about 28 years, committed suicide at Saucelito last Monday evening, by taking poison. He had lately been very much depressed in spirits." Source: Weekly Stockton Democrat, 7 Feb 1858. Transcribed by Dee.
"GUIOT--SUICIDE - A Frenchman named GUIOT, aged 60, shot himself through the heart at San Francisco on Saturday last. The motive of the suicide is said to have been a cancer in the mouth, which was gradually eating toward the sufferer's brain, and rendering his life a scene of hopeless agony." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 26 Mar 1864. Transcribed by Dee.
"GUIREY--In this city, November 22, Ida A., daughter of William C. and Eliza A. GUIREY, aged 1 year, 9 months and 8 days." Source: Daily Alta California, 24 Nov 1885.
"GUMP--In this city, January 21, 1875, Sigmund GUMP, third son of Solomon and Louisa GUMP, aged 6 years, 11 months and 26 days." Source: Daily Alta California, 22 Jan 1875, p.5. Transcribed by Sandi Bordelon.
"GUNN--In East Oakland, December 2, Elizabeth, wife of Robert GUNN, a native of Scotland, aged 42 years. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services at 10:45 A.M. tomorrow (Thursday), from the family residence, near Clinton Station, East Oakland. Interment private in Laurel Hill Cemetery, San Francisco." Source: Daily Evening Bulletin (San Francisco, CA), 3 Dec 1884.
"GUNN--Dispatch from San Francisco, June 25 -- G.W. GUNN, real estate agent, was about his business yesterday as usual, went home last evening to supper and was taken suddenly with bilious colic, and died at 9 o'clock the same evening. He was an old Californian and leaves a large family in the city." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 26 June 1872. Transcribed by Dee.
"GUNN--In this city, January 30, at her late residence, 50 Francis Street off Mission Rd., Johanna, beloved wife of the late John GUNN and mother of Mrs George W. FRANCIS and James GUNN, a native of Tipperary Ireland." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 31 Jan 1906. Contact: Jill Crowhurst Chesnik
"GUNN--In this city, March 18, John, beloved husband of Johanna GUNN and father of Mrs. George FRANCIS and James GUNN, a native of County Monaghan, Ireland, age 57 years. (Boston and East Bridgewater papers please copy.) Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow Tuesday at 10 am from his late residence, 136 29th, thence to St. Paul's Church, 29th and Church, where a solumn requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul commencing at 10:15 o'clock am. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 19 March 1893. Contact: Jill Crowhurst Chesnik
"GUNN--John GUNN pioneer businessman of Healdsburg and well-known fraternal organization and clubman, died at his home in Healdsburg early last Saturday morning after having been confined to his home for some time with heart trouble. He had a hobby of raising fine chickens and these he gave his usual careful attention during the afternoon. After midnight that night he suffered a hemmorrhage of the brain and passed away soon thereafter. The funeral was held at his home on Monday and was under the direction of Sotoyome Lodge of Masons. Tuesday morning the body was sent to San Francisco for cremation. The pall-bearers were: W.L. CUNNINGHAM, Ed PHILLIPS, A.D. GODDARD, George MASON, Eli BUSH and Martin V. FROST." Source: The Sotoyome Scimitar (Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., CA), 10 June 1921. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"GUNN--In this city, March 3, John Michael GUNN, a native of County Fermanah, Ireland, aged 37 years. Members of the Riggers' and Stevedores' Union will assemble at their rooms, to-morrow (Friday) afternoon at 1 1/2 o'clock, and will fall into procession at the residence fo the deceased, No. 118 Freelon street, to attend the funeral, at 2 1/2 o'clock. Friends and acquaintnaces are respectfully invited to attend." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 4 March 1869.
"GUNN--In San Francisco, June 21st, Wm. GUNN." Source: Sacramento Daily Record, 26 July 1872, p.2. Transcribed by Susan Cherry-Boyer.
"GUNNY--As the steamer Pacific was about leaving the San Francisco wharf on the 5th instant, for Mazatlan, the officer fired off her cannon, which burst and killed a steerage passenger named Joseph GUNNY, seriously injuring 3 others. -On Saturday last, a man at Vallejo named Thomas GAVAN struck a match against a box, inside of which was a keg of powder, which exploded, throwing him some 3 rods and burning his person in a most shocking manner." Source: Stockton Daily Argus, 8 Nov 1861. Transcribed by Dee.
"GUNTER--A dwelling on Battery street, near Vallejo, was burned at 2 o'clock a.m. Mrs. Catherine GUNTER was burned to death."  Source: Stockton Daily Argus, 25 Feb 1863. Transcribed by Dee.
"GUNTHER--January 23d [1863] - Fire at San Francisco, in which Mrs. Catharine GUNTHER was burned to death." Source: The Sacramento Union, 1 Jan 1864. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"GURNEE--Clinton GURNEE Dead. San Francisco, Oct. 24 - Clinton GURNEE, a pioneer attorney of this city, was stricken with apoplexy this afternoon in a California-street saloon and died almost instantly. He was over 70 years of age. In early years he was associated with William S. CHAPMAN under the firm name of CHAPMAN & GURNEE and during this connection he was interested in various large land deals in the San Joaquin Valley." Source: Los Angeles Times, 25 Oct 1898. Transcribed by Colleen Norby.\
"GURNETT--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Sept. 16 - A boy 10 years of age, Joseph GURNETT, belonging to Windsor, Sonoma county, committed suicide on Saturday last, in the most extraordinary manner and for a very trivial reason. He sold one of his father's stake ropes, and was threatened with punishment if he did not bring it back. He obtained a bottle of strychnine from a druggist, on the pretence that his father wanted to kill a dog, and creeping under the school house drank nearly the whole of it. He was found yesterday afternoon, with his head resting on a pillow he had made of a pile of paper, with his arms folded and his cap placed over his face." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 18 Sept 1867. Transcribed by Dee Sardoc.
"GURRY--In this city, September 15, 1909, Bridget, dearly beloved mother of Mamie F. and Charles J. GURRY, a native of Brideswell, County Roscommon, Ireland. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral today (Saturday), September 18, 1909, at 9:15 o'clock a.m., from her late residence, 377 Oak street, thence to Sacred Heart Church, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul, commencing at 9:45 o'clock a.m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery." Source: San Francisco Call, 18 Sept 1909, p. 15.
"GUSTIN--CHICO PIONEER DEAD--Mrs. Anna GUSTIN, Former Resident of Butte County, Passes Away in Palo Alto. CHICO (Butte Co.), October 20 - In the death of Mrs. Anna GUSTIN in Palo Alto, Chico lost a former and well known resident. Mrs. GUSTIN was born in Schenectady, N.Y. in 1862. She came to Chico with her husband in 1878, where they conducted a book store located on Broadway between Second and Third streets. The family left Chico in 1903 to reside in San Francisco. Mrs. GUSTIN leaves to mourn her loss, two sons, Alfred and Warren GUSTIN of San Francisco; two daughters, Mrs. H.M.MEEKS of Sebastopol, and Miss Ruth GUSTIN of San Francisco; two brothers, Joseph BURROUGHS of Chico and Judge H.D. BURROUGHS of Lassen County, and two sisters, Mrs. E. BUCKHOUT of Palo Alto, and Mrs. K.B. WILLIAMS of Chico Vecino. Funeral services here held at San Francisco." Source: Sacramento Bee, 20 Oct 1914. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"GUTIERREZ--In this city, September 17, 1909, Romolo GUTIERREZ, a native of Santa Barbara, Cal, aged 35 years. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sunday), at 10:30 a.m. from the parlors of Barry & Scully, 927 Valencia street, where services will be held under the auspices of the Longshore Lumbermen and Shoshone tribe. Improved Order of Red Men. Internment Mount Olivet cemetery." Source: San Francisco Call, 18 Sept 1909, p. 15.
"GUY--Fell Back and Died--San Francisco, Oct. 23 - Eugene GUY, who resided on O'Farrell street, met death in a peculiar manner this morning. He was ascending the steps leading to his home, when he fell backward, receiving injuries from which he died in twenty minutes." Source: Los Angeles Times, 24 Oct, 1898. Transcribed by Colleen Norby.
"GUYNN--In this city, July 4, 1944, Bruce Beatty, beloved husband of Ethel G. GUYNN, loving father of Mrs. Eloise BERNHARD and Mrs. Elinor NIELSEN and Bruce B. GUYNN Jr., and brother of Park H. GUYNN of Chico, California. A member of Chico Lodge No. 111. F. & A. M. Funeral services and interment, Chico, California." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 6 July 1944, p. 9. Contact:
"GWILLIM--Sept 26 Pryce G. GWILLIM, Hartford, Conn, 23 years. Interments in San Francisco, for the week ending Oct. 7, 1852. Reported for the Alta California by N. Gray, Sexton and Undertaker, Sacramento St near Dupont." Source: Alta California, 5 March 1852. Transcribed by Kim.
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